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[Announced on 22 Nov 2016]
I will organize an important event:
The 1st World Unification Activists Workshop

at United World Monument
on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th February 2017.

I intend to make this event very productive.
I hope this event can bring world unification activists together for supporting each other toward our goal of one world.
In this workshop, Mr. Toshio Suzuki from Japan will also give a presentation about World Party.

Participants are limited to only 20 persons.
Registration fee = 1000 baht (with a hotel room and transportation service from Uthumpornpisai District) or 300 baht (without room and transportation services)

For more details please visit:

Interested person please contact me, Kongjak:


Saturday 21 June 2014

Dear my international friends, (actually I'd better say 'my world friends'),
I am so sorry for haven't updated here for so long.
And now I've realized that I might not have time to talk with you here. (Though I have something to say to you in English here.... something that I either can't or don't want to say in Thai.)
Anyway, what I am going to tell you now is that I have some updated news of mine for you to read in English.
It's very updated, coz I copy all posts in my Facebook to that page regularly.
It's actually my Thai web page in this website. Here is the link.

It's maybe because of socialism of human blood, that made me update stories in FB almost everyday, but not in static web pages like these.
(That means I don't even write to greet people in the Thai web page lately.)

Hope you like this solution. (I like it though. Coz it gives me much convenience. Ha ha ha.)

See ya!! (You can even talk with me via Facebook)

Globe's Words of the Week

"Without any sadness at all, we might just feel so-so with happiness."

"Any changes that claim to develop the society but actually lead to hatred among human beings are considered being against the idea of world unification."

"The ways to happiness of each person can be different."

"As long as Kim Jong-un is a human being, I still believe that he can turn over a new leaf someday."


Wednesday 8 January 2014

Happy New Year 2014, my dear GoodJai fan club ;)
I started this year with a trip to Myanmar.
It was a great time. It is my first time in Myanmar. So, most of the time was travelling time, although I went there for assisting a business of my senior (studied in the same faculty 3 years earlier than me.)
From 27th Dec 2013 to 4th Jan 2014, I learned many new things.
People in big cities in Myanmar seems to live with more difficulties than in Thailand. (Maybe because of having too few problems, Thai people create problems by making demonstration against election!)
I also met several good-looking girls in Myanmar. I even tried to chase one girl, but I was not successful. (If I had stayed longer, there might be a chance of success.)
Here is her picture.

This is her. (Dec 28, 2013. At a mall in Yangon.)

[NB. The Chinese girl I posted before has never contacted me.]

Globe's Words of the Week

"Why women give so high priority to handbags and shoes? .. Most men seem to pay no attention to look at these two things at all. ^_^"

"When we have money, we should use the money prudently for maximum benefits.
When we have no money, we can still use our hands fully for maximum benefits."

"Although you will not come back, I still hope that, some day, the feeling of mine will reappear."


Saturday 9 November 2013

My apology very much for haven't updated this webpage for so long long long time.

Yesterday I came back from Bangkok. (I go there about 10 days a month recently).
I did an activity for world unification as usual. (On Sat 2 Nov)
I had a new dressing style, as suggested by my friend "Jeab". You can look at the pictures below.
I spent time about 1 hour (from 4:30 to 5:30 pm); standing for a short while then walked for about 1 kilometer along the road. Most people ignored me. However, a few gave good response.
I know now how to make this set more stable and easier for carrying on a bus next times. ^_^


The most important thing I want to say in this post is about my love. I almost got a life mate (without much intention).
She is a Chinese. I met her around Khao Sarn Road, while she was asking some policemen who did not understand that she asked about a bus going to Donmuang Airport. I was about to go back, so I decided at once to take her to the airport. Eventually, we got on the bus No. 59 together.
Actually, her face and her dressing style were not the type of my dream girl. However, after spending some time talking and knowing each other more. She has become more and more beautiful. I eventually accept in my heart that I can marry this girl. But, anyway, she had to move on as her travelling plan to India.
I missed the opportunity to get married again.
I told her I believed in 'destiny' that brings us together. But actually I want to tell you more that I think we have learned each other enough in this short time.
Anyway, the dreamful feeling for beautiful love is a magnificent feeling.
Lastly, I want to conclude that ..... what I suspected is not true. 'A man over 40 years old can still love someone sincerely.' :)

This is her. (Nov 3, 2013. At Don Muang Airport)

New style of my dress when distributing flyers for world unification on Nov 2, 2013.

Globe's Words of the Week

"The world is moving ahead. New technologies keep appearing to our eyes. But our feelings seem to have nothing new beyond happy, sad, shy, lonely, lustful, excited, discouraged, etc. Anyway, the most wonderful feeling is ..... the hopeful feeling toward the eternally beautiful love. :)"

"I wonder why Thai people and Cambodian people still have to compete for ownership over the area of Phra Viharn Temple. In next two years, both countries will be in ASEAN Community. Then, ASEAN people should have equal right over public properties in ASEAN region, isn't it? World Unification must give equal right over world public properties to all world citizen."
(However, I support the protest for liberty of Mr. Weera Somkwamkid. No political prisoner should be imprisoned more than 2 days.)

"Political protests happening in Thailand recently only result in wealth and power of the leaders of the winning group. General people gain no benefits. We still face many social problems. We still have to work hard and stressfully. Hatred still spreads all over communities. Lets change. Lets make a protest for world unification instead. Benefits from world unification will truly benefit everyone. (These include freedom to travel around the world, peace between all world states that have armies no more, peaceful communities around the world due to global love among human beings, efficient global development due to convenient cooperation among world states, ownership of the whole world together, etc.)"

"Everything happening on earth is beautiful .. except only bad action from an unkind heart of a human."

"Some of us are sad not because the current situation is so bad, but because we dream for a better situation too much."

"The key of doing business is not taking money from customers, but serving happiness to them."

"If the time for money is not also a happy time, then we should not lose that time."

"Cultural rules are nonsense. Natural rules all make sense."

"All employees want to be valuable for the society, not for the employer."

"A car allows us to go faster, but that doesn't mean it gives us more free time."

"Which type of vehicles doesn't need any maintenance from us? Public bus."

"Thai people who don't take any action to oppose corrupt politicians are called "Apathetic Thais". So, can I also call world people who don't take any action against country leaders who are all corrupt and never talk about world unification because they want to maintain their power (despite knowing that once the world is unified, true peace and freedom will happen to all world citizens) as "Apathetic humans"? "


=========================================== =========================================== =========================================== ===========================================


The time now has passed midnight of 11 May 2013.
I am so glad that I have just finished writing the story "7 days in a Laotian Prison" in English.
I actually wanted to publish this story a long time ago.
Now I can't wait longer, because it has been one year already since I entered the prison.
I want to tell my prisoner friends that "I miss you. My apology for not being able to help you much at this moment."
If you are interested in reading the story, please click the link below.
Memory of the Quest for the Real Mate
And the 7-day Experience in a Laotian Prison


Monday 7 January 2013

Greeting New Year 2013.
I have 2 pictures to show you today.

This photo was taken in Wat Pra Kaew with Tom (my friend) and his wife. The photo was taken by a kind officer.
Ahh! Eventually, there is more than 1 United World Supporters.
How is the T-shirt? Do they look nice?
Think about it .. suppose we have 20 United World Supporters campaigning for world unification together for a day. Oh! the dream would come true soon.

This pic is the New Year card I posted on Facebook.
The times or the amount of time specified in the card might not be in agreement with general emotions and behaviors of us.
However, the point is that, I want us to think about the "Happy all the time" life. This should stimulate us to think about the kinds, the amount, and the length of happiness that we should feel, so that we have proper combination of happy and sadness.

Globe's Words of the Week

"Happy New Second :)"

"The principle of world unification is very easy to understand .. It is not complicate like mathematical or physics theories.
World unification is difficult not because people don't understand the benefits, .. but rather because people are distracted by desire."

"If you approach me in a sexy way .. you will get only sex in return.
But if you approach me in a lovely way .. you will receive both love and sex from this good heart ;)"


Sunday 30 D