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Welcome to
the official personal homepage  of ...
Kongjak   "the Globe"   Jaidee   (GoodJai)

   !!!! Hello World !!!!   


I want to try playing another role: the role of a "United World Vender".
Hope this role will allow me to benefit the world more.
You may check my goods or my selling via the link below:

Globe 19 December 2020


10:04 6/14/2018
Friends, I plan to write about many things, but still have no time. Here are some of them:
- A forecast about world future (under my optimistic view)
- A comparison between World Parliament Now and BitNation
- Country with no poverty
- My freelance jobs for Round-the-World Swimming Contest


10:12 6/13/2018
If you choose to rely on other people,
certainly you will need to follow many rules and laws.
But if you choose to rely only on yourself and the nature,
you may need to follow only these 3 rules:
1. Do not disturb anyone;
2. Utilize natural resources just at a sustainable level;
3. Do not own things more than others (for example, one should own just a rai of private land, equally to all other human beings.)


Since 16 March 2018, I've been enjoying updating information on the web page of "World President Kongjak Jaidee"
You may visit this web via this link
[12 April 2018]


I made a presentation for the "2nd World Unification Activists Workshop (2018)" on 3 March 2018 at the United World Pavilion.
The VDO was broadcasted via Facebook Live. But unfortunately, the smart phone that I used for live streaming had something wrong, making the broadcast incomplete.
However, I hope you find this first half of the presentation interesting and useful.
[12 April 2018]


Dear all human beings,
If I have any accidents and die, this is a heritage from me for all of you.
How to live self-sufficiently within a 1600-sqm land
It's still far from complete.
But I should give you a link now, coz life is uncertain.
This is the final state of my life. I will live on under this lifestyle, and try to make all of you able to live like me.

Globe     22:32 12/28/2017


Dear GoodJai fans,
Sorry for having no updates for a long time.
However, I do post stories of my daily memo every 10 days in Facebook.
If you are interested in knowing what I do each day, just click below:
[18 Dec 2017]


[Announced on 22 Nov 2016]
I will organize an important event:
The 1st World Unification Activists Workshop

at United World Monument
on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th February 2017.

I intend to make this event very productive.
I hope this event can bring world unification activists together for supporting each other toward our goal of one world.
In this workshop, Mr. Toshio Suzuki from Japan will also give a presentation about World Party.

Participants are limited to only 20 persons.
Registration fee = 1000 baht (with a hotel room and transportation service from Uthumpornpisai District) or 300 baht (without room and transportation services)

For more details please visit:

Interested person please contact me, Kongjak:


Saturday 21 June 2014

Dear my international friends, (actually I'd better say 'my world friends'),
I am so sorry for haven't updated here for so long.
And now I've realized that I might not have time to talk with you here. (Though I have something to say to you in English here.... something that I either can't or don't want to say in Thai.)
Anyway, what I am going to tell you now is that I have some updated news of mine for you to read in English.
It's very updated, coz I copy all posts in my Facebook to that page regularly.
It's actually my Thai web page in this website. Here is the link.

It's maybe because of socialism of human blood, that made me update stories in FB almost everyday, but not in static web pages like these.
(That means I don't even write to greet people in the Thai web page lately.)

Hope you like this solution. (I like it though. Coz it gives me much convenience. Ha ha ha.)

See ya!! (You can even talk with me via Facebook)

Globe's Words of the Week

"Without any sadness at all, we might just feel so-so with happiness."

"Any changes that claim to develop the society but actually lead to hatred among human beings are considered being against the idea of world unification."

"The ways to happiness of each person can be different."

"As long as Kim Jong-un is a human being, I still believe that he can turn over a new leaf someday."


Wednesday 8 January 2014

Happy New Year 2014, my dear GoodJai fan club ;)
I started this year with a trip to Myanmar.
It was a great time. It is my first time in Myanmar. So, most of the time was travelling time, although I went there for assisting a business of my senior (studied in the same faculty 3 years earlier than me.)
From 27th Dec 2013 to 4th Jan 2014, I learned many new things.
People in big cities in Myanmar seems to live with more difficulties than in Thailand. (Maybe because of having too few problems, Thai people create problems by making demonstration against election!)
I also met several good-looking girls in Myanmar. I even tried to chase one girl, but I was not successful. (If I had stayed longer, there might be a chance of success.)
Here is her picture.

This is her. (Dec 28, 2013. At a mall in Yangon.)

[NB. The Chinese girl I posted before has never contacted me.]

Globe's Words of the Week

"Why women give so high priority to handbags and shoes? .. Most men seem to pay no attention to look at these two things at all. ^_^"

"When we have money, we should use the money prudently for maximum benefits.
When we have no money, we can still use our hands fully for maximum benefits."

"Although you will not come back, I still hope that, some day, the feeling of mine will reappear."


Saturday 9 November 2013

My apology very much for haven't updated this webpage for so long long long time.

Yesterday I came back from Bangkok. (I go there about 10 days a month recently).
I did an activity for world unification as usual. (On Sat 2 Nov)
I had a new dressing style, as suggested by my friend "Jeab". You can look at the pictures below.
I spent time about 1 hour (from 4:30 to 5:30 pm); standing for a short while then walked for about 1 kilometer along the road. Most people ignored me. However, a few gave good response.
I know now how to make this set more stable and easier for carrying on a bus next times. ^_^


The most important thing I want to say in this post is about my love. I almost got a life mate (without much intention).
She is a Chinese. I met her around Khao Sarn Road, while she was asking some policemen who did not understand that she asked about a bus going to Donmuang Airport. I was about to go back, so I decided at once to take her to the airport. Eventually, we got on the bus No. 59 together.
Actually, her face and her dressing style were not the type of my dream girl. However, after spending some time talking and knowing each other more. She has become more and more beautiful. I eventually accept in my heart that I can marry this girl. But, anyway, she had to move on as her travelling plan to India.
I missed the opportunity to get married again.
I told her I believed in 'destiny' that brings us together. But actually I want to tell you more that I think we have learned each other enough in this short time.
Anyway, the dreamful feeling for beautiful love is a magnificent feeling.
Lastly, I want to conclude that ..... what I suspected is not true. 'A man over 40 years old can still love someone sincerely.' :)

This is her. (Nov 3, 2013. At Don Muang Airport)

New style of my dress when distributing flyers for world unification on Nov 2, 2013.

Globe's Words of the Week

"The world is moving ahead. New technologies keep appearing to our eyes. But our feelings seem to have nothing new beyond happy, sad, shy, lonely, lustful, excited, discouraged, etc. Anyway, the most wonderful feeling is ..... the hopeful feeling toward the eternally beautiful love. :)"

"I wonder why Thai people and Cambodian people still have to compete for ownership over the area of Phra Viharn Temple. In next two years, both countries will be in ASEAN Community. Then, ASEAN people should have equal right over public properties in ASEAN region, isn't it? World Unification must give equal right over world public properties to all world citizen."
(However, I support the protest for liberty of Mr. Weera Somkwamkid. No political prisoner should be imprisoned more than 2 days.)

"Political protests happening in Thailand recently only result in wealth and power of the leaders of the winning group. General people gain no benefits. We still face many social problems. We still have to work hard and stressfully. Hatred still spreads all over communities. Lets change. Lets make a protest for world unification instead. Benefits from world unification will truly benefit everyone. (These include freedom to travel around the world, peace between all world states that have armies no more, peaceful communities around the world due to global love among human beings, efficient global development due to convenient cooperation among world states, ownership of the whole world together, etc.)"

"Everything happening on earth is beautiful .. except only bad action from an unkind heart of a human."

"Some of us are sad not because the current situation is so bad, but because we dream for a better situation too much."

"The key of doing business is not taking money from customers, but serving happiness to them."

"If the time for money is not also a happy time, then we should not lose that time."

"Cultural rules are nonsense. Natural rules all make sense."

"All employees want to be valuable for the society, not for the employer."

"A car allows us to go faster, but that doesn't mean it gives us more free time."

"Which type of vehicles doesn't need any maintenance from us? Public bus."

"Thai people who don't take any action to oppose corrupt politicians are called "Apathetic Thais". So, can I also call world people who don't take any action against country leaders who are all corrupt and never talk about world unification because they want to maintain their power (despite knowing that once the world is unified, true peace and freedom will happen to all world citizens) as "Apathetic humans"? "


=========================================== =========================================== =========================================== ===========================================


The time now has passed midnight of 11 May 2013.
I am so glad that I have just finished writing the story "7 days in a Laotian Prison" in English.
I actually wanted to publish this story a long time ago.
Now I can't wait longer, because it has been one year already since I entered the prison.
I want to tell my prisoner friends that "I miss you. My apology for not being able to help you much at this moment."
If you are interested in reading the story, please click the link below.
Memory of the Quest for the Real Mate
And the 7-day Experience in a Laotian Prison


Monday 7 January 2013

Greeting New Year 2013.
I have 2 pictures to show you today.

This photo was taken in Wat Pra Kaew with Tom (my friend) and his wife. The photo was taken by a kind officer.
Ahh! Eventually, there is more than 1 United World Supporters.
How is the T-shirt? Do they look nice?
Think about it .. suppose we have 20 United World Supporters campaigning for world unification together for a day. Oh! the dream would come true soon.

This pic is the New Year card I posted on Facebook.
The times or the amount of time specified in the card might not be in agreement with general emotions and behaviors of us.
However, the point is that, I want us to think about the "Happy all the time" life. This should stimulate us to think about the kinds, the amount, and the length of happiness that we should feel, so that we have proper combination of happy and sadness.

Globe's Words of the Week

"Happy New Second :)"

"The principle of world unification is very easy to understand .. It is not complicate like mathematical or physics theories.
World unification is difficult not because people don't understand the benefits, .. but rather because people are distracted by desire."

"If you approach me in a sexy way .. you will get only sex in return.
But if you approach me in a lovely way .. you will receive both love and sex from this good heart ;)"


Sunday 30 December 2012

Dear friends,
I've been absent for several weeks again. My apology very much.
This week, as for celebrating the old year/new year, I have a VDO clip to show you.
Firstly, I would like you to watch this original clip, coz my clip was made to imitate this one.

Now, this is my clip, which I believe very funny for Thai/Laotian people who see this clip. (Not sure whether you'll get the gags.)

Happy New Year/Old year, everyone.

Down here is the real original comedian girl who created this story.

Globe's Words of the Week

"Oh! It's such a wonderful brushing time."
(Any action at any time can be impressive, if we admit it and love it.)

"Happy New Second !!"


Sunday 18 November 2012

Reincarnation might be real.
However, the process of being born ==> being old ==> being painful ==> and die is really certain.
When we are too old, we would get ill, become painful, and too pain to live, then we must die.
We have learnt this phenomenon a lot from many of our ancestors.
However, we just seem to ignore this truth.
Why, knowing that we have to die someday, we wait until we are so old and so painful before passing away.

When the time of my death is coming, I will not wait to be suffering. I will not wait until I look pitiful.
When I know that this body is getting too weak, I will decide the death day. I will say goodbye to beloved people. Then I will let a doctor give me euthanasia. Otherwise I might just hold an electric wire.


I have just realized .. that I should not accept of being normally unable to be fluent in English just because of being born in Thai-speaking society.
I have just realized .. that, at present, English is like the world language.
I have just realized .. that I should be good in English like a native English speaker.
I have just realized .. that I am capable to be good in English, like those who are living in English-speaking society.
I will take it seriously .. I will spend much time with English. I will set a goal to be fluent in English.
I will communicate mainly in English, without worrying that my Thai skill will be weaker, coz there will still be many chances to use Thai for sure.
Then when my English is good enough, I will find a Japanese wife .. ha ha (Just kidding).

Globe's Words of the Week

"May all of us die happily."


Monday 5 November 2012

There might be several times when we had hesitation .. Spend time thinking .. seriously .. judging whether we should do that or not ....
Then the time goes by .. and by .... until it's too late for us to do so.
It shouldn't be right, for us to keep regretting from missing the activity.
Instead, we should be pleased for having practiced our brain .... in measuring the pros and the cons of that action.
Even though we have realized later that the action would bring only benefits, and would cause no harms. ...
There're still chances for a replay in the future incarnation (the next life) to try again.
(Not sure.)


"Rome wasn't built in a day."
Many spectacular infrastructure existing on earth these days were created from attempts and fatigue of some people.
The results deserve their celebration and our impression.

So is world unification. It can't be completed in one day.
Globe .. your objective of being happy at all time,
can also lead to the greater goal, and you'll be even happier when the goal is achieved.
Or, though your feeling is steadily happy,
the social will change ... your environment will change ... in a much much better way.

Then why? Why you seem to stop?
You can't do it? It's really impossible despite how hard you try?? Do you really try hard enough???

I think you have too much entertainment, Globe. Are you sure that you deserve that?? Are you sure those activities should receive the first priority?

Globe's Words of the Week

"Knowledge is not ours. It will get lost when we die. Results of actions are eternal. They will remain even in our next life."

"Knowledge will be effective when do for happiness .. but happiness is effective right now"

"Knowledge can lead to happiness .. and happiness can lead to knowledge as well."

"Because of the wrongs, we see the rights. .. That's why there are both rights and wrongs in our world."


Tuesday 16 October 2012 (40&5)

Dear friends,
Sorry for having not updated here for a long time.
Now I am typing this on a train. It's a simple express train going from Bangkok to Sisaket. This bogie is pretty free, with only about 10 passengers.
I spent time in Bangkok for about 15 days. During this period, I have experienced things that change many thoughts of mine.
- I used to be horrified with traffic in BKK during rush hours. Now I feel like the long period of commuting time in each day is like a relaxing time or socializing time before and after hard working. If we are well prepared (having had good food, good sleep, good exercise), the time is enjoyable. We can see a great variety of people. And, someday, if everyone thinks like this, we can have even discotheque buses for commuters.
(In case of me, even though I have personal health problems (constipation and frequent pee), but by eating vegetable soup before going to a sufficiently long sleep, and having 20-minute exercise, I can spend a whole day outside without any health problems. Unlike when I was working permanently here last 5 years, when I had severe health problems. This implies that the concealing stress has much impact.)
(Actually we can think of any time being with other human beings as partying time.)
(How about when being alone with the nature. Well, probably I am partying with the world.)
- Medical knowledge and treatment can really save life and improve living quality of patients (if the patient is not too old or the condition is not too serious.)
- This life of mine is really suitable to live alone. (Think about this in the night when I walked lonely from Patpong to the Rock Pub.)
- As long as no serious mistake has been made, this life is still valuable and have a bright future.
- Without experiencing it, we can't really know it.
- Activities that are contributive for world unification can be conducted more easily and frequently now. (Without having to pressure oneself.)
- Some persons who take good care of their dogs can socialize with human beings much better than me. (For example, Lingling, my ex dream-girl friend.)

He's my own uncle. His condition should be improved soon, after he himself has known well about cancer.

Globe's Words of the Several Months

"For someone with 100,000 baht salary, he/she can't buy freedom with even 10 million baht.
But for someone who can earn only about 2,000 baht a month, he/she feels so freedomful when achieving 1,000 baht by mid of the month."

"Love is invaluable"
(You can pay 2 million dollars for a carer, but he/she might take just a so-so care for you if he/she doesn't really love you.
However, for someone who loves you ... the person will take a good care of you even though you don't give him/her even one dollar.)

"What I love is what I love. What I don't love, I just cannot love. I should not lie to myself."

"Are these wrinkles on the face so disgusting? .. Then fractures on the old tree's bark should also look ugly, aren't they?"


Wednesday 30 May 2012

May 16th has passed ... I am now over 40 y old. .. and still single .. Oh no.. I can't really love anyone, coz no one will really loves me.
Even worse, on May 16th, I was a prisoner, being in a jail in Lao. ... The story was sorrowful. I have composed the story in Thai. Hope I will have time to translate it into English soon.

Today, my most beloved dog passed away.

Over these past few weeks, do u think u have cried too many times, Globe?
No, the crying feeling is not sadness, and is not unhealthy. It's just another nice emotion of human beings.

Globe's words of the week

"We are not able to choose how to be born, but we should be able to choose when and how to die."


Monday 16 April 2012

In the early morning of April 14, I posted on Facebook that:

Due to the value implanted by our human society, I believe that "It's so difficult that a woman would establish a sincere love with a man older than 40, and it's very unlikely that a man would sincerely love any woman when he is over 40 years old.

Therefore, before 40, I must try my best to find and get a women whom I love and who loves me to marry me. If I fail, I will just accept that this life will have to be single for the whole life. ..... After today, there will be 32 more days before I am 40. Let's see how it's gonna turn out, within this limited time of 1 month. .. If I've found one, the wedding should take place on May 14, so that I will be only 39 years old and 364 days on that date. [Probably the wedding will be held on Facebook.]

Any women who are interested in having a marriage with me (if any), please keep calm. .. If you contact me first, I will feel like I am offended.. I am a man who prefers to offend rather than defend. Don't worry, I can sense your feeling of love. ha ha. So, just wait for my contact.

On May 16, last year, I implied about this, but intended to reveal everything on May 16 of this year. However, I have changed my mind, and posted the message on Facebook in order to challenge myself and to have some witnesses: beyond May 14, I will stop searching and hoping to have a couple.
My fans on this webpage please also be a witness... If the earth doesn't send anyone for me during this time (or doesn't change the mind of the girl I've been chasing lately.) within May 14, I will assume that the earth wants me to be single so that I can have much time for United World tasks. (But probably I will be lazy again. ha ha.)

On April 16, I adjusted the pricing rate of my translation work in the "ӹѡš" = United World Translation webpage.
(because of feeling guilty from raising the charge to 150 baht/page, which results in having no customers of that new rate at all.)
Now I have changed. The translation charge is now flexible, ranging from 200 baht to 20 baht per page. Customers can choose the rates, which reflect quality of work... For the maximum rate of 200 baht/page, customers will get the highest quality (of my ability). For the rate of about 100 baht/page, all sentences are translated, but technical words might not be translated, and the internet will not be used to search for more information. .. For the minimum rate of 20 baht/page, the translation will be a summary at a 5:1 ratio. For example, the original document of 10 pages will be translated and summarized in 2 pages, and the charge will be 10 x 20 = 200 baht. This should be the cheapest price in the market (10 pages for 200 baht). Actually, during an early time of my translation work, one customer used to ask me to translate and conclude his original copies to about 2-3 pages, but I refused because it seemed too difficult and unworthy. But now I think I am skillful enough to do such this work.
This price will not change until April of next year. If these rates can draw many customers, this business should also be beneficial for world unification. .. However, if there are too few customers, I might not have enough income for living on, and my lovely condominium in Bangkok might have to be sold.

In the night of April 14, my long dreaming has come true. I finally got a perfect chance watching the concert of Maithai Jaitawan, one of the most popular Isan-style singers.
On April 14, I finished my last translation job about 1PM. After having lunch with my family members (it's the Family Day for Thai culture), I rode my bike from this father's house to my lovely little cottage house, and reached there after 5 PM. I took a short sleep until 5:45. With 6 mangos in my jacket's pockets, I walked across the rice fields to the place where the concert is held, which is my old primary school, Plasiw School. This is also another dream of mine: walking along this old path for memorizing my old childhood days. I arrived the school about 7PM. It was raining a little bit, and there were still no audiences. Anyway, I felt good looking around the school. Until after 10PM, the concert began with an opening remark of the chairman and the school's president as to celebrate the 90th aniversary of the school. My hero "Maithai" showed from about 23:00 to 1:00. After that his team sang and performed until 5AM, before the concert is ended with a closing remark. After that, I spent some more time in the school until the dawn came. That morning I walked back to my cottage home cheerfully and impressively.

Regarding the performance of MaiThai, first I though he lip-synced, and was somehow disappointed. But after he started talking and singing old songs, I was impressed. And what made me feel so worthy to join the concert was his singing with the song "Su (Fight)" of the "Stone Metal Fire" rock band. I actually danced in front of the stage (right side) together with other Maithai's fans almost all songs.

I recorded some videos to show u below.

Maithai sings the opening song "This land is Isan"

Maithai and me sing the song "Dao Mee Wai Boeng" (The Star is only for Watching)

Here is my most impressive song on that night: "Su" of "Stone Metal Fire". Sorry for jamming my voice with Maithai's and for recording only a short interval, coz I had to continue dancing.. ha ha.

This is when a member of Maithai team sang "Fak Siang Lam Tham Siang Jai" (Let this song's voice asks your heart's voice) of "Monkaen Kaenkoon". He sang very well.

Globe's words of the week

"The sun always gives us somepreparation time before going to sleep and before waking up."

"My criterion for choosing someone to marry is love, not reasoning. If using reasons, maybe I am more suitable to live lonely for the whole life."

"To friends, I don't know whether we will be friends in the next incarnation. But in this world, whenever we get a chance to meet again, we will always be friends."


Thursday 15 March 2012

"Love" .. "World" for Meditation

Last Sunday's early morning (5 AM), I woke up and felt that I should sleep more in order to relieve my reappearing hemorrhoids (due to stress from translation work... Hmm, it's a good indicator to warn me to adapt my behaviors.)
So I tried to sense my breathing (in and out) as usual. Normally I do this by counting my breath and take deep breaths, then I would fall asleep before counting up to 100. But that morning I thought about the mantra Buddhists usually recite when they do meditation: Buddho. I thought "the word has no meaning. I'd better find some meaningful words. Eureka! for me it should be "Love" (for breathing in) and "World" (for breathing out)."
It was so enjoyable and peaceful when using the words for meditation for the first time. Their broad (but all are good) meanings remind me of many good things about LOVE and about WORLD.
When breathing in and saying "Love", I think about my love to anything that brighten my heart.
When breathing out and saying "World", i think about places on earth where I used to be or know of their existence or the current place where I am staying. (The world is equivalent to life, and vice versa.)

Try it, my friends. This can be done at anytime when we are free to watch our breaths. .... "Love   & nbsp; World" .... "Rak   & nbsp; Lok" (in Thai) .... "Suki   & nbsp; Sekai" (in Japanese)

Globe's Words of the Week

"The nature of a life is 'having things to do' ... thus .. do not hope that someday all things we want to do will be done."


Wednesday 7 March 2012

At my house surrounded by a big pond and rice fields, the place where there seem to be no civilization of human being society.
But ... it is actually filled with civilization of societies of many floral and fauna species, which is developed by themselves.
(Many birds, fireflies, butterflies, insects, reptiles, fish, trees, grasses, water plants, etc.)

It seems like these lives enjoy the sound of my 'saw' (traditional asian music instrument) and my singing so much.   ha ha

Friends, an event very important to our world unification campaign is about to happen by the end of this month.
Updates will be posted here.

Globe's Words of the Week

"The social is not peaceful because eveyone is wealthy ... but rather because people are satisfied with their current situation without cause trouble to anyone."

(Thus .. stop blaming me for not contributing to well-being of human beings ... I am on my way of being an example of a desireless life.)


Monday 6 February 2012

Oh, so proud of myself, ha ha. This is what I have just posted in Facebook (in the Message shared with 60 people)
"I think we should not consider the "Government" as the persons with 'power', but rather the ones with 'duties'. We should have someone to do public duties for all of us. Actually all of us should do some public duties for free. But we need certain kinds of organization to do so, and that's called Government. That's why to live together as one, and with peace, we should have the World Government."

Think about it, friends. Why we fear so much with the unified World Government. The right government should be the one that does duties for all of us, not the one who enforces power on all of us.

And here's the translation of what I wrote in the Thai page of Thursday 2 Feb.

Ohhh .... how pitiful am I..
The translation work is harder than I've thought.
Burdens of families and relatives are also overwhelming.
The intention to create the 'New Unified Globe' is still at the beginning stage.
The intention to do public jobs for free for 4 hours a day is still unaccomplishable.
Hemorrhoids, my unfriendly friend, also comes back again. (after having disappeared for quite a long time.) (The causes might be one or several of these: eating sticky rice, could not go to toilet at a proper time to go, long driving, little water drinking, jogging while having a headache. or stress from the recent translation job.)
..... I swear!! .....
Someday .. I must complete composing the article "The Manual for a Naughty Shit Man" (In Thai, very naughty can also have a meaning of 'naughty & stubborn shit')
(But that will be after I have learned and understood shit comprehensively and clearly first.)

.... Ah, better go to bed now, so that the lovely shit wouldn't be too naughty tomorrow morning.

Good night, my GoodJai fan club.

Globe's words of the week

"Don't be afraid of making a wrong decision. We do not intend to do things wrong. We just hoped for, and knew only, the right part of our decisions."

"Everything is 'dust in the wind' .... Probably there's only the impressions in my memory that last forever."

"Don't be so hasty in saying that you've done more work than me in a day....
Probably I will do more work than you in an entire life....
Coz the way of my living will enable me to live longer than you. (Good night, ha ha.)"


Wednesday 25 January 2012

Just believe in me.
The path I am walking on .. is the most correct and perfect path.
I wish all confused or saddened people follow this path like me.
It's the path that relies on "equality", "self-reliance", "satisfaction in one's assets and capabilities", "living comfortably but causing no harm to anyone", "exploit the nature while sustain its balance".

I would like to elaborate about "equality" .. This doesn't mean being equal with rich people, but rather with the poor and the mid people.
I don't think a life can live happily in a luxurious house while having to beware of thieves.
Well, I don't accept stealling, but I do admit that our social now is full of stealing, violence, and hurting (phisically and mentally), which is caused by high competition and low cooperation among human beings, .. and which is what I am trying to change (revolt) with this path of mine.

I am not scared of death. I believe that I will reborn. Live have to be dead, then dead have to be live. Just like the way this soul was given life automatically.
Thus I am not scared of death. But .. I fear .. fear that, in the next incarnation, I will be fooled with desires that our people are being addicted to. And that will block my wisdom from enlightenment I've achieved in this incarnation.
That's why I keep writing and telling about my knowledge ... so that my dharma "satisfied, desireless ==> no sadness, think good, do good ==> happy mood, happy world" (as well as other knowledges) including the path of my practices .. will be passed on to my future lives.

And that's why I try to rush unifying our world .. so that, in the next life, I won't face such these detrimental effects from wars and hatred of human beings.

Oh.. BTW, don't be surprised for why my rush doesn't show any apparent progress. It's just because I'm rushing in my own path .. the Globe's path.

Sooner or later, the most wonderful globe will manifest here.

Globe's words of the week

"Dogs are not man's best friends. Humans are."

"For loving someone, we don't have to always satisfy them."

"It takes time to correct a mistake .. so, do anything consciously."


Monday 16 January 2012

Happy New Year 2012

I've been written the Thai webpage, and almost forget this one.
Yeah, I'm back.
Let me tell u my updated story.
I had been working with Mueangchan Hospital until the end of last year (Dec 31, 2011).
Now I am a freelance .... free man ... again.
My health is fine.. I am stronger in some parts and weaker in other parts at the same time. (backpain)
I chased a girl during working in the hospital, and failed.
Now I have 3 hourses. One in BKK, which I haven't been for almost 5 months.
Another one is this one in Uthumpornpisai District, Sisaket Province, where I work with the internet.
The last one is the one in Mueangchan District, Sisaket, which is like a cottage surrounded by rice farms, but I love and enjoy living there very much.
That's all for now.
Gotta go exercise now. I exercise 3 times a day (before every meal). Short-distance jogging seems to work well for me.
Do good, all.


Monday 8 August 2011

The Middle Path

- When considering the Middle Path as a peaceful feeling, being on the Middle Path is probably like feeling nothing. When we are happy, we are in the upper zone of the Middle Path, and we are in the lower zone when we are in the mood of any kinds of sadness.

- When considering the Middle Path as a proper action, the Middle Path is not steady. It can change according to the current situation, the existing knowledge, and the arising aim. Doing or acting more or less than what one should do or can do mean we are away from the Middle Path. To be in the Middle Path means to do only what we really know that it is a correct way for reaching the goal.

Globe's Words of the Week
"Knowing how to be happy Now means knowing how to be always happy."

"Using only money, we can't find love, coz people don't exchange love with money.
However, if we use money with love, we certainly will get love in return."


Monday 16 May 2011

The journey of life is like a journey without repeated routes.
Thus we should cherish all moment in life.


Good things happening today wouldn't be good things if there were no previous days.
Thus I am looking for "Life Presents" rather than "Birthday Present".
And the presents I should look forward to are presents from myself.

Globe's Words of the Week
"Loss of a person means loss of everyone in the world.
Similarly, gain of a persons means gain of every human beings.
Therefore, giving a good thing to someone to make him/her better means doing a good thing to oneself and the whole world."

"Enjoy every good action (that will produce good results) just like the way we are joyously gradually sipping genuine honey."


Tuesday 4 January 2011

Happy New Year 2011, human beings.
Congratulation to everyone for living longer one more year. :)

My news
I offered a true love to someone, but was refused. She has already got someone.
It's time I think I should look for someone to marry. (Not much time left :)

Globe's Words of the Week
"True Love is a special kind of love that one gives to the only one whom one believes that he/she will also give that special love to that one only as well."

It says .... May human beings have peaceful world for living together .. always .. allwhere :)


Sunday 17 October 2010.
My worldwide friends, the air that you've breathed in has arrived me, and tell me intesting stories happened in your places.

Did u know? ... There are more people trying to unify our world. Their news should be more apparent soon.

Today I can't breath well. Seems like my lung has something wrong (from its previous scar). Hope I can recover. Otherwise it would be hard to do much when you can't breath.


Hey, what's the date today? .. OK. It's the night time of Saturday 7th Aug 2010.
Friends, there are something to complain ... oopss .. explain here.
First of all, about work. I think I should have more freedom on how to develop the network of MJ Hospital. There are some bosses (mainly one boss) who like to give commands or requests ... so many at a time, instead of letting me finish my work one by one on my own way.
Secondly, about living. I should have more freedom at home. I have to admit that I enjoy living alone rather than living with my family or either dad or mum. I am familiar with living alone, with as much freedom as possible.
I think, maybe, eventually, my life will end up being a simple man who does individual research on how to survive lonely. Actually I am happy living with many other people, as long as they don't intrude my own freedom. Maybe I will be an innovator. Yeah, everybody likes that. Maybe I will live very comfortably, just sing songs and play musical instruments all day, and survive with natural food that grow naturally around me.
So many dreams, friends.
Ahhh .. yes, how about the dream to unify the world.
I rarely do something for it these days.
What does it mean?
It means that if I am not happy with my current situation I will not have time to do things for the world?
So that means I was already happy with life and income when I was a civil servant?
It means I made a mistake by resigning from previous works?
Friends, my freedom was disturbed that time too.

Remember, Globe. Give freedom to yourself always then you'll be able to stay happily in any situations. Otherwise you will need to change jobs, places, and surrounding people, always.


Hey. It's Sunday 4 July 2010
I've now become a Network Administrator & IT President of Muangjan Hospital.
Ha ha.. so happy with work. (But maybe not so healthy.) Travelling to work should be OK too.
I plan to put everything at office. Go there by bike. Eat and drink like patients of the hospital.
I will leave office very late, but will not take any overtime. Will refuse if being offered a salary rise too.
This should give me freedom as I like.
Soon life should be even more OK than this.


So long no update here.
You may be curiouss .... whether Globe has been successful in that love?
Poor boy.. He's lonely.
No.. I am not lonely. I live with my family (dad, mum, sisters ... especially dad is in the garden house with me most of the time.)
Sometimes I feel it's unfair for me.
I have been controlled by Jaidee's members, who are much different from me (in ideas, perspectives, etc.), pretty much.

(New story ;) Tomorrow I plan to go apply for a position in a rural hospital around here.
I shouldn't do it. My own business is going on pretty well. (Sure?? hmmm.. not sure.. Doing translation work now, sleepy now.)


Wednesday 5 May 2010

Sorry friends, it's been a long time I have not updated here.
I have a story to tell you (or maybe tell myself) today.
Last night I came back from Bangkok (to Sisaket, my hometown and my home-now) by train (free train).
I met a girl on the train. The first time I thought her beautiful simple face looks so smiling.
The second time (when I went to train toilet), her smiling face makes the whole world smile.
Her face seems very very beautiful and innocent to me.
Before I went to the toilet for the third time in next few hours, I thought I felt in love with her.
After I met her the third time (she was sitting asleep, still beautiful, with her female friend's head on her lap), I wrote a card for her with a message "Let's marry."
But,, when I saw her about to get off the train at Surin station, I was not ready to give her the card.
I was reluctant.
After she walked far away with friends, I got down the train, sent her off by my eyes.
Back to my seat, I was so regret that I didn't give her the card.
Such this chance doesn't come easily...
It's easy to find girls whom you want to sleep with.
But it's very hard to find a girl whom you find suitable to marry and spend time with for the whole life.
Especially at the time you think you are almost ready for love.
Maybe I should try more free train trips :-)

(Though not successful in this love, it is excellent to know that my love is still alive :)

Globe's words of the week
"Nature always has reasons with answers, but Gods don't."


Friday 12 March 2010

There is so much to say (about myself), but not much time to say.
It's now about 1 AM (after midnight). I am pretty tired. Not sleepy. But rather dizzy.
Recently I still have to work hard...
Well, maybe not too hard. I have time to cook, to exercise, to watch news and some cartoons. But that's it. I rarely have time to update my web, especially
I wish people would express their opinion in that website, but .. after a year .. there's still no active members.
My life these days is not much different from when I worked for the government. My dedicated time is not so beneficial to the world. It just serves my customers and my bosses.
I am not even sure that I will be able to spend this live valuably when I go back to live a rural life.
There is an interesting job (a teacher) in an international institute. I am thinking about that. But, will I be happy to accept commands?
It should be fine just to be pleased with the goal of the institution.
What should I do?
To answer is easy. I have no choice. I have to go home first.

Still a lot to say... but should go to bed now (after watching Kinnikuman .. ha ha.)
Hey, I should say something about the political crisis in Thailand before leaving.
Hope everyone stop hating others and start loving all human beings.

Globe's words of the week
"A challenge for me is not to earn much money, but to be able to live on and do good things for the world with as little money as possible."

I attended a Thai boxing club to support Muay Thai and get some new experience. It's not a so bad way to waste money.


Wednesday 10 February 2553

Yoooooo Hooooooooooo (^_#)
I am especially happy to be able to come and talk with you today.
Last night I worked until 5 AM. Today one translation work has been canceled, so I have time to enjoy talking here. (But I will continue serious work after this.)

Unbelievable, my health is still pretty good even with very few hours of sleeping. Probably because of good food I cook for myself.

I have now figured out that I should stop working confidentially. All information about my work should be open. Now I am preparing to go back to my hometown. I will not need much money to survive. So, I don't care if I lose customers (because they cannot reveal their work.)

Hey, by the way, do you wanna buy my condo. I will sell it at a reasonable price. I bought it for 290,000 baht. I think I will sell it around 250,000 baht. But the problem is .. I don't own it completely now. I mean, I still have to pay for this condo by instalments.
It's the best best best best room (for me). I am actually still thinking whether I should sell it.

Today I have a photo to show you. (Soon I will have a VDO of something important to know about our world.)
This photo represents my creative mind. Eventually, I have my own style of beard.

Do you understand the form of my beard? It's a "globe". Yeah! I am the original.

Globe's Words of the Week
"There's no bad job, if we don't do it badly.
or ..... there's no good job, if that job involves working with people who do bad ?"

"We are not working for money, but we work to service the person who pays us."

"Knowing leads to knowledge."

"Between "nature" and "technology"... what does Globe prefer?
Answer: Not sure, but the certain thing I am happy to be with is "freedom"


Wednesday 20 January 2010

Friends, please listen to what Jackie Chan said in the VDO clip below.
You will realize that ...
John Lennon is not the only one.
I am not the only one.
Jackie Chan is not the only one.

Let's imagine and do for world unification together.

Jackie Chan gave an interview to "վš" (Pulse of the World) TV program in Channel 9 of Thailand, broadcasted on 19 Jan 2010 at 23:45 (Bangkok time).
He stated openly that "One day I hope I will be able to travel around the world without having to show passport, because the whole world is our country. (World Country)"

Let's join Jackie Chan to unify our world.

Globe's Words of the Week
"If your goal is happiness of everyone in the world, ..
no matter how much successful you are, no one will be jealous. Coz your success means their happiness."


Tuesday 5 January 2010

Happy New Year 2010, world friends.
It's sad but true. I can't unify the world before this New Year.
But I have really tried hard.
From now on, I won't have to try too hard. Coz I will not make a promise to get the world unification done by which year.
I will just make a promise to live until I see the world become unified.

For now, the first priority for me is to make myself truly and eternally happy, in order to prove that the "World Dharma" is correct.

Globe's Words of the New Year
"Once the world is unified, it will never be divided into countries again."

There may be no new photos of such these photos below anymore. I have hurt feelings of my parents enough. In addition, my own feeling was actually somehow "uneasy" while doing those activities.

VDO of the United World Concert on Dec 31, 2009.


Tuesday 29 December 2009

Friends, only a few days left (only 3 days actually) before the end of this year, and the end of my serious world unification campaigns.
This VDO is just to show you how hard I've tried.

I still have one more plan. I will do "United World Concert" on Dec 31. I don't think I can make any change by that day, but I will try... because it's my dream.

Happy old year.

"If you want to protect your fundamental rights of human beings, you should also help unify the world!"


Wednesday 23 December 2009

Dear Mr. Obama and other world leaders,

If you think you are human beings, you should try to unify our world in order to save the world, that has given you a good life.

From a world citizen

Globe's Words of the Week
"Desire cannot be stopped with desire to stop desire.
Desirelessness can only be achieved with knowing that desire is harmful, useless, etc."


Wednesday 16 December 2009

Dear Friends,
Yesterday, 15 Dec 2009, I went to submit letters together with signatures of United World Supporters to all leading medias (TV and newspaper) in Thailand.
Let me tell you with photos below.

There are 8 envelops for 8 medias (6 TVs and 2 newspapers).

Getting ready to leave my office about 10 AM.

The first destination was the one closest to my place, Dailynews Newspaper. (

I had to leave the letter with the security guard.

Took a bus to the next destination.

At TPBS TV station. ( I was allowed to go inside.

Eventually left the letter with the security. Sorry for blur photo.

Took an underground train to next place.

Showed the letter in front of TV9 building (

Gave the letter to the front-desk officer of TV9.

The building behind was the place I gave the letter.

This is another destination, TV3. I was not allowed to enter, thus leave letter with the security head.

The building of TV3 (, above and below.

Before entering TV5 (

At TV5, had to leave the letter with the security again.

One more photo in front of TV5.

The security guards of TV7 ( gave a nice welcome, and took this photo for me.

Again, having to leave the letter with the security guard of Thairath Newspaper (

Behind is the signboard of Thairath Newspaper.

The last destination, TV11 (NBT) ( Left the letter with the guard again.

Took photo in front of TV11.

Another photo in front of TV11.

Work accomplished. 8 places in 1 day. That's all I can do.

At the market near my place, bought food back home. (around 4:30 PM)

Globe's Words of the Week
"Even though everyone in the world have money combinedly 1 billion billion billion billion US dollars, the world will still have hungers.
But if we can produce 1 million million tons of rice yearly, hungers will be no more."

True benefits of work is not money. Thus working for money normally produce just money, not benefits for the whole society.


Friday 11 December 2009

Hey, I've heard that .. Mr. Obama said America has a right to make war to defend itself?
Sir, why don't we try to talk ..... harder ...... much harder.

People, ... we have to show up.
There are many powerful groups of people fighting in the world these days.
Why don't we try to stop them, by telling them not to fight?
Of course, we can't stop them directly, but we can try to tell both fighting groups not to fight.
Think about it, when we see regular people fighting on street, we try to stop them. We try to separate them. Then they would listen to us and stop fighting.
We should also help to stop the fightings of these powerful groups too.
Make them become friends.
Don't be just the watchers.
We are also losing many things from their fightings.
So, we should stop them .. both for them and for us.

Globe's words of the week
"Desire normally comes from knowledge ... but normally one is not knowing when desiring."

Do not forget ... Live with "knowing" or "doing good".


Thursday 3 December 2552

Hello .. fans,
I've been back from my hometown.
It was very great that my dad and mum decided to take me to our rice farm. We met our relatives who had been living there. We discussed about the plan to move there.
Though it won't be so soon, but it become more real that my life will end there.
Anyway, I am still deciding. Living in Bangkok may allow me to do more (or less?) useful activitiies.
Anyway (again), it's not the time to make a decision. I have to be hurry to unify the world by the end of this year, which is only less than 28 days ahead.
Oh.. by the way, this morning .. another idea came up to my mind. Probably the current situation of the world is right. We just have to find out how to live with it. If other (poor) people work hard and become responsible like me (over self-praising? ha ha), probably nobody will have to live poorly.

After got back to Bangkok, I finished some work, then joined the annual trip of Forester'56 friends to Farm Chok Chai and Kao Yai Forest.
Below are some photos to show you.

Globe's Words of the Week
"If it's the God who created nature, then God would never break the rule of nature."

Let's live un-superstitiously.


Tuesday 17 November 2009

Dear GoodJai fans,
Despite having to work for earning enough for living and giving some money as presents for the coming birthdays of my dad and mum, I could manage to do some activities for world unification.
The great achievement (in my opinion) is that I composed a letter to medias asking them to help me unify the world.
I posted the letter in a website, and later e-mailed that letter to many medias.
The next step is just to submit the letter in person to some of them.
Would you like to join me?
Probably I will go to them on Nov 30 or Dec 14.
It will be a long distance march.
Let me know if you wanna join. Participation is absolutely welcome. Currently I have one participant, which is ME .. :)

I am not sure whether .. probably I have gone beyond the line ..
If this life would have to be killed, this death is a compensation to goodness of good people in the world who have made a nice world for me.

It's actually a good world now, friend. I can actually live happily like many of you if I don't try to unify the world.
But I just can't. Because I know (I think) that I can help the world become a better place. I am born to unify the world.
Or should I try to promote happiness first? But happiness can't come if we don't know that we are doing a good thing.
Or should I just watch and laugh with sit-com dramas? :)

Globe's Words of the Week
"Though people normally can't be conscious all the time, but we also can't be unconscious all the time either."

"The only thing that human beings can't make is nature, since it wouldn't be called natural, but man-made.
Therefore, despite being beyond nature, human can't make nature."

Anyway, it's good to watch both natural and man-made things or combination of those.


Monday 2 November 2009

Hello dearsss,
Today an innovative notion has just come up in my mind.
Probably I will not go back to live my rural hometown from the beginning of next year onward as planned.
This room may be just an efficient office of mine.
It's not a house.
I mainly use this room for working, not for relaxation (though sometimes I exercise and sleep here.)
My house is the outside wide world, with many world family members.
I should actually sleep outside and come to work here in the morning, left here in the night.
Anyway, it's OK for me to stay here almost all day, since I am the most deligent officer.
Once I have unified the world I may be able to sleep anywhere in the world any nights, coz the whole world will be safe and civilized (hi-tech).
This is like a changing perspective.
I thought that I should move to rural area becoz I need more facilities at home, which can't be set up in such this small room.
But since the wide world is my home, and this is just an office, this room serves its function very well.

OK, let's compare benefits in living between these places.
- Being more natural.
- Requiring very little money in a long term.
- Being able to accommodate other people. (Not only for friends. The land can belong to world people, and I am just the care-taker of the land.)
- Being an example of simple living.
- Fresh fruits and vegetables
- Close to family
- Able to see stars

This current condominium:
- Having much privacy.
- Being close to facilities and various kinds of people.
- Accessibility to advanced communication, transportation, which mean more capability to help more people... and unifying the world is always possible.
- Requiring very little money in a short term. (Now I can live on comfortably with only 10,000 baht per month, and if I am free from the debt of this room, I will be able to live with just 6,000 baht/month.)

Ahhh ... it's really hard to decide.

Globe's Words of the Week
"Money is both the tool to have fair exchange and unfair exchange."
Hmm.. that's not right. It's just a tool. It's up to people on how to use it, whether to exchange it fairly or unfairly, whether to use it for reasonable things or just for pleasure.

The three balds of MTU. :-)


Wednesday 21 October 2009

It seems like I've done a lot and tried hard to unify the world, while having little, if not none, success.
Should I give up?
Should I agree to others that "It's impossible." ?
The answer is "No".
I have not tried what I have intended to do.
I used to think that "it's so easy to unify the world, if nobody blocks me."
Now, I've found that .. nobody blocks, or even cares for whatever I am trying to do.
Let me do more, all right? Let's see. Hope nobody will really ever try to stop me.

Here are my plans.
- Maybe I will send letters to medias with straightforward context.
- Maybe I will go to UN Headquarter again with more effective activity.
- Maybe I will make many more and better videos, presentation, concerts, etc.
- Maybe I will run naked in a mall .. ha ha .. that's just for fun.
- Maybe I will jump .. if world leaders don't discuss world unification.

The plans wouldn't take long.
I will try hard only until the end of this year.
After this year, no success means no success.
I will go back to my hometown.
Start living simply and using my knowledge to improve local community.

Maybe it's not so right.. I might not be able to do much in such that poor situation.
Why don't I try to go back to work for the government?
Friends, there are many wrong things going on in our social.
I would like to reflect those faults.
It's a peaceful protest from me.
If my condition makes you feel so much pitiful,
Just know that this is the result from your ignorance to social problems.
Probably, someday, not only me, your children may also unable to tolerate the unfair social, and follow my path.

I will fight with many wrong beliefs of humans, but will never fight with humans.

Globe's Words of the Week
"Usually, people perceive value of a thing when they have lost it.
Unfortunately, none of us have ever lost a life.
... Thus some of us do not perceive value of just having a life."

"If having future means losing present,
... I'd rather choose to have present than future."


Thursday 8 October 2009

Dear friendss :-)
Sorry for late update.
I have a VDO to show you.
It's my VDO while performing a show at LG Entertainer contest in Bangkok.
The program was broadcasted on Chennel 9 of Thailand.
Many thankssss to LG Entertainer team who kindly shows the footage of my "Time to Unify Our World" campaign.

Globe's Words of the Week
"Desire makes people follow it before try to stop it (in the mind)."

"Human beings have advanced technologitcal goals, but no countries seem to have the goal of peaceful world social where all human beings can live happily forever."


Friday 18 September 2009

Don't be careless when you have to perform anything.
You've gotta practice and prepare well. You need a big rehearsal before the real performance.
Otherwise you will face unexpected results like me.

Anyway, I feel like ... phenomena happening to my life were pretty good.
Though it seems I have no success, but I have learned a lot. Knowledge may be more valuable than success.

Friends, peaceful world unification will never be achieved by force.
It will only come by requests from all world people ... who have realized true benefits of world unification, which we need to promote.

Globe's Words of the Week
"My voice is the best voice ... since it's the only voice I can control at my wish." :-)


Thursday 3 September 2009

Dear friends,

How am I?
I am happy somehow. I got much work. I am trying to catch up with it. Well, there are still many things to do, even though being unemployed.
It may seem that I am now also working for money...
Not really.. I am forced from my parents to go back to work for the Thai government if I can't get much money from working.
I still have a feeling that working on my dream, unify the world, is better than serving desire of others and get their money.
And I am still waiting for the day I can try living a simple life with nature, where there's much food without using money.

Globe's Words of the Week
"We have budget plans, but do we have a life plan?"

A day is like a life....
We may be able to stay awake longer than usual in a day, but eventually we'll have to sleep..
.... eventually we'll have to die. We can have unlimited money, but we all have a limited life.

It's my working desk. I can work longer now with the hand and leg supports.


Tuesday 18 August 2009

Dear friends,

Long time no talk. How are you?
Let me update you my life.
After coming back from Petchaboon, I started my taxi driving career.
It was not easy to find a taxi to drive, since most taxi companies require a collateral and also a person to guarantee in the contract.
Eventually I found one company (I don't know the right word, may be it should be called "shop".) that allowed me to drive, with a collateral money of 2,000 Baht.
The shop allowed to drive for only half a day (and the other driver will alternate for another 12 hours).
The rent cost is 550 Baht per day.
I got up at 3 AM to get ready to start working at 4 AM, and stop driving at 4 PM.
It had continue like that for 5 days, before I found another taxi's owner that allowed me to drive full day for 700 Baht.
Moreover, this owner accept one important condition I requested, that I am able to post the message "Time to unify our world" on the car.
I drove it with some difficulties, since I was new, and I had to make at least 1,000 Baht in order to make profit from driving.
Everyday I ended work exhaustedly. I rarely had time for surfing the web.
My body was also getting weak. I got a pock at my buttock. My eyes seemed to had more floaters. My weight decreased to 61 kg. (from 64).
I am not sure .. how should I say .. fortunately or unfortunately. On August 10th, I had a car accident, at the time that my body need a rest, other works were waiting in line, but that was only one day after I made stickers for unifying the world on the car.
I used to show photos of the accident below, but sorry, have to remove it for now.

The taxi car in the front braked suddenly, I could stop before hitting him.
However, a second after stopping I heard the sound of someone applying brake abruptly, but it was too late, my car's buttock was hit right after that.
My car was pushed to hit the car in the front. (The distance from my car to the car behind was the distance that my car was pushed.)
It was sad that the stickers of world unification had been posted for only 2 days. (The stickers cost 200 Baht.)

The car that hit me seemed to have more damage, with the broken radiator. The owner (driver) did not get hurt.
I wished he apologyzed me for that careless driving, but he only called the insuarance company.
Lucky no one was hurt much. One of my two passengers seemed to get hurt at the neck, and had to find a new taxi. They should have got money from the driver.

This photo was taken before the accident. The stickers read "It's time human beings love all human beings. It's time to unify all countries to be one. .. Hmmm, the accident may imply .. it's not yet the time. :)

Stickers on the side means "satisfied = no sadness", "Do good = become happy"

After the car was hit, my parents told me to stop driving. I also felt it was quite a hard business. So, after being offered from the owner to end the contract, I accepted.

I drove taxis for 19 days in total. There are good points and bad points of this occupation that I would like to summarize as follows.
Good points
- It shows the driver's deligence.
- It helps improve vision (long-sight) and responsiveness.
- Meet many people, many places.
- The work's objective is tangible: getting the customers to their destination on time, safely, and happily.
- The reward is fair. Cost of the fare is by meter. Nobody argues. However, when I make mistakes in choosing roads the cost should be deducted.
- It's like having exercise, and can really reduce weight.

Bad points
- Well, because of capitalism (money-ism), I just had to take customers to any places they want to. Taxis also have to compete to get customers.
- It made me who's free of desire had so much desire: desire to get customers, desire to drive safely, desire to arrive the destination fast, desire to drive well on the road, desire to satisfy the customer .. etc.
- It takes so much time to drive taxi and earn enough for living. This is true for drivers who have to pay for renting the taxi. But if the car owner drive it himself, he wouldn't have to work so hard. The income was quite good (normally about 100 Baht per hour).
- The income that seems to be good may be unreliable. It's like playing with lucks. There are chances of being called or not. There are so many other taxis on the road. (But during busy hours, the taxis seem to be not enough.)
- It produce greenhouse gas, which is harmful to our earth. However, an excuse is that it can help reduce number of people driving personal cars.
- It cause stress in the brain and the eyes and the buttocks somehow.

Recommendations for people who would like to do this occupation seriously
- If you have enough money to finance for a taxi, you should do so. Paying for finance (with a starting lump sum) is less than paying for the rent.
- Taxis should not stop and wait for customers at bus stops. That causes bad traffic, and inconvenience for bus passengers. Taxis should always move to every places.
- In order to reduce knees' pain from applying clutches, the seat should be extended so that the legs can be fully stretched.
- Electrical sliding windows are useful in many occasions.
- Taxi drivers should have other things to do and relax while finding customers.
- Taxi drivers should learn about the roads very well. If possible should get a GPS system.
- Taxis should have stickers promoting "world unification" to take part in helping our world. :)

I was quite fortunate that before the accident there were some people asked me to do English translation jobs for them.
I got time to do it because of the accident. After this I think I will take translation and GIS as main jobs. I still have to improve these knowledges and skills. My English is not so good, as you can see by reading this. My GIS is also getting obsolete. However, these works should match me better than driving a taxi.

Globe's Words of the Week

"No careless .. no mistakes" .. (If nobody else makes it.)


Tuesday 28 July 2009

Dear brothers,
I've been away for sometime. It's quite a busy unemployed life.
I did some GIS work with a friend in Petchaboon.
Then came back to Bangkok, and tried to find a taxi to drive. I got the Taxi Driving License on Thursday 16 July.
It was not easy to get a trust to drive the owner's taxi. Eventually I could get one that did not require that I have a guaranteed person.
This taxi garage charges 550 for 12 hours driving. I've been driving for 5 days. I have to get up about 3:20 in order to be ready for driving at 4 or 5 AM.
For the first 5 days, money obtained from serious driving is not sufficient for paying the daily charge + gas + food.
Anyway, I am still hopeful that I am on the right track.
It's getting late now, I'd better take a rest now. Some nice photos are below.

Globe's Words of the Week (2 sentences for this week)

Humans have to spend much time to learn what's good what's bad. Thus we should have to spend too much time trying to find happiness, which will just end at "no desire = no sadness", "do good = gain happiness"

"Sufficiency economy may not lead to problem-less social, especially when people are far from being equal." (Shall we use "Equality Economy" instead?)


Sunday 12 July 2009

Dear fans ;) ,

How are you? Hope you are happy.
How am I? Well, please look at this VDO to see how I am recently.

May I also dedicate this performance to Michael Jackson. Please rest in peace. Many thanksssss for your peace songs "We are the World" and "Heal the World". You leave us too soon. I just wish you could live on to see the founding of United World.

Globe's Words of the Week

"For truths, cherish the goodness, not the good man."


Tuesday 30 June 2009

Dear friends,
I have an idea to set up some clubs, and am looking for people to join the clubs. If you are interested in any following clubs please post your request in the Webboard. :)

World Unification Club

No Secrets Club

Never Let Smoking Seen or Smelt Club

Love Whole Earth Whole Humans Club

Always Satisfied Club

Do Good All The Time Club

Dance Anywhere Anytime Club

Independence Lover Club

Smiling Hearth Club

Self-reliable Club

No Angry Club

One Sq.Km. One GIS Updater Club
(The total earth surface is approximately 500 million That means we need 500 million GIS members. Among these, around 300 million will be taking care of ocean surface, which rarely has anything. Oh.. so lucky. :)

Globe's Words of the Week

"Born as a human being, one should be happy all the time." (No desire = No sadness, Do correctly = Happiness comes)


Thursday 26 June 2009

Dear Friends. Back from Petchaboon Province for a GIS job, I've got some photos to show you.

Farmers at a grass farm, Tambol Buengkhohai, Lamloogka, Pathumthani

Globe's Words of the Week

"Equality makes us all feel relaxed."

Let's create the world of equality.


Thursday 18 June 2009

Obstruction of Love

Oh... the Global Love, pure love of all human beings as I have long asked for, is so difficult to grow up.
The obstruction of love is possibly movies and dramas.
Most stories have bad persons harming good persons.
That implants the feeling of "unreliable humans" in the audiences' hearts.
People become fear that others are bad, ....
while no one think himself/herself is a real bad person.
Despite doing something bad, one always have an excuse.
...... So, since no one wants to be bad, then who is bad? There's no real bad persons in the real world. Bad minds exist only in movies, or in imagination of story makers.

Think again... Stop blaming others. There are causes that make people decide to do this or that, not because they are internally bad.
Stop teaching humans to hate and fear humans.
Human should only fight with nature, not with humans.

..... PS.. Of course, the feeling of fear also happens to me. :)


Globe's Words of the Week

"Missing a goal may make one feel sad. One can never reach the last goal if one doesn't know how to stop the current goal."


Wednesday 10 June 2009

Dear brothers,
This week I would like to tell you how I live these days.
Get up around 6:30, exercise with basketball alone in a nearby yard, work with internet most of the time (unify the world and do many other things.) Run for 1 minute once in a while. In the evening I walk to nearby open market and sell CD/DVD there. They are collection of good science clips I downloaded from Youtube. When it gets dark, I stop and buy vegetables, which is my main food recently, from the market. Work more until feeling sleepy then go to bed. Days and days go by.
Pretty easy life, right? ... Please don't be jealous, this is a compensation of having no money.
Friends who are working hard please do not blame me for working less.
I do the work that I think someone in the world should do it, but nobody does it so far.

You who work hard please take care of your health. Don't work too hard. Don't worry much about people like me who have little income and little chance in social. We are doing fine in our ways. People I meet in the poor open market are frienly and happy.
Me who seldom have customers but has to pay 20 Baht a day for market fee is also feeling good. I still feel the future. And I have sufficient money, around 60 Baht to pay for food. Thanks to Jaidee's family, the great supporter.
They made me promised that after the end of September I must look for employment though.

Our world is getting better. We can see less and less wars, less terrorists (or not?). Campaigns are made about danger of smoking, drinking, corruption, etc. People start to know how to live and to give back to social. It's possible that someday the world will be free of sad people.
I used to get a mail saying the difference of heaven and hell is how the people there live, not the place's conditions. People in heaven are friends and cheerful and helping others. If only we human beings change people around us to be like heavenous people we then wouldn't have to wait for advance development of the world in order to live happily.

Below is just verbose explanation. Please don't regard it.
I come to a point of having to make a decision. As I told you, my parents give me time until the end of September, then I have to look for being employed. That means during this time I can live on their money. But how can I do that? I have just found that I have very little money left. And found that the money I need for living in Bangkok like this is quite a lot, 8,000 Baht at least. Why I spend so much? The answer is 4,000 for condo instalment, 2,000 for bills, 2,000 for food.
I am thinking for the way to survive. I can't live on unifying the world. Nobody would pay me for this. I have many options to choose.
1. A close friend offer me a land in rural place. This is very interesting. Maybe I will sell this condo and go to live in his land, which still doesn't have any facilities.
2. Maybe I should post my resume in some classified websites, hoping for a good job. This option maybe OK. People should cooperate and do their skilled work. However, I feel not so good with competition.
3. Maybe I should try to work in GIS field in Lao, the country I long dream for living there. I actually have sent a mail to a friend there asking whether there's a job for me. Maybe this is the first choice I will choose.
4. Or should I try to find a work in the Asian Institute of Technology? Good for practicing English and Japanese. But it's far from my condo. I will still have to sell this condo.
5. Or should I work in my relative's farm? He offered me 5,000 Bt/month to live in his land and take care of his agriculture business. Pretty interesting.
6. Maybe I should be a taxi driver. I actually almost have been. But my parents stoped me then. Now I will not tell them again that I will take a taxi driving test. Taxi driving is good for making fair money and contribute to social. However, the competition in Bangkok make this job somehow dangerous.
7. Maybe I should apply for a guide test. I still don't know much about the procedures. Being a guide is really good, I can employ many skills and experiences.
8. Or should I concentrate on being a tutor? I should study more on TOEFL, then advertise tutoring with confidence. Maybe there's future. But it takes time.
9. Should I go back to GISTDA? I am actually waiting just in case they need me badly on CEOS work. It seems they are doing well. It's hard to decide to go back. I did not really feel always good when working there, and I am not sure I will make them feel good if I go back.
10. Another friend wants me to work in ICT ministry with her. The office is close to my condo. It maybe OK if I can work as a temporary worker.
11. Should I try to be more offensive with promoting WeLoveOurWorld and GoodJai? Probably if I can bring more users I will really have enough income from advertisement and the world peace will really be achieved. But that might take too long time.
12. Maybe I can be a boxer. I think now I can box much better than when I was in KU. Boxing has good pay. Maybe I can be as rich and as famous as De La Hoya :)
13. Hmm.. I'd better be a singer. I have been practicing singing since a very child. I also love to make people happy by hearing my voice. (or they'll be sad? ha ha.)
14. Maybe there are some good jobs for me around my condo. I should ask them whether they need a worker. I can do almost anything, though I am not good at machinery.
15. Recently I met a fantastic old man. He knows music very very well. He said he wanted to compose the best & easiest music book. He then will need salers to sell keyboards plus his books. Maybe I can work with him, and be a musician. Wow.
16. Should I practice harder in GIS. I should be GIS expert. Hmm.. not a bad idea. I love to explore GIS deeply. But I also love to do many other things.
17. Instead of living in other people's land, should I really try to bid for a land of my own. Maybe I can find a 1600-sq.m. land for less than US$1,000. But that can be done only after I have enough money, by selling this condo.
18. I have once found a website that works like a median for customers and tutors. Their system didn't work at that time. Maybe I can try again now.

That's life, friends. It's confusing but also interesting. Let's see how will it be. The first choice may be driving a taxi. The next one is to live in my friend's land. That will enable me to prove all things I have said in the Greeting of Tuesday 31 March 2009.


Globe's Words of the Week

"Breathing can be forgotten, but Doing Good shall never be."


Tuesday 2 June 2009

Dear brothers,

How are you doing? Hope you can take care of yourself.
Recently I have just discovered the perfect system of world governing. This can give the answer to questions on whether world unification would really lead to eternal peaceful world. I wrote a Thai article about this and post in these websites: and
I spent some days composing this article in Thai, and hope I can spend only few hours to translate it into English.
Here it is.

World Family Leader

Soon, the world will be unified, world government will be formed.

Lets prepare the world governing system to ensure that world government will work for benefits of all world citizens.

The new world shall not be governed the same way as any existing governments, since none of them could get rid of social problems.

In order to sustain eternal peace, the world should be governed like a big warm family, with the World Leader taking care of the World Family members.

I should have got its name, Family Leader, before conducting debate on TV during the BKK election campaign. The image of a dream leader/government would be clear then. That would help explain how I would be able to conduct all proposed policies efficiently. Anyway, its not too late to say it now. Hope someone will tell some leaders of some governments about this.

Whats the difference between governing like family leader and the current governments? The difference is sincerely love to all governed people equally. Look at these points. No good father would love all his children unequally. No good mother would hate any of her kids. No good father would be much richer than his kids. No good mother would leave any kids in poverty & hunger. No good dad would steal (corrupt) the familys money. No good mum would hide his actual income to the family. Its obvious that all current governments and the leaders do not dedicate enough for well-being and equality of their people. They may be a real good leader of their family, but not that good for all people.

A perfect family leader can make everyone in the family live happily. Thus the upcoming World Leader must govern their people the same way a good family leader would do to his/her family. He/she must see the whole world as a big family, whose members must be taken care with love equally.

Characteristics of a good World Family Leader as listed below should be stated in the World Constitution.

1. The World Leader must love all human beings equally. He/she must view all people as family members that need to be taken care of. He/she must devote for their well-being. He/she must be intimate to all of them. He/she must live simple like them. He/she must not live high above others. He/she must obey the same rules as them. He/she must try to emphasize love and unity among the world family members.

2. The World Leader must try to feed all human beings. He/she must not leave them in starvation. He/she must not let them fight for food or necessities. The world family members shall not have to compete for jobs for their living. (Jobs should be distributed fairly and properly.) The World Leader must try to propagate resources to all people equally. He/she must take care of disabled persons specially. He/she must aid kids that are unable to take care of themselves, even that would be because of their laziness.

As long as a family member can live on without starvation or causing trouble, thats good enough to make other members feel relieved.

3. The World Leader must employ sharing as the way that all world members should do. Thats same to an efficient home, which a kitchen, a living room, cars, etc are shared. World Leader must be an example of a shared person. He/she must use public transportation, public parks, pools, etc like others. Competition of people on possession should be reduced. The current situation that rich people are competing as if one wants to own the whole world alone shall never happen again.

Kids are too many, hard to teach all, thus they fight. But the dad shall not fight with them. The dad shall not be a bad example of living so high that the kids compete to be like that.

4. The World Leader must educate the people so that they can live happily all life. He/she must be a good example of a happy person. He/she should be active and cheerful. He/she must not be moody, greedy, or crazy.

If kids are sad, dad must make them happy. If kids are mad, dad must cure them. Love and knowledge can help solve any problems.

5. The World Leader must not have more money than general world people, so that they will not compete for money. Competition of human beings shall be for World Familys benefits, not for individual benefits. Money should be used as a tool for fair exchange, not the tool to divide classes of people. World leader should receive salary only enough for necessities like average people.

People should compete for development rather than for money. Working for money can only lead to unsustainability of world environment.

A life that relies on money cannot be guaranteed of sustainability, same to the World Family. The World Leader should try to produce enough food and resources for everyone rather than to provide them enough money.

Normally family members do not request money working for other members. Mum feed the kids without receiving money. Kids take care of grandfathers without asking for money. In the future world, after people know their jobs and have sufficient public services, money may not be needed.

6. The World Leader must reveal all his money and properties openly. All expenses should be declared transparently. Income should come from salary only. The leader shall be a good example to world people on how to use money correctly.

7. The World Leader must come from election, which World Family members have equal rights of voting. The World Leader should remain in position only one term (maybe 4 years). After being replaced, the world leader must reveal all knowledge and experience to assist the new world leader.

8. The World Leader must resign in case the global referendum votes against his position. He/she may resign if having bad health or unable to work well, so that a better one will replace.

9. The World Leader must not have full power to decide everything by himself. He must listen to all people. He must try to collect opinions as much as possible. Global referendum may be held if some topics affect most people. Debates shall be taken places before voting. Result of majority votes is superior to leader or governments decision. Lessons will be learned together.

10. The World Leader must try to know all World people in order to work for them efficiently. The best way to get information of everyone is by making updated database of everyone. IT technology should be employed. People may input and update their own information. Personal information may include health, skills, land ownership, etc. This will help people perceive the goodness of being open.

11. The World Leader must work hard in order to make everyone live as comfortable as possible. He/she must provide basic needs such as food, cloth, shelter, medicine, education, etc to all people. The goal is to make sustainable world family where people can live peacefully, happily, and valuably.

12. The right way to convince people is to give them 3 things; love, facts, and freedom. The World Leader must use these 3 factors in governing. He/she shall not force anyone to do anything. He/she must use reasoning and love in teaching or telling people to cooperate.

Thats all I can think of. Anyone has more or has any arguments please discuss.

I think these rules of being a World Leader are not too much. There are many good people in the world who are happy to dedicate oneself for suffering people. Anyone who does not meet these qualifications shall not apply for World Leader, since he/she will not be able to solve social problems. The unified world will then be beneficial only for eliminating wars and army budget and for allowing people to travel around the world. However, the global love and unity may not be achieved. If the World Leader do not sincerely love people as his/her family member, it would be very hard to make all general people love all other brotherly human beings.

However, what if the United World does not have such the perfect World Leader?

We, general people, shall try to make our world be like a big World Family. Do our parts at our best. We should see other human beings as brothers/sisters. We should love them like loving our real family members. We should tell the World Leader to act correctly. We should ask our closed people to love all human beings all over the world. We should work hard for benefit of the World Family. We should try to help suffering people. For example, a good way to help refugees is by unifying our world.

Lets set our goal as the perfect World Family. No matter we are the leader or members, anyone can help shaping the world future. With the right goal, we will go the right way, and will reach the happy world together.

From a little son of the world

PS. If you are interested in helping the creation of World Government please visit and vote Yes for Democratic World Government. If you want to exchange opinions on world unification you may visit

The government should take care of me like my family does. I can live on these days because they support me some money. If I dont have them I may need to do some work that can make money but not good for social. Hmm, or maybe what I am doing now is not good. If I do anything and get money that means I am doing good?

Some friends might argue that how would I know about a good dad, since I have no kid no wife. Well, it will take a very very long time then if I have to prove this.

Lastly I would like to thank the father earth, mother moon, grandma sun, grandpa Milky Way, super grandpa Universe.


Globe's Words of the Week

"Being rich does not mean being happy. Having more money does not mean knowing more on how to use money."


Wednesday 27 May 2009

Dear brothers,

Wow, I found this impressive quote, "My country is the world, my religion is to do good, and all men are my brothers." Thomas Paine (18th century political philosopher), from this video World Peace - Please Vote.. That's what I also am. So we are brothers, ok? :-)

How are you doing? Are you happy with the surroundings?
Normally if we live with things we like we are happy. In contrary, with things we don't like, we are just unhappy.
So, if we like most things we tend to be more happy than sad.
If we like any kinds of music, we would feel good listening to all kinds of music.
Anything has good side and bad side. If we find good side of things we would feel good living with it.
For example, feel good being umemployed .. Though having no money and get complaint, it's good for many points.
Look at good points for being satisfied, and look at bad points for improving.


Recently I am not sure whether I should accept money or not. While working as an officer, a salary man, I hate money. I hate the way people works just for money, not for the output of the work. But whatsoever, I always use money economically. Maybe, I have to admit .... money is the most "fair" tool for exchange. The fault is some people are so greedy, and some people like to cheat. They will cheat with anything, not only money. Maybe the bad things will always continue if we accept inequality of people. Well, I do accept people that are richer than me. But I am scared if my family seems to be richer than general people. It seems that the inequality causes disagreement that leads to stealing, jealousness, raping, etc.

Therefore, I am still doubtful whether we should use money for exchange. Can we just share anythings equally? Though now we don't work equally, but if we share equally we will be able to make people work equally.

I still feel regret seeing poor people. Though being unemployed and having no money like this make me even unable to help them anything, it's still better that I am among them. (same poor).

People tend to accept dissimilarity of human beings. Thus they accept inequality. I trust my finding that people will do good if they have knowledge on what is really good. However, I have been unable to change anyone....


Maybe you have noticed that I recently have advertisement on my web pages.
Those are not from servers. I posted it myself. I didn't notice that it makes pages appear slower. So let's just keep it.
Though I've got only US$0.44 dollars from the advertisement after over a month of setting it up. It helps me check number of visitors, and also decorate the website.

One more thing,
My Thai translation for VoteWorldGovernment has been posted. That's a work I am proud of.
For you who has not voted for Democratic World Government, please go to and vote "Yes". There's nothing to lose. Just show that you agree to world unification. Or if you have a better solution please let me know. I have also voted. Besides, I am trying to develop and will emphasize the pros of world unification, and the cons of dividing the world like now. With good reasoning, I believe world unification benefits will be unarguable and widely talked.

Globe's Words of the Week

"People who are content with death would be willing to die.... which one can do only once."

PS. Normally I don't, but I will try to cherish it if necessary. :-)


Wednesday 20 May 2552

Dear friends,
Are you now successful in life?
Some might answer "yes", some might reply "no".
Well, "yes and no" is my answer.
No, since I am still unable to take care of my own living (expenditure) as I thought.
.... I thought it would be easy for me to get customers to teach for 4 hours a day and get 400 Baht per day.
No, since I am still unable to live in my own land where I could produce essential food for my easy living.
.... I am still thinking whether I should sell this condominium (do against my parents' will.)

Yes, because I had one achievement. I am now unemployed.
I was wishing I could resign from work while working. Now I absolutely could resign.

I should be happy with my success, rather than upset with my failure.

Life should go on to achieve the dreams.
But "stopping" can help us feel the success.

Globe's Words of the Week

"The older the more economical."

When we were young, we spent much on things that we thought they were good. After finding out their nonesense, we stop paying for those. As getting older we learned more on how to use money, and know even how to take care of our health to avoid sickness. Thus we need less money when we get older. Then .. how come older officers usually have higher salary than younger ones? ..


Thursday 14 May 2009

Dear friends,
Let me say things that I can not say in my Thai version here.
I know this place has very few visitors. However, maybe someday some people will find here.
Why? Why can't I say these in Thai version?
Coz my parents and sisters can read it.
They are really worrying about my life now. Since they knew after the end of Bangkok Governor Election that I will not return to work.
Now it's quite a hard situation for me.
My family loves me so much. Now most of my income come from them. My own work can make only a few hundreds baht per month, while my monthy expense needs at least 6,000 Baht.
I think they have no problems about money, but they worry about my future.
And they don't think it's good to try to unify the world and get nothing to eat.
Of course, I don't do this for money. I do for indirect benefit, that should benefit everyone including them.
Most of my time now is for the WeLoveOurWorld website, which I can see its future, but no others see.
Anyway, now I have hope that my family will accept my World Unification idea that I've been arguing with them since I was a teenager.
I found people who work on world unification, and now get chance to help their work. The most apparent one is Vote World Government that I will help collect more "Yes" votes for them, in order to create the Democratic World Government.
Working with partners will absolutely gain more acceptance than working alone.

Hey! world lovers, take some time visit and vote "Yes". Tell more friendssss to come to vote. This will help accelarate world unification.

Well, I do not give up on earning self income. That's because I do need some income because my parents didn't allow my to live in our rural farm. Thus I still need to use money as a medium for exchange.
I have many plans. I am already an English and GIS tutor, with very few customers. Maybe I should concentrate in teaching only TOEFL. Perhaps I can be a singer. Or I should study more and become a real expert in GIS. But for now I think I will sell CDs of educational VDO clips in the open market near my home. My relative tries to bring me more work, but that requires too much time. I still need more time for my websitess.

Am I sad? No.
I am still "satisfied with any current situation", and trying to "do good all the time".
That's life !!

Globe's Words of the Week

"Even I go to live in jungle it would still be difficult to think the jungle way.
Our mind has been treated human way for so long time.
Probably no way to be natural again."

PS. Even now, living unemployed, I still feel different from other unemployees. .. :(


Wednesday 6 May 2009

Dear lovely friends,

Last week I was luckily found this great article "". It's a fictitious writing. The content was about world leaders and celebrities are making campaigns for world unification (United States of the World).
Though that was unreal, but the links in that website lead to real organizations that work for world unification. Here are list of them as I collected.

By the way, please do not forget our web

See? There are many people agree to world unification. Even Albert Einstein used to say:
"Mankind's desire for peace can be realized only by the creation of a world government. With all my heart I believe that the world's present system of sovereign nations can only lead to barbarism, war, and inhumanity."

And Socrates said that "I am not an Athenian or a Greek, but a citizen of the world."

It's clear ...
that the idea of me and Mr. John Lennon regarding world unification is good and widely accepted. However, the campaigns and activities of people who are working for that are probably not efficient enough. That's why we don't see any news of world unification on TVs. We've gotta find the solution that works better.
Hope it won't take long. Ahh.. I said I would finish it by the end of this year, right? I'll try.

Some news about my life.
I am trying to grow fish and shrimp for my life.. (to eat).
It's not easy. The shrimps are all dead. The fish are not in good condition.
Trying to change nature requires much knowledge.

Globe's Words of the Week

"Oh.. mother father Earth, you just create human to be sin-full.
Why don't you create us to be able to live on without having to eat any living things. .... Just water not enough?"


Thursday 30 April 2009

Dear friends,

In November of last year, I talked on the dinner table in South Africa with my boss and colleague that if I have two free months I would be able to unify the world for sure.
Unbelievable, I got free months after that. I am unemployed (for Bangkok Governor election).

Since I resigned from the work at GISTDA, it's now about 5 months that I am unemployed. It seems that my work on world unification doesn't have any progress. Well, actually there's some progress, little by little. If you visit "" regularly you might have noticed.

Maybe my assumption was wrong. But not totally wrong, since the 5 months were not my absolutely free months. I did not have full time to concentrate on world unification.

OK. Since now I cannot go out of the city and spend peaceful life in a rural place, please give me time until the end of this year. I believe that I will be successful on making people all over the world "love the whole human beings and the whole earth" (by means of World Unification) and "be satisfied in any conditions, and do good all the time" (by means of World Dharma).
And the peaceful world will be the New Year present for us in the beginning of the year 2010.

Still don't believe. Just wait and see. :-)

During this time, I also need to do some work for living. Thus extending 2 months to 1 year should be reasonable, right? :)

Globe's Words of the Week

"Why should I believe?
Though not believing eating this would lead to death, I also don't believe eating this would lead to alive.
Without believing praying will make me go to heaven, I also don't believe not praying will lead me to hell.
I just do what I know, and don't do what I am not sure. That's it."

"The earth is developing, not because people can make more money,
but because people achieve outputs of their works, .. and cause less trouble to social or others."

However, looking from another aspect, if Google can make more money they would be able to create more good tools for our cyberspace.
And if army weapon business gets more money that means people are killing (or planning to kill) others more.
Probably capitalism is acceptable. But we would have to teach people to spend money on good business.
And will it be possible to eliminate the problem of people wanting much money because they think it can buy everything?
How about the problem of people want to have more money than others in order to be above others?
Probably possible, if we can teach everyone to understand and accept to these principles: "Don't take properties of others unfairly", "Having much money means having to do more good things to benefit other people", "Do not make anyone so indebteb that the one could never get out of debt".

Thanks for the photo from


Tuesday 21 April 2009

Dear GoodJai fans :)

Unfortunately, my country farming area is not ready. That means I have to continue living in Bangkok, using knowledge and labor skills to earn for living, .... and requiring money as the tool for goods exchange ... for some time.
My work will still concern English, computer, GIS services as before. However, I might have to be more serious on the business. Probably I may need to concentrate on one topic, such as "Preparing for TOEFL". Anyway, I will be doing fine.
For this period, while my expense exceeds my earnings, the Jaidee family gave me financial support. (They also get money from people's tax though.) Thank you all very much.

For you who worry about my survival,
please don't worry. Just being survive in this resourceful world is very easy for me.
My goal is to make everyone on earth living peacefully and happily.
If you can't make all human beings happy, or don't even think of possibilities, your suggestion may be not so willingly welcome. ;-)

Globe's Words of the Week back again :-)

"Security might never be approached if security approaches do not aim at eliminating thievishness from people's minds.
Thievishness do not only make people steal, but also make them corrupt, cheat, take advantage over others .. illegally and legally (according to the law they've made up.)"

"Lying and hiding are components of thievishness
... Can any of us guarantee oneself free from lying or hiding?"

"The root of social problem is people's minds.
One doesn't do bad things because having nothing to eat.
But rather one's mind of wanting to do the bad things make people have nothing to eat."

"I know .. no one is 100 percent bad.
But, while you are doing a bad thing, please just don't ask me to join being bad."


Tuesday 31 March 2009

Friends, today I have 3 styles of greeting for you.
I can't decide which one is best, so I will write all of them here.
Three styles of three feelings. You may choose the one you like most. :-)


Dear Friends,

I've given up.
Gotta admit the truth.
I can't unify the world.
I can't promote the Human Dharma (World Religion).
Not being able even to earn enough for my own living.
The United World campaign could not gain any fruitful interest.
What should I do now?
No face to go back to the old office and ask for job, which may cause them uneasiness.
Thus I think I have to say goodbye to you all for now.
I will go back to my rural hometown and spend a simple life there.
Time to stop dreaming that I can change the world.
I am even unsuccessful in being a good Chair of the condominium.
Gotta admit that money is important for many things.
Without money I can't do many creative activities. No more Happy T-shirts. No more flyers.
Without money it's difficult even to live on.
But, since I am still refuse the way people have different income, I have only one choice which is to live a simple life with nature. That would allow me to live with very little expense. The soil should give me both food and accommodation.

Goodbye, friends.
Today I will go back to my hometown, Sisaket, and stay there forever.
I may not get chance to use the internet anymore.
This website will be left like this.
If I ever get enough money and get chance to go to town I may update this website in an Internet cafe.

Good luck, everyone.
Hope you all are happy, and satisfied.
Admit the truth, and do the best.
If you miss me just come to read my thinking in this web.
My body will someday decomposed. But my thinking, if it's the truth, will never die.


Dear world friends,

I would like to assume that I have accomplished almost all purposes I have set for this life.
It's time I shall be able to live joyfully with my final easy purpose, which is to live a simple life in a rural place.
I have done much enough on world unification. Nobody else has done such this good & brave deed with sincere intention for peaceful life of every human beings like me.
Thus I would say the goals have been completed.
Complete in declaring the truth to the whole world that true peace and freedom can come only by world unification.
I have declared via internet, flyers, letter to UN, and even TVs and radios during the Bangkok election campaign.
This is already more than I have imagined. When I first figured out this idea, I thought it was too dangerous to speak in public. But now I did that, very openly and publicly.
I am already satisfied. I've done the best.
Eventhough the world is still far from being united, it's not my fault.
Success of world unification is up to people cooperation. I've done my part. I've told them. They choose not to pay attention, and continue living with losses from country-dividing world.
I can't help anymore.

My accomplishment was not only about United World, but also Human Dharma or World Religion.
I have perceived the trick of being happy from the mind... satisfied, and apply reasoning (do good all the time.)
I have promoted the World Religion the same way as World Unification, but people don't believe so. They choose to continue living with their desires. Living with happiness and sadness as ever. I just can't help any longer again.
Maybe they need time to figure out by themselves.

I am free from all burdens now. I have said everything I should have said.
Now it's time for me to live easily, with pride of having tried to help the world.

I should no more be responsible for anyone's sadness. I have taught them the solution for being happy, without need to use anything else but mind, which everyone has.
The disadvantages from country-dividing may still affect everyone. But I should have little effect. I will live in a peaceful area. I am not longer want to travel the wide world. I have seen enough; Cameroon, America, Japan, India, Philippines, South Africa. I have realized that my hometown is the best place on earth; no wars, no snow, no drought, no flood, nice people, good food, good weather, many plants. Without desire, I shall be able to live happily for the whole lifetime there.

And, if the incarnation is really true, I would be borne in the place far away from wars, because of my old boon. And will be immuned from nonsense belief, since my mind has already figured out the nature rules.

The website is also another success of mine. Many people know it. Many people can learn about me here. The information here is much and complete enough to give good understanding on world unification and World Religion. It's good enough to make me live with care-free now.

Starting from today, I will move out of Bangkok and begin my peaceful and stable life in my hometown, Sisaket. Probably I will be able to settle a family. The life will be self-sufficiency. Maybe not able to take care of other lives. But, as Buddha said, "self is self-shelter". If everyone in the world is able to take care of oneself without disturbing others the world would be automatically peaceful.
Good luck, everyone. Many thanks for keeping updated on this website and my story. (Hope there are some few fans :)
Hope everyone has a happy life. If you want to live joyfully like me, try to unify the world and make others happy with Human Dharma: "No Desire .. Apply Reasoning". You will find your life very precious.


Dear all lovely GoodJai fans,

My lately life, after quitting from MNRE, then GISTDA, then Bangkok Governor election, then take part-time jobs, and finally the TV satellite receiver shop, make me realize that I may not be able to work on any jobs. I may need to live alone in order to prove many things that I have in mind.
It may be useless if I would change to work on any other jobs. I would quit the jobs eventually and be a wandering man forever. I am getting old. Thus I should start my long-dreaming path of life.... live in my own small piece of land and grow something sufficient for my living.

Time for me to go.
I will have to abandon this happy condo room in Bangkok, and spend my whole life in my family's farm.
I have to prove many things.
I will prove to you all that :
- Money is not essential for living. Living together with love on our world, money or richness shall not be used to encourage people to work hard. Good living condition of everyone is the right incentive.
- We, human beings, do not need to work hard all day in order to just being able to live on, if only we each have a small piece of land, and we are not greedy.
- I am capable of taking care of myself without disturbing or relying on anybody.
- I am deligent enough to be able to take care of myself and some few more people.
- I will be able to reward my grateful people and the social even more than continuing working in big organization with good income and fool around with money.
- This way will take part in creating a more lively world.
- I will show to people who already have many things, but are still searching for many more things, that happiness is so easy to get, even having nothing.
- Freedom is more important than any materials.
- Some social customs and traditions are nonsense and ignorable.
- A life that can live without money is the most secure life. Money is a means for exchange. A life that can totally depend on oneself will then need no money. However, that doesn't mean I will ignore social. Remaining time from self-caring will be dedicate for better societies. ..... The same idea may apply to social. Societies of village, town, city, states, country, and World, that can rely on oneself would have no need to use money.
- I will show the best example in how to maintain a living of a human being. Being able to do right all the time, and becoming happy all the time. (Maybe it's difficult. People may have to learn by trial and error.)
- I will prove that we can live with "no possession" as John Lennon said. I will own nothing. Even the land will belong to the whole people. I will be just a caretaker. Let's imaging the world of sharing.
- My land will be the land of all human beings on earth. It will be the land that doesn't belong to any nations. It will be the first World Land. It will be freely accessible to all human beings.
- I will prove that the word "Learning high education and living in farm is like learning for nothing" is not true. With knowledge from education, we will be able to apply the knowledge and being able to do farming and some other works efficiently. Hi-technology and nature will be merged with nature correctly. This way may allow me to create even better inventions than being an employee.
- I will prove that it's not true to say that people are suffering because of economic crisis. Money is not essential to living. Land is actually the real necessity. With land (soil) we will be able to serve our lives forever. The earth surface of approximately 2 hectares per person should be able to serve all lives if we equally share.
- To prove that someone will love me much enough to spend her life on my hard way.

However, it would take much time before I can prove all those above. It's like starting from 0. Well, maybe not 0. I already have some knowledge. But the land is pretty bare. It's just an open rice field. There is one old pool. There's no drinking water pond. There's no cottage. There's no toilet. (Well, don't worry. I think I know how to use the nature toilet safely. No water supply. No internet. Luckily, there's electricity up to the two families of my aunts (the first pioneers of little cottages in rice farm). There are a few mango trees, and rarely other edible plants. Please see photos of the land below.

For you who are considering living the rural life like me, you may see me as an example first. I will try to keep you informed of success or failure, happiness or difficulties. Actually this way, one man do all works, may not the right way of socialism. The efficient socialism should be that people help developing the whole social with different responsibilities, depending on one's knowledge, skills, and experience (but everyone should have equal benefits). You who already have a good job with sufficient income and cause no harm to social or environment shall be proud of your work, and continue your life like that.

For you who are supporting "World Unification" and "World Religion" please do not be afraid that I will stop these dreams. My final goal is still happiness of all human beings on earth. But the goal may be achieved after my life is stable. And I gotta admit that I am not sure that the goal will be achieved. But I will try for sure.

See you later. Will try to tell you any progress at this GoodJai web.
Hope everyone is doing good and getting good.

Globe's Words of the Week

Problems are for being solved. Not for saying "impossible to solve".


Tuesday 24 March 2009

Dear friends,

Last week I'd just told about my new job. Next week I might get another new job. Well, probably it will be my last job. To end my life in rural place. Thanks to my dad and mum for allowing me to live a peaceful life in my hometown eventually. Well, things are still unsure now. Maybe next week my life plan will change again. Anyway, I will quit from this job for sure on Thursday.

The current job is really good for me. It gives me much unforgetable knowledge. And another idea came up to my mind.. That I should change the rate of my service fee. 100 Baht/hr used to be the best idea in my thought. But now I have a better one. I will not specify how much should I get paid. It will be up to the employer's willingness to pay. He/she doesn't need to pay if he/she feels my work do not deserve money or if they don't have money. Or they can even pay by bananas, etc.

My life in the rural place will be a self-dependent life. No more mercy for "capitalism" :-)

Globe's word of the week

Nature does not give us "back eyes". Probably she wants to tell us that we shall not look back and waste too much time with the past.


Tuesday 17 March 2009

Dear friends,

Now there is a change in my life.
I've got a new job. ... Become an employee again.
However, the work is totally different from what I've ever done before.

I am now working with a small shop that sells and provide installation services of CCTV, burglar alarm system, satellite receivers, etc. Sometimes I do computer (website) job in the shop, but most of the time I go out with the technicians. Actually there are only 4 personnel in the shop; the owner, two technicians, and me. My outdoor work is pretty fun and tired. And it gives me much more knowledge and experience.

I now work 9 hours a day (not including travelling time), 6 days a week. The work is really full time, with very little time to have lunch. However, this helps in improving my self discipline. Everyday I need to be punctual to my timing in order to work efficiently.

The income is not so bad, about US$ 300 per month. Higher than that of standard labors. This income is good for a world lover like me.

However, I am not sure how long I am gonna do this work. My previous intention was to do sufficient business in a rural place, where I would have much time left for creating many fruitful work for the world.

Globe's Words of the Week

Please don't be surprised with what I am doing.
If you love the whole world and the whole human beings like me, you would do like me.

Eat too much, sleep too much, play too much, and have too much are examples of Greedy. .... It's easy to lie others, but very difficult to lie oneself.


Tuesday 10 March 2009

Howdy! my world friends,

I am still alive.

But if I want to continue being alive, probably I need to improve my business a bit. Stop being afraid that works will come too much and have too little time for unifying the world. Be realistic. Earning for living is not that easy.

Anyway, don't worry about me. I am still enjoying searching the right way for my life. ... Hmmm.. or maybe I should work as a general labor? Well, the payment of 203 Baht per day or 6,000 Baht per month (for a full working month) seems to be too little. The instalment for my condominium is almost 4,000 Bath. Internet and other misc. monthly payment is almost 2,000. There will be no more left for food and transportation cost. .... Wondering how those labors can live. They may be proud of working as a backbone for social. But if their lives can't get by.. the pride is probably not right. ... If living in rural place 6,000 per month would be absolutely sufficient. Bring lunchbox, go by bike, stay in one's own house.

Living in rural area, probably we don't even need to be employed. Just grow something for living, with some extra for exchanging with some other necessities. That would make life live comfortably till the end. Despite having no pride of taking care of others, but at least able to take care of oneself, without bothering others. If everyone can take care of oneself, the world would apparently be peaceful, isn't it.

Globe's Words of the Week
There are quite many smart people in our world.
Really smart?
Let's show your smart by competing for who will be able to bring true peace to the world.
Rather than competing for who will live most comfortably in the world.
Such that comfortable will not last long if the whole world still have trouble.

Is that good? :-)
OK. Here's another one.

The rich, the big guys.
You just cause the trouble yourself. Sorry, I can't help.
You take advantages over others, and make them desire to be high like you.
.... The higher the colder, right?


Tuesday 3 March 2009

Oh .. social
People could donate for all street dogs,
but why can't we serve basic needs for all poor people.


Oh .. government
You've made civilized cities and customs,
but you destroyed all the fertile soil.
What kind of civilization is this without food to eat.


Oh .. capitalism
Is it true that people only work if we have money for them?
Many people these days work hard not for money.
If we encourage people to work happily and make them understand the fruitful output of work we then don't need to induce people with money.


Oh .. law
People are misled by laws.
The truths of right and wrong are not known.
Some criminals don't feel guilty if the court couldn't find their guilts.
Knowledge is much more efficient in controlling people than force.


Hey! Let's do some activity for our world.
Shall we unite in a clear sky day?
Make rows of us that read "United World"
And make this row appear on a satellite image.
Wow.. the image must be famous shortly.
And our world will be unified soon.


Time is becoming crucial for me.
Having no work, and money is running out.
Let's see. How the Globe's pride life will be.
Some big change is going to happen.
The story is interesting now. :-)

I will find the correct integration of Socialism and Capitalism.

Tuesday 24 February 2008

There is a saying in Thailand, "Do good get good ... Do bad get bad."
However, people misunderstood about "Good deeds".
People seem to accept the modified quote ...
.... "Do good never get good .... Do bad usually get good." !!!!!

People compare this sayings to the situation of a poor hard-working man and a rich drug sellers.

I am afraid that someday, when I have passed away, people will misunderstand the dharma. "Always satisfied ... Do good all the time"

Actually "do good get good" is the truth that comes from the rule of nature. The rule of cause and result. Good condition comes from doing good or doing right.

People are taught and memorize about good things and bad things, without considering whether that is really good or not.

We shall change this thinking.
Do good is the action that causes good result, good for one's mind and body, good for others, good for environment, good for now, and good for the future.

Moreover, we need to consider an activity in detail. While doing a good activity, we may have been doing bad activities simultaneously. For example, while reading a book, we may sit improperly.

Keep in mind that .. "I will always do good in order to be happy now and forever", then we'll find out better and better things to do.


Whoopee !! The new, developed using Joomla, is ready to be on web.

It took quite a long time, over a month from the last day of Bangkok Governor election. Well, it's not easy, you know? :)

However, it still needs much more development, both on contents and functionality. Working on this is pleasant for me. It's the work I love to do, and happy in doing so. I believe this is one of "do good". Actually it's a best doing a simple man can do. Without United World, it would be hard to eliminate wars, terrorists, dictatorship, poverty, and many other problems. Many technologies can never be implemented at their most efficiency. Global love among human beings would still be hard to promote.

Please visit and join the We Love Our World Community when you have time. Let's reach the dream together. Having any problems please do not hesitate to contact me.


Tuesday 17 February 2009

The economic crisis is all over the world... the world with capitalism.
Why don't governments try to help people by giving them food, houses, etc. instead of money? Money that will eventually always go to rich people.
Let's work. Stop playing with money.
Someday when humans can create robot servants.
Will the human servants become a master?
Probably not.
The robots will only belong to the rich.
The poor will still be poor, build the robots, and be separated away from the rich.
When we love someone we just want to be friends with them.
Masters, if you really love servants, would you just want them to be your servants?
Let's love human beings.
I am currently unemployed.
However, life is more enjoyable.
Money is uncomparable to freedom.
Money is only a medium for exchange.
We don't need to exchange more than necessities.
And, if no choices, necessities can be found in nature.

They are Thai stars. I am not a star, and not their close friends :). Just met them by chance.


Monday 2 February 2009

Dear friends,
My duty as a Bangkok Governor candidate is over. I got 2,400 score and ranked 9 of 14. It was a good time. Unfortunately I was not able to utilize that time for large acceptance of United World idea. Well, I just did my best. And I can continue even now.

Many good things comes from that decision of mine. Some understood my intention. One good thing is that I am now free from office work. I am unemployed. I will find work to do but it would not consume so much time. The remaining time will dedicate to completion of, which is now hosted by a real commercial server. I still need time to study for developing the website. Hope you will be able to join We Love Our World Community soon.



Sunday 30 November 2008

Dear friends,

Yes, I did it... Apply for the governor of Bangkok ..
Hope this will be a great leap to achieve our goal .. United World.

If you don't mind please try to help spread my slogan:
"Make Bangkok be a happiest city on our world." by
1. Making everyone realizes that happiness is up to one's mind ... Stop desire in order to cease sadness, and apply reasoning on thinking, speaking, and doing in order to be happy.
2. Making everyone loves the others, by trying to achieve the goal of United World, when human beings realizes our unity and unite all countries in the world to be one.

If you don't agree to the ideas, that's find. I might be wrong. However, I will try my best to talk about this with people, and the truth shall reveal as a result.

Thank you very much for your help.



Tuesday 28 October 2551

Dear friends,
I went to join a camp with ASEAN-Japan Friendship Youth program (as a staff) last week.
At first, I felt disappointed since I missed work and my health was not good. But later after having participated their activities and getting to be acquainted with them.. we are friendss, with love and intention to keep the friendship.

We tried to entertain others. We faced some trouble. However, the goal was not to be free from trouble, but it is to maintain the friendship.

Oh.. this gives a new idea of living for me... Life will be much more lively with love from now on.

Love is vital for coorperation.
Will entertain and please you all with sincere love.



Thursday 16 October 2551


Tuesday 16 September 2008

Dear friends,
I am now in Tokyo, attending a CEOS meeting. Will go back to Thailand on Friday 19th. Any friends in Tokyo may contact me at Hotel Villa Fontiane SHIODOME. Tel. 03-3569-2220 Room No. 728.

By the way, I have made new logo for the Happy T-shirts. Please see them as below.

The T-shirts should be ready when I go back to Thailand.
Anybody interested in having a Happy T-shirt, please come to Thailand. (Pay the airline yourself : ) I will give this away one for free.


Tuesday 19 August 2008

Dear friends,
I did one memorable activity for our world (or maybe just for my life :) last two weeks. I screened the Happy T-shirts and sold them. Yes, the T-shirt implies that we all are human beings that should love all others ... and the world should be unified. I could sold them at the price about $1 each. Below is the photos of the environment while I was selling. Next time I will improve the screening logo, and hope that you'll also get one.

I could sold about 25 of them. The remainings were given away for free. Now all has gone. Hope the owners would wear the shirts often.

I also composed new articles printing on a paper given away as the manual of the T-shirts. Unfortunately there's still only in Thai version.

Come on!! my friends. I hope I am not the only one dreamer for United World.


Wednesday 6 August 2008

My office work may not lead to my dream.
Somebody may work for money, but I am not. My aim is just a lively social. Money is not the answer. Office environment is also not right. Working seriously is not a charactoristic of lively social.
..... Anyway, this can be improved..
..... and there might be many truths I have not known.


Price of Rural Life
A life with little paid in rural area might actually has higher price than those of white collars in city. Value of many things have not been converted to money.
Such life would not have to pay for accommodation, travelling, partying, hospital, disputation, etc.

However, Urban Lifemay have some advantage
Cheap water price, availability of facilities, abundant public transportation, many good deed people, etc.


Yeah! Done!!! ... "Happy T-Shirt" .. Faster than expected (despite minor errors :-)

Only US$2 per shirt. Just let me know if you are interested.


Thursday 31 July 2008

Dear friends,
How are u? Haven't written quite long. Have lots to say... But office work is quite too much.

I am looking for a shop to screen some T-shirts. I would call it "Happy T-shirt". The shirt will present nice words as shown below. They will be sold at reasonable price. Your comments would be very appreciated.

Front side:

Back side:


Tuesday 8 July 2008

Know oneself
One should know oneself physicall and mentally.
Knowing one's mind results in peaceful mind.
Knowing one's organs results in good health.
... Consider the cause and effect and result of what happen to the body organs would lead to knowledge on how to maintain them.
... A poor-eyed man would take better care of his eyes.
... A lung-cancered man would take enough rest to extend his life.
... Being able to take care of oneself is also a way to help social.....
... So that social wouldn't have to spend resources to cure us.


World Family
Today I find every human beings as my relatives.
All of us are my uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters...
But.... if so... How could I find my mate from the relatives ?? :-)
Actually, the importance is love, and act properly to people.


The rule of causes and results
There present results are from what we did in the past. Admit it. And correct our actions now so that mistakes wouldn't happen again.


Memorable Photos during Philippines Trip


Sunday 29 June 2008

Dear friends,
Tomorrow I will go to Philippines for the ASEAN Scientific and Technology Conference.
I will be in Philippines from June 30 - July 5.
This trip shall be beneficial to me and to us all.

Mistakes absolutely can happen.
But all of them can be solved.


Hello friends.
Life with current comfort may not ensure eternal comfort.
A life can't live alone on this planet.
To ensure eternal comfort, all life should have comfort.
24 June 2008

Sunday 8 June 2008

Dear friends. Hope you all are doing well.

It's said that 4 necessities of a human life are: food, cloth, home, and medicine.
Probably a human soul require such the 4 necessities as well:
Food = Knowledge, Interest
Cloth = Love (as it's warm like cloths), or the Earth
Home = Body
Medicine = Dharma (such as Satisfied, Do good)

In our World Family,
.... we shall share work.
.... Grandfathers/mothers would be responsible for teaching kids.
.... Dad, mum, uncles may be strong enough to work on farms.
.... Some kids may learn medicinal to treat family members.
.... And this kid will just continue his work on GIS, which is also a necessary tool for our family.

With the dharma in mind all the time,
I will be able to feel relaxed even in the most stressful events.
I will be able to do my best even in the most busy or free time.


Tuesday 20 May 2008

Dear friends,
This week I have photos of the 2nd 18-year anniversary of a Globe to show you. ;-)


Tuesday 13 May 2008

My heartfelt regret to suffering people from catastrophes in Burma and China.

Let's unify our world for full cooperation of human beings to cope with natural disasters.


Tuesday 29 April 2008

Dear friends,
There are people in our world whose work benefit globalization, while some people work against world cooperation.

Civil satellites versus military satellites are example of such the contrast.
Civil satellites work for sharing, but military ones work for hiding.

I am glad that I work for CEOS, Committee on (civil) Earth Observation Satellites.
With sincerity of civilian EO satellites, they will reveal the hidden military bases all around the world.


We are human beings.
We live human customs.
We speak human languages.
We feel human feelings.
We breath human way.
We stay human houses.
We learn human knowledge.

The whole earth shall be developed and shared with cooperation and love among all of us.

And.. let me emphasize here again... the United World shall have no World Leader.. But, instead, there shall be a World Coordinator who gathers opinions from all sets of individuals all over the world.


Tuesday 22 April 2008

Life is still beautiful :-)


Wednesday 16 April 2008

My deep regret to the suffocation of 54 human beings (Myanmars) on April 10, 2008.

How on earth we leave them live such this suffering living?

My condemnation to all of us (including me, of course) for not speeding up the process of world unification.

And my praise to all Myanmar migrant labors in Thailand who got little paid and slavery treats, but work so hard for developing this part of the world.

For more information of the tragedy, please search the web with keyword "suffocation myanmar thailand April 10"


Tuesday 8 April 2008

Dear GoodJai fans,

Being afraid that I would not be able to promote United World like this while being a new officer at GISTDA, I did this before leaving the old civil servant life. It was on Friday 28 March 2008.


Tuesday 25 March 2008

Dear friends,
Oh.. It's been a long time I've not updated this web page.
Please forgive me.
Now I have a big news of mine to tell you.
I've been accepted to work with an organization called "GISTDA"
This is the biggest space organization in Thailand.
My work will be even bigger.
Since I was hired in order to be in charge of CEOS works.
CEOS, Committee on Earth Observation Satellites, is the cooperation of major space agencies throughout the world. The main objective of CEOS is to utilize space technology for optimum benefits to humankind.

My goal, United World for world peace, should go along well with the work of CEOS.
I will work hard to make all the objectives come true.

Cheerssssssssssssssssssss : )


Wednesday 27 February 2008

Dear friends,
I have some updated news about myself. I've resigned from being a royal civil servant. The resignation will be in effect after 1 April henceforth. I could really resign this time without resistance from family because I have been offered a new job already. If there's nothing wrong I will start working with GISTDA since April. (Actually I may have to start informally since next week.) I will be in charge of CEOS work. I am not sure what will my work be. But I am hopeful that I will get chance to enhance cooperation of countries in the world regarding remote sensing field.

Probably I will really get chances to meet some of you in the near future.


Thursday 21 February 2008

Let me emphasize here once more ...
... Love is the cause of sadness.
... Good wish is the cause of hapiness.

In the future we might rebirth (incarnation) as a robot.
Of course it's possible. Think about it. Even a stand still statue people do believe there's a great soul in it. (So they worship it.)

I was asked: "Are you really an anti-money man? Why you seems to think a lot before spending money?"
I would answer: "Well, I oppose the way we have so much gaps of money earning. I do not want to have much more money than others. But for the money I have, I have to utilize it at my best. I am happy considering on how to use it with all my knowledge. I admit the rules that we have limited money. That's why I have to spend it most efficiently.
I never want to have anything much more expensive than the money I have. But for affordable stuff, I should make sure that it's worth buying.
... And I never want to gain dirty money (corruption) to buy things. I would never be happy with anything I got by dirty means.


Someone asked again: "Hey! you don't look so happy. Are you sure that your World Dharma is right?"
I would say: "Oh friends, the dharma (Satisifed = No Sadness, Do good = happiness) is absolutely right. It's not the dharma's fault. It's my fault for not being able to hold the dharma in mind all the time."

I perceived the dharma, and have been trying to propagate to others in order that we all would live happily all the time together.
However, I myself have not fully follow the dharma. But, yes, I've been trying. From now on I should concentrate on applying the dharma to myself rather than others. Let's see, my friends. : )

On the Valentine's Day, I wore Globe's mask in the train and gave away the flyers of World Dharma. I did it with much more confidence and relief than last year. Now I don't expect much about the result. I have realized that such this action wouldn't bring immediate success, but I am still hopeful that it will be beneficial in the long term.


Wednesday 13 February 2008

Hey, boys & gals,
Love definitely brings sadness.
But good wish certainly brings happiness.

Well, Happy Valentine's Day : )


Sadness is in the mind.
Look at the mind to understand and get rid of it.
However, don't take too much time considering .. There might be no time to think. ??

One who lies to others is lying to oneself. Trying to lie oneself and escape from the truth. There are many things human beings don't know. However, once one knows anything, one can never lie to oneself that one does not know.

I have been saving money for a very large harddisk.
.... but ... Have I used the natural storage (brain) to its maximum capacity?

What human being is far smarter than a robot is that human beings can suppress desire.
A robot would dedicate a life to complete the programmed task, but human would or would not.
But what if the robot is programmed to using reasoning to judge what to do ??

Desire relates to knowledge. Once one knows it's absolutely wrong, one would not do that.
However, enforcement can not give knowlege.
Knowledge needs an open mind.
Enforcement would get only desire-to-be-free in return.

Good pictures should be pictures that make people feel satisfied when seeing. Bad pictures are pictures that cause desire in the mind of people. Rather than being happy looking at the picture, people would desire to see or do something more when seeing a bad picture.
Good pictures are, for example, a picture of people helping others, a picture of beautiful sunset, etc.
Bad pictures are, for example, a picture of sexy women. (Hmm, probably this is the fault of the looking men, not the showing girls : )

Who would unify our world ??
.... Everyone seems to have no time.
.... Some are struggling just to earn basic needs.
.... Some are busy with an urgent task.
.... Some are wandering with temporary joinful activities.
.... That is even me.


Tuesday 29 January 2008

Do not allow your "love" to "hurt" your beloved persons.
Don't force him/her to do anything you think it's good, but they don't think so.
Don't put pressure on them.
And don't spoil them. (Don't let them force you.)
Don't be so confident in what you know.
It might be wrong.
Or, eventhough it's right, but if they are not ready to admit it, the application would bring bad result.


The earth makes human beings be so equal.
No matter how much good we have done in the last birth, we are still just simple human beings (with 2 hands 2 eyes) like others.
But why? Why we don't like to be equal.
Why do we need to live higher than others.
.... why we adopt money as the tool for human classification.
... which makes the rich and the poor are even more different then the men and the dogs.


Money is not edible. (Of course, otherwise people might eat it all. : )
And money can't ensure satisfaction.
.... Stop being happy with desire fulfilment.
.... The value of human beings is the ability to eliminate desire without feeling sad.


Why ... the food is not expensive ... but not cheap ?
To force people to work?
Don't you know that it's hurt to see poor people (who seems to have nothing or not enough food to eat) in everyday life.


Today, I think I have really become "myself" a lot more.
After long keeping in mind the dharma, I now realize why I should do this & that.. And notice when I am not myself.

Let's hold dharma in mind ==> Satisfied with everything .. Do good all the time.


Today I found that Google Map ( can determine route for us. Much useful information was calculated.
It really works great. It can work as companion of Google Earth. Each has its own strong points.
Thanks a lot, Google team. I am so proud to be the same species as you. : )


͑??҃ 22 ?Ò??2551

Dear Friends,
How's your new years? Have you got many things new & good for your life. For me I've got some. Most of them is what got from myself. Here are they.

Firstly, I've made a firm intension to stop eating animals. I became a little vegetarian. It makes me feel really better. And I really have an easier life. I don't eat too much. I don't have to decide which meet to eat. And I can say to animals that "Don't worry. I will never eat you."

Secondly, I resigned from work. Even though I was stopped from my family. But I have submitted. I already tried. I did that as celebration of the "United World Delightment" anniversary on Jan 2nd.

Thirdly, I have decided to be free. Since I have to continue working. So I am not ready for love. I should have a free and easy life.

Fourtly, I have changed to go to bed at 10 PM. That means I will have 7-hour sleeping everyday. My health should recover soon... and should be strong forever.

Fiftly, I have planned to exercise daily .. sit-up.

Sixly, I have got better principal of thinking and living. I will do anything at any moment "fast", "carefully", and "joyfully". Whatever we do .. if we do it right, I believe we can enjoy it.

Hope you guys have good New Year presents like me. If you have better ones please share to us.

Let's make 2008 the Happy World Year.

Globe .. 22 January 2008


Tuesday 15 January 2008

Happy New Year ? my dear nieces & nephews of the Trillennium  (Year 3000)
Great Grandfather write this letter to you in the beginning of the year 2007. I am using a computer to compose this ?e-mail?, and will publish it to global friends of my era via the internet, the most advanced technology of our world at this time, which might be an obsolete technology in your generation.
Anyway, you shall never look down on the internet. Because of the internet, people in my generation are able to share knowledge that eventually leads to the highly advanced technology of the peaceful world where you can live without any social problems.
Curently, it's not like that, my dear kids. We live with tons of social problems. So, since I am facing problems and know the social problems of this time pretty well (at least I should know better than you who live with none of them ), today I am gonna tell you about the social problems, their effects, and their causes. Some problems might be so bad that you couldn?t imagine how we could live with this situation. This letter is to give you some knowledge about the problems, and to remind you not to allow these problems to happen again.
Since there are so many problems, I categorize problems by causes of them.
1. Social problems that happen because people don?t know good principle of living (dharma) to keep in mind all the time
The main cause of the problems is that most people in the current world don?t have the fundamental knowledge that ?desire is the cause of sadness? (without desire one would be free from sadness
) and ?One is happy when knowing one is doing reasonably good? . The world social don?t promote this simple knowledge to everyone. In case of me, I have been living with desire and being confused with many teachings for a long time before realizing this truth, which is not emphasized by any world medias.
Therefore, people in my generation are far from being able to be happy all the time. Many problems happen because people follow their desire instead of reasons. They are searching for happiness that depends on acquiring something. Few people search for true knowledge (facts of nature), since many of us are told to believe, not to prove with reasoning.
Oh, my kids. You know? The world these days is so much different from yours. There are so many religions, not just one World Religion (or Human Dharma) like yours. Most religions try to teach religious believes, rather than teaching on how to practice reasoning. They make people aim to live well after death or live well in next incarnation, instead of emphasizing on the simple knowledge ?No Desire = No Sadness?, ?Be Rational = Be Happy?, which can make one become happy at any moment. There are so many religious activities that don?t enhance knowledge, but emphasize on following unreasonable principles. Some religions told believers to believe in God. They told people that "you don?t need reasons to believe in God". ?All you need is belief.? ?. Oh!! Why don?t they know that ?belief? can be made up in human mind? Many wars happened because people of different religions believe differently. It?s very sad that people decide not to change any ancient teachings. They don?t realize that the teachings are knowledge as of that time, and should be updated with current knowledge for more truth. They trust ancient knowledge more than up-to-date knowledge.
Because people are taught to believe in religions, they don?t know how to be rational. They don?t realize that the cause of sadness is desire. They don?t realize that the result of doing good is happiness. Some people, who are told to be satisfied with everything, just live without doing anything except breathing. Some people who follow desire do many bad things to fulfill their unlimited desire. Believes and desire are being promoted a lot more than truth (knowledge). It?s unlike your era, that kids are taught to understand Human Dharma, which is the knowledge derived from up-to-date agreement of majority of the whole world
Now, I think you should have understood the main cause of all the problems. You will not be surprised to hear other problems that I will tell you further. By the way, don?t forget that you should not immediately believe that what I say is absolutely true. Use your reasoning and knowledge to consider it.
2. Problems because the world is separated into countries
This is another major cause of other problems. The world in my era is separated into countries.
Human beings these days are like other animals? we also live in flocks (countries). We don?t have true cooperation among all human beings in our world. Humans are taught to compete rather than to cooperate. People in each country think they would live well if they are superior to other countries. Misunderstanding is in both the leaders and the people. They try to make their country rich, even with compensation of poverty in other countries. They are pleased with victory, without realizing the truth that problems in other countries in the same world would cause them trouble somehow.
Some people in some countries are proud that they live in the ?Developed Country?. People in the ?Developing Country? are proud that at least they are better than people in the ?Undeveloped Countries?.    So pitiful ! ? They all feel no guilty of leaving the world become ?Undeveloped World?, (the World without Cooperation, Peace, Freedom, Liberty, Equality, and Fundamental Knowledge).
One big problem from having countries is war. There have been many wars and disputation between (or among) countries in the world. The war has destroyed many things people in the past have built and developed. Wars have killed trust between countries. Wars made countries spend a lot of human & natural resources to intrude others, to protect themselves, and even to show off. Wars almost have destroyed the whole planet before your generation could come to earth.
Since the world still support country existence. Some leaders of minorities also want to have their own countries. Most fightings these days are fightings within the country. Terrorists and civil wars are enormous. Many lives have lost. The world waste much time and resources to solve these problems. However, very few people have mentioned the ?United World?. And there?s no discussion on this issue at all in international meetings. We are losing a lot, but most people don?t realize this. The world is supposed to be developed a lot more if only there?s no countries.
Actually you might have learned that the world used to be divided into countries. But probably you don?t understand why it took us so much time before everyone in the world agrees to unify all countries to be one. I will explain to you with my knowledge.
People are lack of understanding that we all are human beings, and the whole world supports our living. People are taught to love only people in the same country and to cherish only land of their country. People are taught to think their country needs to be superior to other countries in order to have better living. People have never known that the world could be unified. It?s very hard for them to open their mind to the idea of world unification ? which they think it might bring them a lot more problems from other countries, in addition to many existing problems in the country. People never realize how much the world would be developed and how many problems will be solved if all countries in the world become one. They never realize that the earth allows them to live anywhere on earth, but we just block ourselves from traveling freely around the world. Did you know? People in my generation have to acquire ?Visa? on their ?Passport? in order to enter a foreign country.  
This idea, ?United World?, is judged to be impossible. But I know that if we can make everyone understand all the benefits of world unification and all the disadvantages of having countries, the world will be unified. Other problems will be solved efficiently from then on. Everyone will be peaceful.

3. Problems because people do for oneself, not social
Many social problems happen because people don?t really understand the nature of social, that ?we can live happily if the social is good?, and ?we are affected by the social problems?. Few people are taught to understand this. Many people believe that one can live well if one is superior to others. Thus they try to make benefit to oneself without consideration whether that would cause social problems or not.
They can do even something illegal for their benefit, hoping only they would not get caught. Some people who always follow the laws see this as ?it?s not my duty to solve?, or they don?t know what they can do to solve the problems. People see the problems as something normal. Therefore, the world is not truly safe to live. We are all at risk to face crimes.  
Some examples of social problems of this cause are :  robbery (Oh! So bad. If I have forgotten some money somewhere, it?s much likely that someone will take it), corruption (Ah! How come people want something that?s not suppose to be theirs? ), rape (It makes girls live with so much unsafe feeling.), air pollution (People want convenience, without considering the environment. Some technologies destroy the earth?s atmosphere.), water pollution, waste, natural resources destruction, etc.
4. Problems because people think ?Money? can buy everything
Many people in my generation see money more important than anything. They think money can buy everything? money can buy happiness. They don?t care how to get money. Many people are willing to do anything wrong in order to get money. The market is mixed with good money and bad money.
People with much money are supposed to be considered as ones who do many good things to social, but it?s not like that. They can be rich because they have taken advantage over the social. Many people have never thought that their money is already enough. Money has never been enough for everybody. Many people follow their desire, and spend more money than what they have. Thus many problems arise.
Examples of problems from this cause are : crimes, killings, assassination (It?s very easy to get killed in some societies.), gambling (so many kinds of them), drugs (both legal and illegal), discrimination, cheating of sellers and buyers, etc. All these problems affect living of everyone in the social. 
5. Problems from improper work
In this era, we have to work for about 8 hours per day. So much, right? Somebody even work more than that. Work environment is serious.
People don?t realize the importance of being happy all the time. Most workers follow the desire, and work seriously ? to get money from work (though some may work not for money, but for the worth of work). All the work, whether it?s governmental or non-governmental or even some personal work, is not so much fun. Unlike yours, my kids. Some work we do, you might wonder why people do it and become stressful with it, while the fact is that it doesn?t make the social become any better. ?.. Kids, those people do for money, or for something they misunderstood it would bring good things to happen to them. The workers are quite pitiful. Despite knowing the work is not good, they still have to do it because it?s the social system.
Generally, people are taught that one who has a work is one who?s employed and get salary. This is a big misunderstanding. Some paid work may have nothing for workers to do, or nothing good to do, or even cause problems to social. It just serves desire of people. The work that someone does it voluntarily without payment, but highly beneficial to the social, is seen as worthless. The payment for people is also unfair. Some easy jobs get paid so high, some hard work get paid so little.
The work of the world ?. hmm too big . Let?s say, work in a country is not well managed. There are many redundant works. We don?t share output from our work. We all would live with much easier lives if people work collaboratively.
There are many unnecessary works. Even worse, some works can be called bad works. Workers who do these works should realize the truth by themself, if they are truly reasonable, and give priority to the whole social, not money.
6. Problems from lying
Many people like to lie.
They have an excuse for themselves to lie. The excuse is also a lie, lying to oneself. It?s hard for people to find the truth (true reason) if they decide to avoid problems with lying. People don?t realize the value of being open, and don?t realize the bad effects of hiding. Some people may lie so that they can get anything they want, or just lie to make them look good. People who lie can?t be pride of oneself. Once people learn to lie, they will get addicted to lying. They will solve (avoid) problems with lying. That makes the social becomes lack of trust. Many teachings have taught people not to lie. But people still do it.
I am so glad that people in your generation perceive the value of truth and the badness of lying or hiding. Thus you kids never want to lie, and always tell the truth.
7. The problem of lacking access to information and knowledge. The information and knowledge are also incorrect or outdated.
The technology in our era is not so good. However, we also have to blame ourselves for not using the technology to its highest efficiency.
About technology, our internet system is not globally available. The free global-coverage wireless internet has not been considered. Information sharing is seen as less important than money. Thus we are unable to do many things that require cooperation of everyone via the internet.
About people, many people in my generation don?t like to learn, don?t like to think, don?t like to use reasoning. Few people see internet as a good source of information, while many see it as a tool for entertainment. Many organizations that work for data collection only aim to complete the work, without much consideration of data accuracy. It?s somehow impossible to get accurate and updated data when there is so much data to collect. People don?t realize that this work could be much easier, more accurate, and really up-to-date if we let everyone involves in data collection. If the governments pay for their people to collect data it would be beneficial not only for completion of data but also for enhancement of computer skill to all the people.
Since true knowledge is hard to access, some people use wrong knowledge (lie) to lure other people for their benefit (for example, to sell some products.)
Now I can only dream of the future world in your era when everyone is responsible and capable to serve data and knowledge for the world.
8. The problems from inequality
Despite written down in laws of most countries that everyone is equal, but the fact is that we live unequally.
That?s due mainly to great differences in financial status, social status, and education. Though the situation has been much better than in the past, the differences is still remarkable.
What happens these days is that poor people from rural areas have to live poorly. They might come to cities to work as labors. Their kids might be taken care by schools, but no one takes care of them. They are left illiterate so that they can?t be anything else but a labor. They are looked down by high-society people even though they work harder. They are treated poorly in all aspects. The world seems to be unfair for them.
Rich or high social status people live much higher than general people. They have special food, special palace, or even special language for people to use with them. They also have priorities on using public roads and other facilities. Some of them own so much land, while some poor people don't own even a piece of land.
9. Problems because laws is above rational.
Laws made from some knowledgeable people. However, some laws can have defect. Some laws may not be truly reasonable, due to lack of knowledge at that time, or to injustice of those who make laws. In court, people cannot raise a reason to oppose the laws. One might have to lie to comply with the laws so that he is not guilty. (Though he might feel guilty.
Laws is like disciplines. They tend to give people commands without reasons. People don?t have to think why that?s legal or why that?s illegal. Probably they don?t even know the laws until they break the laws. With laws, government gives commands to people rather than knowledge and understanding.
If only the government make people know what?s right and wrong and why they are so, people will voluntarily refrain themselves from doing bad things. Nothing can control people more effectively and fruitfully than their own minds.
Some laws are written as if not for implementation. They become tools for bad officers to ask for money from people. Law is not for social that lives with love. Loving community would give people knowledge rather than commands.
So!!, be happy that you live in the world that gives the highest priority to reasoning and knowledge, my kids.
10. We live without true freedom.
Not to mention the lack of freedom to travel freely all around the world, we live in the social with limitation of freedom to do at will.
Many constitution laws say that everyone has freedom, but the fact is not like that. There is so many social laws or rules that prohibit us from doing many things. We can?t dress as we like, we can?t act strange than others, we can?t ?. Most people support social custom rather than creativity. I?ve gotta admit that most of us might be stupid that we follow unreasonable rules. Hmmm ? seems like the rich people are more stupid, since they have more social rules than general people.
Kids are grown up with much limitation of freedom. Parents prohibit kids from doing things instead of giving them reasons, and allowing them to judge and learn by themself. Some kids do bad things just to ask for freedom.
Well, even me that don?t care many social rules still feel stressful from the rules. I can?t do or say many things that I think I should do or try. It?s not a very enjoyable life, my dear kids. Oh? I need Freedom ? FREEDOM ??
Some freedom is not blocked by social custom, but by social's dark power. Something good can't be done freely or peacefully if it would annoy the powerful men in the social.
11. Problems from misbelief that bad people have incurable evil-minds.
Another misunderstanding of people in my generation is that they think people who do bad things are bad people, who are bad from their blood.
The so-called bad people are always seen bad in others? eyes. There?s no way to make them good, since they are born as bad people. Oh? that is not true, my dear kids.
People don?t realize that everyone can be good people who do only good things. All we need is just to teach everyone to remind oneself regularly not to follow desire, and give them knowledge of good and reasonable things to do. As a normal human being, absolutely, we all can refrain oneself from following desire, and learn reasonable knowledge from others in the social.  At this moment it might be hard to imagine that everyone can be like that, because most people in the world don?t know the truth? don?t use reasoning. As I said in the topic No. 1, people don?t have Dharma to keep. The social keeps teaching people to believe in old principles, ? in god, angels, king, nation, money, oneself, richness, technology, selfish love, materials, etc. What many people these days keep in mind is not dharma, but only desire or believes.
The "good" people don't blame themselves for not giving knowledge to the "bad" people so that they know what is bad, and able to stop desire to do bad things. People that do bad things are blamed and treated with hatred, not love. Hatred spreads, but love diminishes.
Oh! Boys & girls, people in my generation spend a lot for security system and devices. But we spend so little to teach all people to become good people. Hmm!! They still don?t have good principle (dharma) to teach people. ?.   Oh?   When will they realize the fundamental dharma that people should keep in mind all the time for eternal happiness ::: ?Be Satisfied? and ?Do Good (by reasoning & knowledge)? ?
Without Dharma, even good people can do a bad thing if they become angry, for example.
12. Problems because the social and governments don?t take good care of their people.
Many people these days only think kids should be taught from their parents. It?s the duty of parents to make kids be good people.. How can it be so??
  Some parents don?t even know what?s good, what?s bad.    It?s supposed to be a function of social to teach people to be good?  However, since the social is also not very good ? some kids might take good points, some might take bad points. Schools also can?t make kids become good people. School can give only technical knowledge. Teachers still follow desire, so kids have never been taught to stop desire.
It?s the fault of social, the fault that everyone is responsible. Most people like to blame others, blame governments, blame the parents, blame the kids. Very few people would blame themselves for doing nothing.
There are medias like TVs and radios that can bring knowledge to people, but most of their programs are dramas, game shows, and commercials that enhance people?s desire. Then everyone is busy working for money to fulfill the desire. Someone is in debt because of the desire. There?s no social security that everyone would be provided with basic needs for living, such as food, medication, shelter, clothes, etc. The world don't live with love as if we are in the same family. People live with uncertainty that they would become jobless someday and have no money to buy food.
Moreover, it?s like the social is unfair to everyone. Rich people do easy work but get paid so high, while poor people do hard work and get paid so low. This makes it hard for people to believe that if the social is good, everyone?s life will be good.
13. (The last one as I can think of)  Problems because people misunderstand ?LOVE?
?Love? makes many people become crazy. Crazy lovers commit many crimes, many killings, many cheatings, many suicides, many lies, many drunks, ? many problems.
That?s because people mistake ?love? with ?desire?. Many people in my generation follow their desire to get a lover. They don?t realize that all desire should be stopped? So they don?t realize that what they call ?love? is actually ?desire?. Love and desire are totally different. Love is a good feeling that a person have on someone. Love is a feeling opposite to ?hate?. With hate, one can harm the person. With love, one can do for the person. But to do for oneself is desire, not love. Love is not to take, but to give.
Love is a precious emotion of human beings, but someone makes it becomes a bad word. We all should love all the others. With love, one will be pleased, the others will also be happy.

That?s all the 13 causes of the so-many social problems I am facing. Are you feeling happy that you don?t live in my generation!
To give you some conclusion to causes of all the social problems, the world social these days encourages desire, while enhances little true knowledge to people. People desire for money, high social status, education, entertainment, beauty, love, special food, travelling, a better house, sex, drugs, etc. People are lack of knowledge that the world should be unified, everyone is responsible for social, reasoning can give truth, belief can be made up in one's mind, love is not desire, everyone in the world can be good people, we should (and we can) be happy all the time, we should always smile to others, desire and happiness can't be together at the same time, etc.
The desire and the lack of knowledge make everyone have different goals of their lives, .... the goals that only someone can achieve. Such the goals are, for example: "to be rich", "to be powerful", "to be the president", "to win all the elections", "to get the highest score in class", "to be a superstar", "to beat someone", etc. If everone aims for the same major goal ==> the peaceful world , we all will be able to reach the goal. And that will bring eternal happiness to everyone. 
By the way, I might have been exaggerating somehow about the problems. Things are not so bad. At least I am living quite well, and I've known many nice people.  My kids, you shall realize that you would not be able to live so comfortably and enjoyably like that if not because of some good people in my generation, who try to make great changes to the world to solve these problems by forwarding this e-mail until it reach most people on earth and make them realize the truth. This is the turning point that makes people stop desire and believes. Everyone starts to love all the others. Later we all realize that the most effective way to live together on earth is to have only one country. So we decide to unify all countries together and become the ?United World?.
Ha ha.. That was only my imagination. However, despite facing many obstacles, I am still very hopeful that someday ... I will feel proud that the big change of our world ? ?United World? will be true for the first time in my generation?. Whoopee!
Lastly, I hope you will take good care of the civilized and developed world: The world that everyone loves the others. The world with no wars. The world that has no crimes. The world that comprises of only good people. The world that everyone shares knowledge. The world of knowledge warehouse that everyone can access. The world that is advanced in technology. The world that is capable to prevent natural hazards. The world that knows the nature very well. 
Your Great Grandfather ?..
 Let?s exchange ideas for world peace.
"I love our world ?. And I hope we all love our world."


Tuesday 1 January 2008

Happy New Year 2008

For this specially auspicious occasion, I wish you all a happy world. The world of happy people. No worried man (or woman). No troublesome man. No cause of danger. No hatred. No disputation. Full of love. Full of freedom. Full of peace. Full of cooperation. Everyone lives cheerfully always and forever.


Tuesday 25 December 2007

Belief is not opposite to Truth
"False" should be used to call some provable wrong belief.
Let's find and declare false so that people won't be misguided anymore.
Share "truth" and "false" to everyone,
the Happy World will come soon.

However, at this time, desire of people to have money has been causing trouble to our world. It's one big obstacle to the Utopia World.

Merry Christmas and Happy Old/New Year.


Tuesday 18 December 2007

I've got another set of words to remind myself all the time:
"Fast Careful Cheerful Beneficial"

Probably humans is the only animal that has "hatred".

One big reason that make the social become chaos..
Becoz people are crazy with reproduction..
.... rather than just living with basic needs.

Last night I had trouble getting asleep. Since I went to bed too late after another getting up. But it turned good. When I came to imagine of lives in the Utopia world... which is already exist in this world.
If I find things beautiful... Live my life as if I am already in the Utopia world, ... our world can now be the Utopia world.


Wednesday 5 December 2007

Let's think ... ō??Ԩ҃?Ҵٍ
The collapse of economy may not mean the end of our lives.
At this moment, the world economy is going on pretty well, but it seems the earth is reaching her ending.
... That means all of us are collapsing.
Without money, we all can still live happily.

Why there are so many poor people in our world ?
Because we don't have enough food.
We used to have abundant food in the past time.
Now we don't have enough, because we have destroyed the food land.
not only in the capital city (lots of buildings) but also in the country-side (commercial farming)
We seems to see money more important than the necessity: food.
Each of us want to be above the others in order to secure one's life.
But the competition cause everyone insecure in living worry-free.

The principle "Do good = Gain Happiness" should be applied at any moment.
One moment I see people lack knowledge of what's good is when they are on commutation.
On mass transportation... we seems to be so scared of strange faces.
Why humans have to be afraid of humans ?
Come on. We are all human beings. We are friends. We all love all others.

Me also not able to do good all the time... especially at work.
That makes my working environment seems somehow serious.
We work for happiness. Thus the condition at work should be happy.

Social problems are the major cause that make us need to work so hard.
Without theif, the police would have much less work.
Without the poor, the Social Welfare Department would not have to be tired.
Without corruption, there will be no need for the anti-corruption agency.
Without lazy workers, we all would work more happily.
Thus making people becomes good people is the work we should do most.

To make unity in the country may reduce problems in the country.. But it can never eliminate all problems in the country.
We are all in the same earth.
If we don't unify all of us on the earth the problems would still persist.
Let's unify our world, our species. Unite all countries to be one. ... The problem-less world would be feasible then.

The election in Thailand will take place soon (Dec 23, 2007).
I feel some hope.... after listening to ideas of leaders of some small and new parties.
They have good knowledge, and good intention to change the whole society into a better place.
In the near future, I think people will realize that the veteran politicians are not sincere, and start accepting brilliant ideas of these small parties.


Tuesday 27 November 2007

From now on, the strange man whose images have been shown in this web might be gone.

It's been about a year since I started wearing the globe, hanging signs, and writing messages of United World on my cloths. Despite no consequent changes on our world... No attention from medias... but I somehow have a feeling of success.

I have learn. There's no better ways to learn than "learning by doing".

Now ... It's time I have to stop such this daily campaign. .... But this does not mean I quit working for world unification.

I will live an easy life, but never stop propagating the idea ... alone.
It may be true. I might need some partners, in order to succeed in world unification. ... However, I still think I should not set up the "United World" club.
Cooperation doesn't require grouping.

Grouping also cause ungrouping (discrimination).
The "we are the world" idea should be in the minds of all individuals. If a group wants to unify the world, another group doesn't, the United World might not be so peaceful.
For you who already agree to the idea, please propagate our United World idea to people with your ability. Do it with the power of a pure mind. Speak about it like what Prof. Nakamura and me have done. We have proved that it's safe to express the idea as individuals. We still live peacefully and proudly in our societies. And when we have more capability, more actions, the United World would be true with the agreement of majority individuals in this democracy world.


Monday 19 November 2007

Dear Friends ... I come earlier this week, since I will go work in countryside from Monday - Wednesday.
I posted the story I wrote when I was 17 in Picasa web album. Oh! I wish you could read Thai

Eternal Happiness   Episode I

Eternal Happiness   Episode II

Body follows natural rules. Thus one should learn natural rules in order to take care of body.
But "mind" is beyond natural rules
Thus we just need to understand "dharma" in order to take care of the mind.

The current world still have "facts" and "fictions"
People who already know "facts" stop believing in "fictions"
But new comers still have to distinguish "facts" & "fictions"
Some has to waste lots of time and resources for the "fictions" that adults put in their minds.
There are so many "fictions". From birth to death.
Somebody realize the truth right before dying.
... But what's the benefit of that.
Stop promoting the "fictions" or "beliefs"
... Alcoholic drinks, cigaratte, gambling, prostitute, amulets, etc.
... Adults should stop lying new generations now.

Observing-type people (with six senses) would see truths (scientists).
.. Imagining-type people might see fictions (dreamers).
.. However, he who observe his imagine may find truth in imagination.

Have you ever been sad when you can't do a good thing.
I used to be that sad.
Remember, my friend. When I was in Okinawa. I made presentation about Thailand, and see Thailand as the land of social problems.
But after I start trying to improve our world by expressing my idea of "United World" openly, I see more good things in our social. It's a strange feeling. Just like "Hey! The situation is not that bad, why do you need to do too much."
Now, I am about to be unable to do strange acts for "United World" as before.
Probably the same feeling (bad social) would come back.

Some people might look at me and say .. "What the hell he's doing?"
But ... have you ever felt sad when you thought you should do something, but you were unable to do that thing.

This life needs nothing.
Since finally I will lose all of them.
The only thing I would like to have is my life.
But eventually I will be a non-living thing.

Remark The GoodJai web is having problem with limited space. I am trying to upgrade to "GeoCities PLUS", but still not possible (It's probably the problem of my debit Visa card.)


Thursday 15 November 2007

Dear friends,
This week I also wrote an article in
It's a very important article for me. It took me much time to write. The story is about the origination of my "United World" idea, all my activities, and all my feeling since the beginning of the intention.
You can see it by follow this link ... But I am so sorry that you can't read since it's all in Thai. Hope I, or someone, can translate for you in the future.


Danger from Multi-Country World is Not Far

You may say it's already OK.
Are you sure ?
Examine you daily life:
Get up and see the strange weather.
Go to work facing the serious faces.
You work just for you or your organisation, not for the social you have to live with.
Go back home and see fightings on streets.
Watch TV and see endangered people all over the world.
Go to bed and prey for no thefts.

Dividing countries is a major cause.
It creates the feeling of hatred.
It support love among people in the country, but not among human beings.
We don't have enough security, freedom, peace, and love.


At any moment while doing any activities,
One shall not forget to breath well.
Man can die and borne
Love, anger, hatred can also die and borne
Someone choose to feel safe by eliminate someone, but he does not know that the true danger is his own desire.


Tuesday 6 November 2007


Tuesday 23 October 2007


Tuesday 23 October 2007

People who use "belief" to lead their acts may seem to be very confident in what there are doing. While people who use reasoning may look hesitating sometimes. That's because people with belief understand their belief very well. The belief is very easy since it's made up by people, with the objective to make everyone understand. While reasoning requires true knowledge of nature, which is sometimes very complex. Thus poeple who use reasoning should acquire knowledge as much as possible in order to confidently apply reasoning for good results.

When I was a kid ... I walked upstair with the feeling that .. "oh! when will I reach the top floor". Now, after realizing that I can be happy at any moment by knowing of doing good deeds, I walk up the stair with concious at each step.
This is just one example of difference of ones with desire VS without desire.

Why people have so much desire.
Reasoning tells us that we all should live happily together.
But desire tells one to make one better, higher, and happier than any others.

Worrying of other people is also a kind of sadness that comes from incorrect thinking. ... Correct deeds lead to happiness .. not worry.

People who are sad know oneself of being sad, but do not know how to be free from sadness. Thus they prefer to make themself un-knowing (by drinking, watching movies, etc.)
Therefore, we should make people understand "knowing of doing good" rather than just "live with knowing".

17 Octerber 2007 was the "International Day for the Eradication of Poverty".
There was a campaign for that in Thailand as well.
But I think that's not enough.
We should also have "International Day for the Eradication of Richness".
People who want to be rich may have something wrong in their mind.
Why do they need to be rich? Richness can not help them living free of trouble. Trouble will be gone only when everyone in our world can live happily. There should be no poor people ... and that means there shouldn't be too rich people.

I have intention to do these following projects. But I feel like I will never be able to accomplish them. Thus I would like to tell you here, in case you can help doing them instead of me.

1. compose the Happy Movie       The movie will be story of simple people who live in the social that most people realize the dharma "No Desire = No Sadness" and "Doing good Deeds ==> Be happy". There will be many tough conditions happen to the actors, but they will show that, with the dharma in mind, they can be happy all the time.

2. make the "Truth Diagram"
      With the truth diagram people will have no confusion for why we should do good things, and what are the good things we should do, in what situation ... All causes and results of deeds will be put in the same diagram.

      An example .. Jogging 10 minutes daily ==> have proper exercise ==> taking good care of health ==> Have ability to help oneself and others ==> Do good ==> Be happy
      Another example .. Corruption ==> Disturb social ==> be bad example for others ==> Social turns bad ==> Social disturb back to oneself ==> Get sadness. .... (Another aspect .. the mind knows that one is doing a bad thing. ==> Lie ==> Lure oneself ==> don't understand the truth ==> live with sadness)

3. Compose and sing songs about "World Dharma" and "United World".
      ?҃㪩྅?໧?ʗ荨Ъ臂༂ᾃ複ҁ?Դ䴩͂蒧?ǩҧ?ǒ?ᅐ—?§?҇ ... ྅??ը⴨??ѧ㹻Ѩ?غѹ???ᵨ?荧?ǒ?ѡ .. ?׍??٩??䁨??ǒ?ԴǨҁ ×荧?զ ͂蒧͗蹷ը?ǃ?蒂?ʹ?͡?׍?ҡ?荧?ǒ?ѡ ... ??դǒ?Դ?զ ?ը??ǨҤǃ? ? ?ŧ˅҂?荧 䴩ᡨ "䃩͂ҡ", "?ͣ?", "?Ӵզ#034;, "?ǒ?ѡ(?҇Ⅱ)", "Ç?š", "?ǒ?Ô?", "?س?蒪ՇԵ", "?҃?ӼԴ (?ѭ˒ʑ???", "?ؼŦ#034;, "?ՀҾ" υύ

4. Presentation with comprehensive reasoning and illustrated pictures for United World.
      ?๗鍋ң?ઔ?˅ѡ?ǒ?Դ ?鍁م?ч? ᅐ???Ð?ͺ ???·ը?ǃ?Ã?ؤǩ presentation ྗ荤ǩ?Ò£˩?٩??ࢩң?ᨨ??駶֧?ءŐ?ŷը??ǃÇ?ء?Ð෈??Ⅱ໧?˹֨?ക‡ ..... ?ءǑ??թ???页 Ղ??鍤ǒ?ő??鍇 "Ç?š" .. ?֨?? ˁ׍?䁨䴩?臂㋩㤃?ը䴩??ࢩң??ǒ? ?繷ը?鍧Ç?š䴩?

5. Complete the content and pictures in "GoodJai" and "WeLoveOurWorld" websites
      ʗ荋?֨??ը? ?钶֧?٩???ѨǢš (˃׍㋩?٩???ѨǢšʒ?öࢩҶ֧䴩) ?׍??䫵 .. ?ѩ??? GoodJai ᅐ ͕???˹֨??ը?? ?ǃ?๗鍋ҷըʁ?ك? ?͹?ҹ presentation ?ը??Դ?з ... ͕?͂蒧 .. ǧ? GoodJai ‘??๗鍋 ?ը‡?Ѻ?荧ʨǹ?ч?ը໧?ͧ?컃Сͺ?ͧ?ǒ??繵ч???ը??˧?ǨҤǃ?҃֡䇩͕???

6. Make the policy of "Love Our World Party" (Social First Party) well known.
      ??о’’??颍?Ҋ?҃?͡?ѩ??Ñ駹թ ༂ᾃ複ҁ?Դ ×荧?҃èǁ?ѹ???Í??١Ŋѧ??.... Ǒ??թ ??о’’?ӹ₺҂?Ã???Ѻ㋁裋顅 ʃ ᅐ༂ᾃ跕 纤??쵨ҧ . ༗荨Ёա?ǃ臁?荵ѩ??Ã? .. ˃׍͂蒧?鍂?灕?Ã?˹֨??Ã?㴹ӹ₺҂?蒹թ代?飋 Դ? ?繨Ô?䴩

7. Arrange seminars or hi-parks about the United World.
      ?荼?բ鍁م?蒧 ú?釹 ᅐ??ǒ?é́?钹͗蹦 .. ??˧?Ǩҡ҃?Ѵʑ?? ྗ荣˩?ṇèǁ ? ?Թ?҃?Ԩ?Ã??ר҃͡Ç?š͂蒧? ?רͧ ???ǨҨкÃŘ໩ҋ?  ໧?ǔ?ա҃˹֨??ըʓ?ѭᅐ?ǃ?Ӎ

These projects require much time. Unfortunately, I am working under the government. There projects, that also require much time, differ from my projects.


Tuesday 16 October 2007

An Approach to the Happy World
Prove and declare the truths.
So that people will have no excuses of committing a wrong thing.
No one would be able to honestly smile after doing something wrong. Since one will know deeply in one's mind that it's absolutely wrong.

Seems like we, human beings, cannot control desire.
Most of us were born with complete sets of body parts (organs).
But we just search for more things ...
Sometimes we forget to take care of our health.
As if that's not important. Other things are more important.
However, after losing some body parts, we realize that we really need it.
And we would wish for it to come back.... with the desire to have it back.
(Live with Dharma -- Satisfied, Do Good --, one would be free from desire.)

It's true, we don't need to be conscious all the time in doing things. Many things we could do them unconciously.
.... However, problems tend to happen when we do things unconciously.

States (conditions) when one's doing a bad thing.
- Knowing (conscious) ... Intend to do that bad thing. That might be because mistaking that it's a good thing, or being unable to stop desire to do a bad thing for instant pleasure.
- Un-Knowing (unconscious) ... Not intending to do that bad thing. That might be because of being unconscious, or forgetting to think about bad consequences from that action.

Some people might prefer joyous happiness.
But I prefer peaceful happiness ... that comes from knowing that one is doing a good thing without disturbing others or oneself. For example, do something that makes one proud of oneself.

You may be wondering for why my writing is like I am saying the same thing again and again.. (such as ... stop desire .. do good.)
.. Think about it, please. Monks or preachers also say similar stories every week.

My life has got a lot of help from social and the world.
Thus I perceive the law of social relativity very well.
Today I also got help from people, shouting for me to move away from the railway track.
Let's create the good world.. Good social = Good living.

Maybe not only our ancestors that we should feel grateful to.
Probably human owe to animals' knowledge somehow.
Ex. Our roads might be pioneered by cattles.

With dharma in mind.
Seeing the desire.
Desire would disappear.
Sadness would also disappear.

Social of taking advantage
Civil servants take advange over civilians.
Civilians take advange over civil servants.
Rich people take advantage over poor people.
Poor people take advantage over rich people.
Smart people take advantage over dumb people.
Dumb people take advantage over smart people.
Working hard people take advantage over lazy people.
Lazy people take advantage over working-hard people.
Whe will we stop taking advantages over others.
(Sharing might be the answer for this.)

We have to do many things because we know that we can do them.
If we can lie .. we then can say unlimited stories.
Let's get rid of lying from our lives. Most problems should be solved soon.

Thanks a lot for Lady "Soft" for photographing.

I bought this in order to support flying technology. ; )

Remark I am still not able to upgrade my Geocities service. My apology.


Tuesday 9 October 2007

Let's set the goal of life as
"to be happy always".
= to be satisfied at anytime
& to be able to do good at present

Goal of life should be realistic, which is what we can do now.

Thus my goal is not to see the United World, but to be able to do the best to unify the world.

Hurt social = hurt oneself
Can we eat wood ?
Maybe with bio-technology, we can turn forest into foodland.
Sources of cancer are increasing.
... from two old men's conversation.

Once you have it, you'll have to lose it.
No have.. No lose.
Let's start sharing. Try to share, not to own.

Do not desire to do a good thing ...
Because the first good thing to do is to stop desire.
Cheaters are similar all around the world.
as if techniques of cheating are shared.
Eternal Happiness
Satisfied at any moment.
Do a good thing at present.


When you punish your kid, hitting and saying that "Do not expose to rain. You can get cold.
The kid may know just that he'll get hit if he's expose to rain, but may not know he would get sick.
Punishments from laws are also like that. Let's try to give knowledge, rather than punishment.

I went to my hometown, Sisaket, last week .. by train.

Here's my fantastic vehicle.

The scenes beside the railroads are fascinating for me.

On the way back to Bangkok, there were quite many passengers.

See? .. Quality of life in Thailand is also not always good.

However, I just felt satisfied .... unlike when I was in India.
Desire hides wisdom and conscious.

There's always a good thing to do anytime anywhere.

One of two mobs that came to Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment on 8 Oct 2007. (The mob is against the other mob.)


Tuesday 1 October 2007

I am now back to my home-room in Bangkok. Healthy and happy.

May peace come to Myanmar.
May people prevail military.
May all the world live with love.

I am now having problem of space limitation with free Geocities. Trying to upgrade the system but still unable to pay online. Hope to be able to improve GoodJai web soon.


Thursday 6 September 2007

Hi friends,
I am now in India.
The social here is very interesting. (Also there are quite many poor people.)
Anyway, this is our world.
And I believe that the whole world can unify for sure.
Let's help all human lives on earth.


Tuesday 14 August 2007

Do we believe in the moral rule ....
Do good, get good
Do bad, get bad
If so,
Then, by considering the current condition of our world, have we been doing good or bad ??
This condition is not caused by just a particular individual.. or a small group of people.
But it's from most of us. (most human beings), majority in our world.

... Looking at it in a good way,
.. The world is getting more and more developed.
.. Most people live more comfortably. (Well, not so true. Some people have to work much harder than people in the past.)
.. Certainly, one real good thing is that we learn, and understand more truth. (Well, some people are lured to belief more strongly on believes.

... Looking at it in negative ways
... Social crimes happen more freequently, and more sesiously than in the past.
... Natural Distaser is also getting worse.
... Ahh... Which would prevail, "good" or "bad" ??

8 Aug 2007
I listened to a dharma recording.
The master told that ..
Things one does for others are good things.
Things one does for oneself are bad things.
Does that mean my thought, "good things can be done all the time", is not true?
Actually not.
If one understand the influence of system, one would realize that doing for oneself is as same as doing for others.

If we do it correctly, doing for oneself would benefit to everyone, and doing for everyone would benefit oneself.

Globe says he would not ordain....
because the practice of ordained persons is not general. They don't do things generally and naturally as the way general people would do.

Then Globe hang a big sign, wearing Global Mask.
... with an excuse that it's because of current world problems.
... As soon as the world is free from problems, he would have no need to continue doing so.

Why would Globe think .... that, similarly,
Many monks may be ordained with the intention to teach people until the world is truely peaceful.
Once that time comes, such those monks would get out of ordination.

Hmmm, let me raise one more excuse: Because I love freedom.
Globe would prefer to control his mind by himself, not rules.

Tell the brain, not to think before mind's telling to do so.
Tell the eyes, not to look before mind's telling to do so.
However, they are frequently out of control. ...
.... That's why we see things accidently.
.... As same as the way our brain find something out accidentally.
... And that's the same way our brain remind us of bad things that make us worried.
Thus, Master Dool Atuloonce said, "Hmm.. people are currently sad because of their own thinking."

9 Aug 2007
Would there be anyone agree to idea of open-voting election. (The voting result can be reviewed openly by everyone after the election.)
It's quite sad.
People hide even who's they are voting for.
With such this glabally accepted hinding, when will most people in the world understand the value of opening; the value of the truth.

Many people know just that
Working ==> Get money ==> Live comfortably ==> Happy
However, there are some more factors that make the assumption above might not be true.
That is "knowledge of the truth"
Thus we frequently found people that
Rich ==> Live comfortably ===> But not happy
However, more frequently we found people that
Earn just enough for living ==> live well ==> have peaceful mind

13 Aug 2007
Set up the right goal, mind would be free from sadness
Stop hoping (wanting) to be better than others.
But rather hope that everyone would be happy, everybody should get knowledge, and goodness shall be respected.
With just this one would suddenly be happy.
And would be happy even after another incarnation (if it's true.)

Doing a bad thing:
Though nobody knows that we did it,
But that's not important.
The importance is not whether we are considered good or bad.
The importance is that there is someone who did something bad.
The badness exists.
It exists in the social, and make us live in the dirty social for a long time.



Wednesday 8 August 2007

Why many consitution laws are so long?

Can we just simplify it so that everyone can understand and follow?
Like this, for example:
- The government will try it best to work for benefits of the social as a whole.
- Everyone shall not cause disturbances to any others.
- Everyone shall have freedom to act at will, as long as that causes no harm to others or social.
- Everyone shall deserve punishment at the same level of their mistakes.
- The government shall encourage love among everyone.
- That's it !!!!
The word "Dharma" and "do" in Thai have same pronunciation.
Probably that implies "do it" is the principle to keep being happy.
Why being happy with good lucks? Why being sad with bad lucks.?

Good luck:
To achieve what one does not expect to achieve.

Bad luck:
To lose what one does not expect to lose.
In heaven:
If there would be just one devil-minded angel, the heaven would not be heaven.

In the age of "Sri Ariya" World:
If there would be only one sad man, the age would not be called "Sri Ariya" (The world when everyone lives happily all the time.)

In the mind of a "saint":
If there would be just one monent that the mind becomes sad, the saint would not be called saint.
Let's create "Global Self Database"
Everyone shall input their general information into this database.
This will help bringing cooperation and love among the world. Moreover, it will greatly improve all individuals. ... Open oneself.
The only aim that everyone can achieve is "Global Happiness".
Individual happiness can not last long.
Global happiness will truly last forever.
Someone may just playing games, or do meditation, with free mind, and die.
.... Probably they really have no sadness until death.
.... But ... For what they were borne ?
Everything can happen because the nature allows it to happen. (It's natural rules.)
What's impossible is what's thinkable, but not do-able.

Thus nature means the truth.
Anything that's not true is what can be called "beyond nature".

However, don't underestimate the nature.
There are still many natural rules that we might have never known.
The current world is pretty nice.
However, it can still be a lot more developed.
Let's make our world a better place..
Our enemy is natural disasters, not human beings, not ourselves.
Principles on living with others.
1. Do not disturb the other.
2. Be friendly to the other.
3. Help the other if chances come.
4. Give knowledge to the other. (Create the chance by oneself.)
General knowledge can be taught.
But for mental knowledge of truth (dharma), one must find out in one's mind.
Probably one can just be happy with living conciously.
Positive thinking = Think good.
The first "Do good" = Think good.
The brain can function by itself.
If one doesn't control the brain, it may think something that cause sadness to oneself.
The nature can give us enough happiness.
There's no need for anything super-natural.
Truths that's created by human beings are easy to learn, because at least there is someone who truly knows about it.
However, the truths of nature are much more difficult. Some of them none of us have ever truly known.


Tuesday 31 July 2007

28-30 July 2007 ... On the way to/from hometown Sisaket.

Should have, or should not have ... The answer is up to the current condition.
At that time, we were like that, things were like that, we had that, we used that, thus we should try to keep that thing.
However, presently, we don't have that, we cannot use it, and we don't have the ability to take it back, thus we should not be sad of not having it.
In the future, we may be able to get that, or something better than that. However, that is the future, which is uncertain due to many factors. The factors are truth. The factors are natural rules. Some of them are controllable. Some are not. Thus we can't be sure that we will achieve all future hopes. But, of course, we can still achieve the present hope.

Anyone who scold at the other as a fool, is the real fool.
He might not only unable to control oneself, but also does not know that one should never humiliate others.
Thus, despite being fool, don't be too foolish to blame others as foolish.
Hurting others mentally, verbally, or physically will result in grief to oneself or one's heart eventually.


Respond to badness with goodness .... then badness will be diminished.
If respond badness with badness, badness will prevail... forever.

However, a man may do bad things because he does not know that it is truly bad for doing that. Leaving him knowing that may not be a good idea. Better try the best to let him know the truth. Otherwise the false that he knows might cause harms to others and us.
Argueing with reasoning would enhance knowledge of truth. However, if the argument is filled with the ambition to win, and becomes disputation. Such that argument shall be avoided.

One would certainly get the result from what one has done, or has not done.
If we understand, and accept the truth, we then would be free from sadness.

Truth, Good, Happy, Love, Dharma, Knowledge, Entertain, Satisfied, Hope, Diligent, Confident

Believes, Bad, Sad, Hatred, A-dharma, Jealous, Desire, Greedy, Anger, Unconscious, Hesitation, Selfish

All tangible things are uncertain.
There's birth, there's death.
Sometimes happy, the other time unhappy.
Sometimes sad, the other time satisfied.
Sometimes loving, the other time loving no more.
Sometimes hate, the other time the hatred is gone.

But intangible things are certainties.
Beauty is always beauty, because we use it to mean beauty.
Truth is always truth, because we call all possible things as truth.

A determined mind can also be changed, once the truth has revealed.

Of all truths, some are easy to find, some are very difficult to find.

One who really knows TRUTH will never determine that all his knowledge is true.

Live with knowing of doing good.
Accepting mistakes in the past is also a good thing to do.

Desire is the cause of sadness, the cause of worry, and the obstruction of happiness.
Just avoid all the desire, then we would be free from sadness.

An important point is that the cause of sadness must really be the true cause.
Not the cause that comes from owr own mind.
.... Hmmm actually ... all sadness happens because of the desiring mind.


One who has never noticed sadness, would not know that is a sadness.
One who does not know truth, would not know how to stop the sadness.
Lucky we are human beings. Satisfied -- Do Good.

The world shall not be unified, unless after everyone has understood the value of global love.
Or,,, United World is essentially the starting point of the global love.

Happy World = Happiness of each every man
Required factors for the happy world. ˹?ҧʃ钧ʑ???š?ըʑ??Ԋآ
1. Each of every human beings hold on principle of loving all other human beings.
2. Every human beings hold World Dharma (World teachings) in mind all the time.
3. Human beings realized that the social affect one's life inevitably.
30 July 2007

Nature creats us with only the body as our real property.
As if, the mother of nature would say .... "That's the only thing you can individually own. All the other things you all should share."
However, up to now, ... because of desire..
People starts to try to occupy everything.
Including occupying others' bodies.

Oh .... anybody who's against the nature rule would have to fight against the nature's rules.

Desire = Think little (or lose conscious to think)
Reasoning = Think carefully

Thus following desire can cause more mistakes, despite one good point - no need to think much.
Do what one should do can cause less mistakes, because reasoning has been used, and being concious while performing.

We normally follow what we know.. Thus we commit mistakes if the knowledge is incorrect. Or either when we want to prove that the knowledge is incorrect. Mistakes give knowledge, though.

Follow knowledge, not desire, then more and more true knowledge (truth) will reveal.

I've got a new Party!! ... "Our World Party"

Policies of   Our World Party
omote the truth: "We are the world." "We are all human beings." "We are same species." "We should love all others." "We should have freedom to travel our world." "We should waste time, money, and resources for military no more." We will try our best to unify our world.
omote the dharma (mental truth): .. No desire .. Satisfied with the truth ==> No sadness.      Think good .. Do good .. ==> Happy Mood .. Happy World
hance understanding that we work for happiness. Thus, any works, or charactoristics of works, that cause sadness shall be avoided.
dorse the social rule (laws) .. A person who hurts others deserves the same hurts (punishment).
pport the study or truth, and promote the truth.
iminate belief and incorrect knowledge.
tally transparent.
ve full freedom to all citizens in expressing their minds.
e prime minister acts as a coordinator, rather than a leader.
a good model of World Government.
t up country-wide citizen wireless network.
pport only works that are beneficial to social.
ovide basic needs to all the people equally.
pport educations in all levels. (Lifelong education.)
e GIS to manage land use and natural resources. Demarcate clear borders with neighboring countries.
omote "Happiness", "Love", "Equality", "Peace", "Freedom".


Tuesday 24 July 2007

Why "lying" is bad? ... One of many reasons is that lying causes sadness. Liar is sad because he has desire... desire to hide truth from others. Since desire is a cause of sadness, lying also causes sadness.
Let me clarify the dharma here again: "Satisfied = No sadness" .. "Do good = Gain Happiness"
"Doing Good" here may not be a good deed as you are told. Good deeds in the dharma is any good activities that bring true happiness to our lives, at the moment of doing and after that.
Observe the result of the deed by yourself to determine the deed. Live with knowing of doing good always and all the time.
Observing and learning help us find truths.
Reasoning is the solution to implement the truths.

Dharma (Nature) = Truth ..... Since nothing can go beyond the rule of nature. .....
.... Never underestimate "Truth".
Once we've realized the uncertainty of life and body .. we'll perceive the certainty of a happy mind.
Fun ... is a kind of happiness.. However, it's not the only kind of happiness one should always be. We don't have to (and we cannot) always be fun. Happiness includes peacefulness, pleasure, confidences, proud, etc.
Love,, (please understand LOVE correctly .. Love is to be happy when seeing the person happy. .. Not just to be happy when that person can make us happy.)
With love, we all can be happy.
With hatred, none can live happily.
With cooperation, all can be successful.
In competitions, someone must have to fail.
Harry Porter phenomena ...
should help us understand and differentiate "truth" from "made up stories". The stories of ghost, gods, angels, etc are also "made up" by human.
There was a bloody protest the other day.
Though I don't agree with coup d'etat, I would not respond to violence with violence.
Sin in the heart is more effective than physical punishment.
Making them realize that what they are doing is wrong will make them stop doing so, otherwise they will live with sin in their heart.
For example ... many people know that being selfish is bad. If they also know that doing for just their group is also selfish, they'll be shy to do so.
For some of you who are still doubtful for why I try to unify the world.
Answer Because I know that I should do it, and I can do it. Thus I do it.
If I ignore it, I will have sin in my heart ... "You can save the world, but you don't."
Absolutely, .. I am just another general human being ... like you. .. If I can do it, you can also do it.
Sorry for having to let you know this.
Once you've realized, you'll be like me. .. Feel bad for doing nothing, and wait to see disaters happen to world friends.
Please do not blame me for telling you this ... sooner or later you'll realize this for sure.
.... Therefore, to eliminate sin from our hearts..... let's campaign to unify our world. ;-)


Tuesday 17 July 2007

The 7 Wonders, as voted on 7/7/07, were
1. The Great Wall, China
2. Petra, Jordan
3. Christ Redeemer, Brazil
4. Machu Picchu, Peru
5. Chichén Itzá, Mexico
6. The Roman Colosseum, Italy
7. The Taj Mahal, India

To me, they seem to be the representatives of human desire, rather than human wisdom. The places only serve desire of some people, but not to enhance knowledge and true happiness of human beings.

For me, probably the 7 wonders might be (Edited: 26 July 2007):
1. Cyber Space 2. The best educational institution 3. the best Airport 4. Natural power generation site 5. Best farmings. 6. Best factory 7. Best hospital .. , for example. 1. computer, 2. the Internet, 3. Airplane, 4. The man-made land on the sea, 5. the best dam, 6. the best nuclear power plant, and 7. The most high-tech and environmental-friendly university.


Tuesday 10 July 2007

With so much money .. a man may not survive .. if he does not have knowledge....
With so much knowledge .. a man may not survive .. if that knowledge is not truth.

Capitalist = Money-ist
... Why don't we use a direct word? Don't hide its true meaning with a nice word.
Money-ist = Self-ist
... Find money just for oneself.
Patriotist = Self-ist or World-ist ?
... It depends. In the aspect of coorperation, it's world-ist. In the aspect of competition, it's self-ist.
Socialist = World-ist
... The last part of John Lennon's Imagine says "Imagine .. no possession. .... No need for greed or hunger. .. Imagine all the people .. sharing all the world." ... Happy world = Happy social = Happy individuals.
The whole world will be peaceful after everyone perceive the idea of socialist..
..... Just think for the whole, we all shall live better.

Amulet-ist = Self-ist
There's a crazy fever in Thailand for "Jatukam" amulet.
It actually gives nothing truly good for the world.
The buyers waste time to obtain.
The sellers waste effort to make.
Some of them may get money, but what else?
Of course, trying may give them knowledge, .. after some time.
But probably not, ... since being crazy in amulet make one becomes refusing the truth.


Tuesday 3 July 2007

Time changes .... Power changes .... Duty changes

Currently, humans have developed their capability to the level that may be called "unlimited". .....
..... We used to have to think about how to feed ourself, and spend free time for leisure.
..... Not anymore. Many individuals have to feed others. Someone is even able to turn over the earth if he/she tries hard enough.
..... The question is: Would he/she be tired from that ??
..... The answer is: ..
..... That depends on whether the way he/she apply their capability is good deeds or not.
..... If he's doing a good thing, certainly he's being happy ..
..... If he follows the desire, and never stop, of course he'll be tired.


Tuesday 26 June 2007

Sorry for late greeting of this week. I've been busy with GPS training. Trying to do my best, but that's all I could do.

There are many tools that people use to do good things. Some use a pen. Some use a notebook. Some use a pocket PC. Some use money. Some use power. Some use feature. But, for sure, we need time to do good things. .. Thus the earth gives us time of life that's enough for realizing how to do good things. ... Ahh .. so sleepy now. Let me do a good thing now.. : Go to Bed. : )


Tuesday 19 June 2007

Human VS Nature

Because of the ability of unlimited imagination,
human beings try to make their dream comes true.
Sometimes we forget that dreams & real are different.
That's why there are the Great Wall, Taj Mahal, many temples & statues, and that's why the country-dividing still exists in our world.
.... Moreover, we also see many people who like to force others, but never like to be forced. And many who like hurting people, but never like to be hurt.

Human beings thought that they could beat nature, by achieving unnaturally many things they need in order to make them happy, .... without realizing that .... desiring to do things is caused by nature.
To truly beat the nature is to cease all desire in one's mind at all time.

The only animal with the ability to stop desire in its mind by its mind is human being.
So, ..... are you a true human being ??

Globe ... son of the earth    16 June 2007
Writing this article becaue of reasoning, not desire.


Tuesday 12 June 2007

World Dharma (World Religion)

I've been talking quite much about the "United World". Let me talk about "World Religion" this time.

Here are the reasons for why I think the world should have "World Religion":

- Thoughts that comes mainly from just one living person cannot be willingly accepted from all human beings in the world. .. Absolute principles that comes from all reasonable persons in the world can certainly be accepted from medias and people.

- Mental ability of a man is not enough to find ultimate principles & truths that would make everyone in the world become enlighted and live happily all the time and forever.

- All existing religions in the world these days are full of disciplines that prevent freedom of believers.... Freedom is the key to knowledge of truth.

- Teachings of all existing religions is mixed with "beliefs" not "truth"

- None of the existing religions is good enough to be respected from everyone in the world, and enable them to live happily at any moment. (If those religions don't change the way they've been practicing.)

- We, human beings, should have "principle of living" or "dharma" to hold in mind all the time. I have learned from myself that holding a dharma in mind make life a lot more happy than living without "dharma". We need "World Dharma" (which is truth. If not, it can always be improved.) for teaching oneself and others. A human life without any principle in mind may follow circumstances just like a general animal.

- Once people accept the World Dharma they would open their mind to accept reasoning that supports the United World. People would realize the truth that: We are the world. We are born on the same connected land. We are living in the same planet. We should not waste for military or wars. We should have freedom to travel anywhere on earth. We should work globally cooperatively for our world and our species. Then, the "United World" would be very secured with sincere love of people without desire.


Tuesday 5 June 2007

Ah!!! I've found them. ...

I've found people who campaign for "United World" like me.
Please visit these websites... You will realize that I am really not the only one. ... (Yeah! "I hope someday, you'll join us ... and the world will live as one." John Lennon.)

World Government @ Wikipedia
Very nice explanation about the World Government, plus good links to other useful websites. I will try to translate this article to Thai.
A website that collects information of "One World" campaigns.
The website of a man who propose himself as a candidate for the "President of the world."
A simple website, that emphasizes on fundamental ideas of world unification.

Many thankss to professor Nakamura @ Okinawa who inspired me to search for websites about "world federation". I've tried to search for people who apparently think like me, but did not find any.... But now I've found some of them. That makes me be more hopeful on possibility of United World.

... The idea to unite countries in the world together come from more knowledge of people. More and more people will join us, since people are all gaining more knowledge. Eventually everyone in the world will realize that this is the most effective solution to develop any socials. Whatever human made, will never last too long. Only truth can last forever. ... Someday, people will realize this truth. ... Just hope that day will not be the day after a great holocaust.

We who foresee the world future, should try our best to give our knowledge to others. Share our work. Let's work together to make dream comes true.

Lastly, I would like to leave you with a quote from .... "Indeed, if humanity is to survive, we have to do better. Our loyalties, as Carl Sagan put it, must be to the species and the planet."


Tuesday 29 May 2007

Dear friends,
Have you agreed with me now, that the world should be unified?
.... that the earth should have only one country?
.... that you should not stay still and wish someone would be able to make it be true?
Well, I guess not. Since none of you have said anything to me about this issue.
Sometimes, I feel disappointed, for having to do this alone.
Anyway, most time, I am proud to myself for working on this.
I know, someday, this United World must be true.
But, I can't wait that long.. Because, actually I don't know if it would be true.
Probably, greedy and desire will overwhelm people in the world over knowledge of truth forever.

But I still believe that truth will be truth.
Soon, truth will reveal.
Soon, people will realize the badness of having countries.
If it's not so soon enough, I'd better guide you to the truth.
Look! All problems happening around you this day relate to the country-dividing world.

- Terrorist cause crimes, because they need to own a country, just like other leaders. If the whole world discard the idea of separating our world, such this crime will not be possible.

- Some people dislike you. That's because the country-dividing world prevent people from knowledge that we all should love all others.

- You and your beloved people live insecurely. That's because the lack of sincere global love that's been prevented from the state of country-dividing world.

- Your health is not so good. That's because the global environment is turning bad, because the country-dividing world makes each country pay little attention to the whole world.

- You cannot come to my home easily. That's certainly because the country-dividing world prevents you from travelling freely in our world.

....... Think about it. All problems will be solved after the world is unified. That's because the obstruction of truth will be destroyed.

..... Truth is truth. After people know a truth, they will have no more doubts about it.

Do you think so? ... The United World will be full of wonderful activities.    : )


Tuesday 22 May 2007

22 May 2007

Dear the United Nations Secretary-General and UN people,

As far as I know, the United Nations, whose members are all (or almost) countries in the world, has the main objective to make the world becomes a better place to live for everyone on earth. As far as I know, the current world is full of problems that bring disasters to many lives on earth. As far as I know, the only solution to eliminate all problems, and efficiently develop our world is to unite all countries to be one. As far as I know, United Nations does nothing to encourage all countries to unify. As far as I know, your ?8 Millennium Development Goals? do not cover unification of all countries in the world, which is the most important solution to make everyone in the world love all others. Therefore, I believe that your goals (our goals) will never be achieved if you don?t start working on the right track.

How will you be able to achieve the peaceful world, when you leave wars going on, leave competition causing problems, leave hatred expanding, and leave false of nationalism overwhelming the truth of being human beings ? leave believes hiding truths?

As a representative of United World supporters (please see list of us in attached paper), I would like to request for immediate action from UN on these two issues.

1. Promote the idea of World Unification to people of all countries in the world. Set up plans and procedures on how the world will be unified. Emphasize to everyone on earth that we are all human beings. We all live on the same land. We can unify. Explain to them that this is the only solution to stop all wars, terrorism, separatism, and to give true freedom of traveling around the world to everyone, ? and to develop our world efficiently and sustainably.

Don?t leave people in Southern Thailand to be killed daily. Don?t let people in Iraq, Lebanon, etc., live in danger. Don?t abandon people near borders of all countries. Don?t let military activities consume so much of our natural and human resources. How much we have lost from wars? How much more we are going to lose? The results of lacking world cooperation have revealed. Don?t let the global warming be too late to resolve.

2. Promote foundation of World Religion (World Teaching). That comes from all thinkers in the world. That will be used to teach everyone on earth. That could always be developed and modified according to new knowledge of truth. Reveal truths. Stop believes. Set up a human principle that is needed for all human beings to keep in mind all the time. Let?s give true knowledge to new comers (babies) and all of us so that everyone will be good people. (An example is given as attached, ?World Religion?.)

Please bring these two issues to World Summit meetings. We, United World Supporters, are regular people that cannot do much, but to tell you, persistently. Please do your work. Show your sincerity. Use your authority to help our world.

How can we achieve the truly peaceful world, when countries still have no trust to others or even groups of people in their own countries? How can we achieve the state of living joyfully and safely all the time, when people don?t share their love to everyone on earth? Let?s grow global love. Let?s live as one on this one and only liveable planet. Let?s unify our world in our generation, for us and many generations to come.

Photos of today campaign. That's all I can do.... No medias came. :(

I love you, dad, mum, sisters, friendss. ..... Please know, if there's anything happen to me ... it's not an accident.


I have just created albums of old photos.

For more photos of friends, please clike here

And, for more photos of just me, please clike here

Eventhough the progress is so little, but I have done pretty much as an ordinary individual. Soon the life should be worth getting birth on this earth.


Tuesday 24 April 2007

Someone .. can be happy from his/her own thinking.
Someone .. wait for good environments in order to become happy.
What is your type ??

One with much desire .. would deny to accept the truth.
One with no desire .. would be satisfied with truth.
One who once see the truth .. would be free from desire.
Realize the truth ==> Release desire

Love .. has answers for everything.
It's because of love .. Thus I try to tell you to do better... for our happiness.

Up to now.. hmm .. I am still not sure.
"Live with Knowing" vs "Live with Knowing of Doing Good"
Which one is better for "World Dharma"

What man-made, man can always change it.
What nature-made, man can never change it.
And the nature never changes that as well.
For example, E=MC2

One would keep on thinking .. thinking .. thinking ..
and would stop after realizing the TRUTH.

In this world, maybe only few people are hero-minded.
Probably much more people are simple-minded (or even evil-minded).
Thus we can see many people feel no guilty of doing sin.


Still insist in the words I said in last weeks' greeting:
This life ... took 17 years before realized the arbitrary Nations dividing ... and realized the importance of world unification.

And this life ... took 34 years, being in circle of sadness and happiness, without knowing why not being able to be always happy .... before realized the truth that: "Desire causes sadness" and "Do a good thing bring happiness"... Thus one should simply "always satisfied" and "Do good all the time". ... And realized the badness of following "believes" rather than "truth".

Will leave the knowledges to the earth, so that the next life will not need this much time to find out. The "Truth Diagram" is being composed.

(The greeting of last 2 weeks : )
Dear All, ... Let me tell you some progress of our United World project of last week. There was not much improvement. However, there is some. I got 3 friends allowing me wearing Globe Head going for lunch with them. Later we gave away flyers of United World & World Dharma together. Thanks a lot, brothersss. Last Saturday I hung the "No Desire, Do good" board and went to shopping at CompMart. Great, people seemed to be interested, and pleased to read. After that I went to see the meeting to get opinion of new constitution laws. The meeting was nicely peaceful. On Sunday I went to JJ park as usual. I had to change my concert spot. I lost some confidences this time. However, two girls came to me and praised.. Oh, Thank you very much. .... I got chance to go to Central Plaza after that. People there seemed to enjoy watching the "Globe" man. I heard like someone was telling his friend: "It's United World" ..

VDO of last week (18 Mar).
VDO might be more valuable to let you see the whole atmosphere. Please click at the link below for VDO clips of my concert. I hope next week I can do a better job. It's joyous anyway.

NEW VDO .... Globe's Concert for "United World"

Happiness & Sadness ... Heaven & Hell ... are in the mind.


Tuesday 23 January 2007

Nature is great,
But no greater than human beings.
And human beings are no greater than nature.
Both are indispensable (independent).

Humans are borne, live, and die naturally
But human can choose to do or not to do anything at their will.

It's natural that a mosquito sucks human blood.
But it's unnatural that the human doesn't kill the mosquito.

Hmmm... Actually, there are some natural rules that determine humans acts:
1. A human wouldn't do if knowing truly that it's wrong.
2. A human would do if knowing truly that it's right.
3. If a human doesn't know whether that's right or wrong, one may do or not, but, often, they do naturally as other animals.

Thus learning makes humans be beyond natural rules.

Hmm... I am getting confused. Gotta admit that I don't deeply perceive.. Anybody enlightened please explain : )


Tuesday 16 January 2007

Trivial Knowledge before the end of last year

Do good with out expectations of anything in return = Do without knowing reason. (27 Dec 06)

Moving temple = Any places when we discuss dharma (27 Dec 06)

Something happens in mind doesn't have to happen in the real world. (28 Dec 06)

Reasoning =/= Believing
Belief happens in mind .. up to wondering mind
Truth in the real world follow the rule of nature ... reasonably

God can't control you. So you are more powerful than god. ... Actually, you are the one who created God.
Remove God from your mind ... God will no more exist.
Your life is the greatest.
--- Addition --- Nature is also more powerful than God. God cannot do anything beyond the rules of nature.

Nothing is better to have .. than to have Dharma.
Lastly, what is gonna be with us until the end of life is "dharma".

Humans have capacity to learn "cause" and "result" .. and apply reasoning well.
... However, the human brains are different.
Thus we should find truths for people to apply them.

What's illegal is wrong to social.
Then why people do that illegal things. They only hope they will not get caught. Why don't they understand the bad effect that will be on social? Then why they still do it. Or they are too stupid... Or it's because our bad system .... Since we think we have declared a law for this .... we misunderstand that we don't have to give knowledge to people anymore.

Even it would be just ?邇ǔ?ҷՍ
I will remember the moment of dying.

31 Dec 06
It takes time to learn
But take more time if you don't know dharma
I learn a lot more after I hold this dharma

Driving ... the most important things are: 1) Safety 1.5) Comfortable 2) Speed
What we should win is the desire in mind... Not to win anyone.
Otherwise we won't reach the true happiness. (30 Dec 06)

Born to enhance knowledge
Eliminate believes
ྔ聾ٹ?ǒ?٩ ?荊٩?ǒ??ר (Jan 8, 2007)


Wednesday 10 January 2007

Greeting New Year, my lovely readers.
Today I sent mails to some important medias of our world, asking them to promote the World Dharma. This is the first step to publish the dharma. I still have many more plans to do. ... If I am still alive, soon you will see whether my knowledge can save our world, or it's not a true knowledge.

Dear United Nations' Secretariat, VOA News, Channel News Asia, CNN, Bangkok Post, The Nation, ...

Before you may think this is a spam mail, let me tell you that it?s not. My name is Kongjak Jaidee. I truly exist. I work for the government of Thailand. I used to study in Michigan Technological University. You can find more information about me in my website: (if the URL doesn?t work please go to

I've been practicing one principle, and found it's highly beneficial to everyone. It can make me be free from sadness, and able to be happy all the time.

I write this mail to ask you to propagate & promote this dharma (mental knowledge) to the whole world.

?Satisfied .. Desire-less ==> No Sadness? and ?Reasoning .. Think Good .. Do Good ==> Happy Mood .. Happy World? .. A short but comprehensive phrase.

Or can be even shorter as
?No Desire = No Sadness? and ?Be Rational = Be Happy?.

I made it short so that it?s easy to remember and be recalled at all time. The knowledge is very simple, though it might need some more understanding on implementation.

Let me give you some example on how it works.

Steps to get rid of sadness:
1. Are you sad? Answer: Yes
2. Is it good to be sad? Answer: No
3. So! Now you know that you should recover from this sadness? Answer: Yes
4. Why are you sad? Answer: Because I want ??? , but I can not achieve it.
5. So, what do you think you should really have ?. that thing or satisfaction? Answer: Satisfaction
6. So, just stop wanting ? then the sadness is gone.

See? Very simple. One important point is ?. No more using the word ?want?.

Steps to become Happy:
1. Are you feeling happy? Answer: No
2. Have you ever been happy? Answer: Yes
3. Was it good to be happy? Answer: Yes
4. Do you think you should be happy now? Answer: Yes
5. Do you know what you can do now to be happy? Answer: Hmmm, I have to wait for a bus ? I normally feel good when singing. Oh, yes, I should sing while waiting for the bus.
6. That?s it. Control oneself at all time to do what one can do and should do.

Important words for being happy are: ?Reasoning?, ?Knowledge? (know the cause, know the result), ?Should?, and ?Do it Now?. One is feeling good when knowing one is doing right.

Simple idea, but sufficient to guarantee that, as a human being, one can be pleased at all time. It can make individuals and social become happy without needs of any money or material. It is applicable to any persons of any financial, social, or physical status. All we need is just to remind oneself of this dharma regularly.

Due to current crisis in our world, it?s highly essential to make people realize this dharma. Problems in the world are rising. This dharma can help eliminate social problems efficiently.

Let?s consider problems in our world. Problems happen because people do bad things. People that do bad things are not bad people. There are 2 major causes that make people do bad things. One is desire and the other is belief (wrong knowledge). What mainly made people do bad things is desire. Once people follow desire, they will do anything (good or bad) to fulfill their desire. Desire makes them unable to stop doing what they know they should not do. How about belief? People that believe in wrong thing do wrong thing. People with wrong knowledge would do incorrectly. However, if they are really reasonable they would find the truth after doing so.

For example, here are truths that I found:
- Things happen naturally, not magically. Nothing is beyond nature, except human minds which is unnatural.
- Everyone can be good people, if they know what is good, what is bad, and why should they do good.
- Social affect one?s life. If one make social becomes better, one would live better. If one make social become worse, one would suffer somehow.
- The mind and the brain are separated. The brain can work by itself for automatic tasks. However, the mind can control the brain to work as it want. What happens inside the brain is not necessarily to happen in the outside world. (Hmmm ... actually, I admit I am not sure about this one.)
- (But this one I am sure.) Love is a good feeling that one have toward another. Love as people understand is not true love. The way people want to live with someone is "want" or "desire". It's not love. Love is clean, pure, valuable, and precious. It's the feeling that one should have toward others and everything. People with "love" will see things beautiful, see good ways to deal with problems. People with "desire" or "hatred" will be agitated within oneself. Many problems happen because people mistake "desire" with "love".

There are reasons to prove that the sentences above is true. Once people realize the truth, good changes will happen to the whole world. We can prevent people from doing a bad thing. We can make the whole world happy eternally.

Problems happen even in people that are not doing anything. Those are people who live with stress. Many people are disappointed with the past, or unsatisfied with the present, or worried about the future. All these cause them to make problems to themselves and the world. The dharma can cure their stress, making them satisfied at any moment. The problems will be reduced.

Actually I am not sure if this thought is the best thought for human beings, but I think it?s very close, and it?s sufficient to argue with misunderstanding, belief, etc. I?ve been keeping it for some long time, and learn a lot more over time. The dharma has been modified somehow with the most current knowledge. I also need to practice more. The longer I hold this dharma in mind, the more knowledge I realized.

Please, sir, please help propagate this knowledge to as many people in the world as you can, so that our world will be peaceful, be a good place to live.

For your understanding, I am not doing this to make me famous or rich. Only the dharma that should be famous. I will try my best as an individual to clarify this knowledge to people I meet. But, as the organization with the objective to improve our world, you can do it more effectively by spreading this knowledge around the world in a short time. Please give this dharma as a New Year?s gift to the whole world.

By the way, I suggest calling this dharma as ?World Dharma? or ?Human Dharma? or ?Human Principle? or ?Fundamental Knowledge of Being a Human? ?. Better suggestions are always welcome.

If you have any questions, or even arguments, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Best regards,

Globe .. Kongjak Jaidee


Happy New Year, All Year, and All the Time
.. with this newly modified, conclusive, easy to remember and recall and realize, dharma (knowledge)
"No Desire = No Sadness"
"Be Rational = Be Happy"

Globe .. 30 December 2006


Tuesday 26 December 2006

1 life has limited time. So does 1 day, 1 month, and 1 year. Any activities need some time to complete.
Planning helps we complete things that should be completed timely.
For this special occasion, I wish all my beloved readers realize the value of planning, and start planning good things to do for each day, each month, each year, and each life.
In case of myself, I will use this special time as a milestone to start making plan for each day. (Hmmm, actually I have started planning already, just today.) It's great! I don't forget important tasks. The planning can also work like diary. From now on, my life shall be full of good activities. Wasted time should be reduced. Goals shall be achieved soon. At least, I shall be really happy all the time.

"All regulation prevents wisdom. Human beings shall be free to use brain & reasoning to find the truth." (Globe .. Dec 2006)

"Reasoning = Think before decide.
Let's hold rational & truth to eliminate believes & lies. (Globe .. Dec 2006)

So sad, Buddhists who seem to be strong buddhists, .. who respect Buddha and always join Buddhist activities, .. do not really understand buddha's teachings, -- the teaching that one should not believe in anyone, but to use reasoning to find knowledge by oneself ---, otherwise they would stop believing in magics, and express doubts about history of Buddha.

Some truth is easy to find, some is difficult to find. For example, it's easy to know that my name is Globe. But it's difficult know why I am bald.

Even dreaming is a truth.
A life with many wonderful dreaming is also a worthy life.


Tuesday 19 December 2006

A few weeks ago I wrote that reasoning should be put above laws.
Let me show you some example.
In court, the complainant and the defendant would try their best to explain their supportive reasons, in order to persuade the judge that they are right, or not so bad. Knowledge would be used for reasoning. More people in court will share knowledge. And the fact, the true knowledge would come.
Lastly, reasoning will lead to fact .. true knowledge. Both sides will derive the reasonable agreements & punishment ...

Why is it?? Why the attorney who defends the defendant, by lying intentionally is not punished after the truth is revealed ?
Are you sure that the laws is right, acceptable ?

I used to be a man who believes in what one is thinking, or learning. Until I realized a teaching of Buddha, that nothing or nobody shall be believed. Everything should just be known.. Truly known, at least to one's reasoning at that moment. Therefore, I am now open to suggestions and arguments from everyone.

We don't act so outgoing, coz we knows that someone might not like it.
We dare not smiling to everyone, coz we knows that some of them may not like the smile.
We avoid walking in the dark or dangerous place, coz we know there might be dangerous people there.
We install anti-thief device, coz we know it might help protect us from robbery.
We work for richness, coz we know it might help make living more safely.
We don't tell police for all illegal acts we know, coz we know it might not be safe.
We ignore doing many good things, coz we know it might cause trouble.
We never try to make everyone in the world do only good things, coz we never knew that it's feasible to be so.
So, wouldn't you want to join me in making everyone in the world do only good things .... when you realize the truth that it's truly feasible.


Tuesday 12 December 2006

Dear All,
I have made conclusive phrase for the world dharma, and also created a logo for it, in both Thai and English versions. Feel free to use it at your good will.

For me, I may use this logo, or any other means to spread the dharma throughout the world, until everyone knows that we should use reasoning... and throw away all believes. .... Then, we would be able to unify the world easily.

"ࡔ???ǃ໧?ʘ??ء??Ц#034; (˃׍ "ࡔ??ྗ ?繊آ?ء??Ц#034;)
"?ͣ? .. 䃩͂ҡ ==> ?ÒȨҡ?ء?즣034;
"?Ӵ .. ??ؼ ==> ??໧?ʘ? .. Ⅱʧ?ʘ?"

"Born to be Happy All the Time"
"Satisfied .. Desire-less ==> No Sadness"
"Reasoning .. Think Good .. Do Good ==> Happy Mood .. Happy World"

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Reasoning of My Behave
15 March 2007
- My objective is "the Peaceful World".
- Nothing for my own, but true peace in the world. The world of happy people.
- No one does the same way I do.
- I think this way should lead to success. (It's the best way I can think of. And my approach is improving.)
- If I don't do what I know I can do, I would not be able to live happily.
- If what I am doing is wrong, and lead to my death, I should be born in the world with knowledge of "satisfied", "do good", and "United World".


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Kongjak Jaidee is pleased to provide these services
1. Tuition
- Thai Language
- Computer: Windows XP, Linux, Internet, Word, Excel, Powerpoint
- GIS, Remote Sensing, GPS -- ArcView, ArcGIS, Erdas Imagine

+ Students can learn together and share the cost of 100 bt/hour (5 persons = 20 baht each)
+ Please be punctual.

2. Document translation (English-Thai-English)
Translation price: ranging from 200 baht/page (highest quality) to 20 baht/page (summarized at a ratio of 5:1)
+ Prefer to communicate via e-mails.

3. Computer repair

+ Services include software installation, virus removal, system configuration, etc.

4. Satellite Imagery and GIS Data Processing

+ Services include image georectification, clipping, mosaicking, classification, data analysis, 2D and 3D mappings, etc.
+ Prefer to communicate via e-mails.

5. Personal Tour Guide

Cost of Services
100 Baht per hour.
However, you don't have to pay if you are not satisfied with the service, or you don't have money. And I don't have to continue working if I feel uneasy to work on that job. Yes, whether the cancellation is from you or me, payment is not required.

Interested persons please contact me at
Mobile Phone: 66-84-7043345

History of Jobs
- Teach English to K. Nim ... 10 hours ... 1,000 Baht
- Making 3D GIS maps of underground oil layers for K. June ... 1,000 Baht
- Interpreting, analyzing and making forest maps for K. Pong ... 1,000 Baht
- Composing paper's Abstract for K. Pong and his friend ... 200 Baht
- Teach English to K. Noih ... 1 hour per day ... 100 Baht/hour
- Preparing satellite images and interpreting landslide area for K. Tum ... 2,400 Baht
- Analyzing GIS vector layers in the study area of landslide for K. Tum ... 1,500 Baht
- More GIS analysis for K. Tum ... 600 Baht
- Teach GIS software installation, how to create new a layer of dormitory, how to measure distance, and how to make Hotlink to K. Beam ... 300 Baht
- Create website about Car Driving School for K. Somkiat ... 1,000 Baht (work not yet complete)
- The speaker in a training program presenting "Application of GIS in Real Estate Business" at Rangsit University (TST Building) 19 May 2009 ... 3,000 Baht (Knew only half day in advance, worked until 2 AM)
- Sell CD/DVD as collection of good scientific VDO clips from Youtube in the nearby open market ... Started 25 May 2009 ... Current income 80 Baht (Sold 4 CDs ... still never up :)
- Fix computer (OS problem) for K. Yin ... 170 Baht (in total of 2 times)