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I would like to try finding a (the) life mate via the internet again. This time, due to the large content, I made a special web page for this purpose.
If you are interested, please visit this link
(The content is still far from complete, but I intend to promote the page on Facebook on Sept 23, 2018 (I actually postponed the date in my mind 2 times already). I may need to update it regularly until I actually find the mate.)

Globe .. 8:44 AM, September 23, 2018


(2 March 2010)
It's good to be alone and have a free heart to love.
Is your love still alive, Globe?
Maybe it's dead now, but a rebirth is still possible :-)


(6 November 2009)
I used to meet a girl who impresses me even now.
It was about 7 years ago.
She came from Switzerland. I met her during the campaign against war in Iraq.
After watching the concert together, I offered to send her off at her accommodation place.
We got chances to talk. She asked me many good questions. Also, she said she just wish people do not develop any technology, just try to live with nature naturally.
I argued that we wouldn't have met if there were no airplanes to bring her here.
Anyway, NOW she's really impressive.
Unfortunately, at that time she was waiting to meet her boyfriend in the next days, and I was planing to meet my another impressive girl in a few days.


Love may need to grow by itself. Probably we can't try to grow it up.... Just like the recent failure of my long relationship. (6 November 2009)
It ended well, with knowledge for both of us. Thank you soft.


Despite becoming old,
it seems like I am still not ready for love.

Friends, don't worry for failure in love.
That means you still own one precious thing ... the freedom to love. (11 Sept 2009)


Qualifications of My Dream Lover

Updated: Saturday 6 May 2006

I used to have 32 qualifications for characteristics of my dream lover. Now, after failure from the first attempt for real love, I've realized that the qualifications were too many. I might not be able to find someone with those 32 items... (I may have to live lonely forever : )

Therefore, now I have only 4 qualifications for the woman that will be my forever sweetheart.

1. Love me as much as I love our world.

2. Love to unify our world as much as loving me.

3. Physically --- Have the most beautiful face and the nicest shape in the world. (Judged by me : )

4. Mentally --- Be the best woman in the world, with the most rational thinking and the nicest heart. (Judged by me : )

With these reduced qualifications, .... I believe I will be able to find the one soon. : )


Remark ---- Below is my former 32 qualifications

I am not so ready for love at this time. However, when I am ready, I would look for a girlfriend with these characteristics.

1. I can choose by myself without any forcing factors, at the time I am ready to choose, and after enough consideration.
2. Have beautiful face. Nice body. Good personalities. White skin. (Whiter than me.) And I feel like falling in love from the first sight.
3. Good heart. Good mind. Kind hearted. And being nice to everyone.
4. Hard working. Highly responsible to work. No corruption. Has a job that benefits the social.
5. Eager to learn more knowledge. Don't waste time with entertainment.
6. Agree with my idea to unify our world.
7. Happy and cheerful almost all the time.
8. Feel the same to me as I feel to her.
9. Love exercising. Love music (singing and listening) and dancing.
10. Don't like to spend money with expensive and unnecessary stuff. Not over-spent but also not too stingy.
11. Naturally beautiful. Did not become beautiful because of surgery. But being beautiful by nature, by smiling, by good heart, by being cheerful, by exercising, and by internal beauty. No need to put any makeup to be beautiful.
12. Honest to love. After agree to settle love with anyone, will never cheat to the love both mentally and physically.
13. Doesn't have so many family problems (either with me, or among themselves).
14. Unmarried, and virgin.
15. Ready to go together in any ways our lives have to be.
16. Understand my duties, and let me do it.
17. Not crazy in materials or collections.
18. Not crazy in irrational believes.
19. Believe in rationality. Be reasonable.
20. Able to live on by oneself. Pride with dignity. Prefer to help oneself than asking help from others.
21. Don't care much about money.
22. Able to have fun with me.
23. Give importance to love.
24. Has self belief in mind to build a better social (world).
25. Prefer to wear dress that covers most part of the body. Don't dress with too little cloth that may induce sexual harassment from bad guys.
26. Her dad and mum don't expect me to be able to arrange a luxurious wedding party or a simple party like others.
27. Work hard. Fight with a tough life.
28. Healthy. Doesn't have serious illness or diseases.
29. Young.
30. Has some background knowledge on pure science, computer, English, and Japanese.
31. Outgoing (Do things openly.) Self-confident. Can act without much caring of others' opinion.
32. It would be preferable if the girl is from a country far away from Thailand.



Power of LOVE
"Run for Love"

Despite hesitation that it might not be appropriate, I couldn't help stop myself from doing it.
Today I joined the Okinawa International Marathon.

I knew that she joined it last year. I knew even that her time for the 10-km running was just slightly over 1 hour. And I believed that she must do it again this year. Therefore, despite serious continuous back-pain, despite the fear that it might upset her or her family, despite not being registered for running, I decided to get up 5:30 AM and joined other friends to the marathon. . Wishing that maybe we can run together sweetly all the way, or at least, if I cannot run, I can take some photos for her.

Friends and me went there by bus, and arrived there before 9 AM. It was the starting time of the 40-km race. There were many people. I tried to look for her, but couldn't find her. Then we went to put away our bags. Because of some trivial things and there were so many people I couldn't see her before the start of 10-km race at 9:30.

Though I prepared somehow, in case I can run, but with the long sleeves jacket and long pants I was not really ready for running. Anyway, when the race started, I joined them.

I was surprised that my back didn't hurt much when I started running for some time. I ran and tried to look for her, and that helps to relieve some pain. Also I tried not to run too fast to ensure that the pain wouldn't come up, but after running for a while the slight back-pain started coming. However, it was too far to return. (I did not know that we suppose to run back to the same way.) I had to keep going. I had no exercise for almost 2 weeks because of back-pain, but maybe because of the magic of love or because of my personal strength that made me feel no tired, while I saw some people start acting like tired. I told myself that I have to reach the 10-km goal before 1 hour so that I can take a picture of her when she runs into the goal. Anyway, I cannot run fast, my stomach also started to feel some pain. But worst of all was not my back, it's my right knee that started sore.

Then I realized that we have to run back the same way after I saw some good runners ran back to the opposite road. I tried to look for her because I think she was in front of me, but couldn't find her (Along the way, there are many times that I saw some people that looked like her but none was her, and some I couldn't even check whether that's her or not) Until almost reaching the point where other people made a turn, I decided to cheat by crossing the road before the turning point. I tried to catch up with my friend but felt serious pain in my knees. I decided to stop. I waved a taxi, but he didn't stop for me. I had no choice. I had to use my own physical ability to get back to the starting & end spot before 1 hour. I kept on running, but not only the pain of the knee, the tiredness also prevented me from running fast. I had to keep pace with my breathing.

Eventually,,, aaahhhh, slightly less than 1 hour I arrived the starting point, and ran into the field where we suppose to run around and pass the final destination. I stopped just there, waited and looked for her at the final destination. The rain keeps raining more, but I decided to wait and wait and wet,, until I am sure that she wouldn't take this much time.

After changing cloth, I walked around slowly with all the pains, trying to look for her car but couldn't find it. Conclusively, today I didn't see her. Maybe she really didn't come. Or maybe she joined the race but I was too stupid to find her. Or maybe she changed her mind from joining the race because of knowing from someone that I would join the race.

You may think "What a stupid love is this?? Crazy for someone who never pays attention to you". I think so. It's unreasonable. My apology to those suffering people in the world. .. Hmm.. this is not the first time I am crazy because of the feeling of love. Maybe it's my sin. Anyway, I am happy that I did it. I couldn't stay in the room happily while thinking "maybe I can do it".

Thankss LOVE, if not because of you I wouldn't know that I could run for 9 km while having back-pain like this. And now the back pain is not a serious matter for me anymore.

Globe .. Sunday 26 February 2006


Saturday 11 February 2006

Valentine's Day is coming soon.  I might not get a chance to make a greeting here on that day since I will go to Tokyo tomorrow (Feb 12) and come back on Feb 16.  During that time I might have inconvenience in using the Internet.  So let me greet you today with a discussion about love .. to celebrate this special event.

**** Love is not that beautiful ****

I used to believe that love is a precious feeling. It's like a treasure to cherish. However, I am not so sure now.

The Buddha teaches us to cease the 4 kinds of passion namely LOVE, GREED, ANGER, and DESIRE ..   I absolutely agree the lose the latter 3 (greed, anger, and desire). But for LOVE, I cannot agree ..  It's something I've been heard about its beauty. Many songs say love is such a wonderful feeling of human beings.. Why should I have no LOVE ????

Until now that I tend to think so .. after realizing that my love is filled with sadness and hesitation.  Love is the only thing that can make me forget to "do good things", and make me fall from the heaven. (If you don't understand please read the article "Let's Live in Heaven".) ..  So often that I am not able to concentrate in study.  So often that my mind has been wandering.  So often that I spend much time to complete an easy activity because of unconsciousness.  I start to lose respect in my dignity. My mind always thinks about love both when I am hopeful or hopeless. And the worst time is when I am hopeless.  It's really sad to see her seems to love anyone else more than me. (I make a lie to myself that she loves me.) ...  The two principles of mine cannot be used effectively when I am in such depressed feeling. There is so much hesitation in my mind... I can't try so hard because of my pride ("Why should I try to get love from a girl who doesn't care me?") and my unreadiness. .. I can't try so little because I want it to be a great love. ... And I can't give up because I still feel somehow hopeful. ("Maybe she doesn't respond anything because she's not ready or she just wants to see my attempt.") .... Anyway, this love just makes me overwhelmed with stupidity.

I start to agree to the teaching to cease love, greed, anger, and desire.  Love is actually an evil passion.  It's not beautiful like what people say.  It makes human being become unconscious, stupid and blind.  It may be even more malicious than other kinds of passion, because after become unconscious from love, greed, anger, and desire can occupy the mind so easily.  Considering many problems in the social, love is one major cause of them.  Love has caused killing, suicide, quarrelling, hatred, sadness, and even mentally disabled.  Historically it also caused many wars.

Realizing that, I try to apply my two principles to pull myself up to heaven.  I noticed that the first one, SATISFIED, is more important than the second one, Do Good.  That's because if we try to do good without being satisfied and admit the truth we might want to try as best as we can to get the love from someone .. which might not be a good thing to do. ...   See? My principles still work. : )

However, despite danger of love, I still don't want to remove it from my heart permanently now, because of two reasons.  1. There are good points of love, for example making us cheerful, and prevent us from promiscuity.   2. I think I can control it somehow. I should be able to love and be reasonable at the same time.    So, I would like to try loving 10 more times.   Maybe, eventually, I will find that the true love, which is mutual (both-sided) and possible, will bring true and eternal happiness, and provide strength to burden any tasks pleasantly.  But if the results are still the same (cause me persistent worry of losing it) .. I will then fully believe that love is a disgusting passion that cannot exist in a man with wisdom.

Well ...... in conclusion, I just want to say that .. hurt should bring some knowledge.



Search our world with Google
Kongjak Jaidee is pleased to provide these services
1. Tuition
- Thai Language
- Computer: Windows XP, Linux, Internet, Word, Excel, Powerpoint
- GIS, Remote Sensing, GPS -- ArcView, ArcGIS, Erdas Imagine

+ Students can learn together and share the cost of 100 bt/hour (5 persons = 20 baht each)
+ Please be punctual.

2. Document translation (English-Thai-English)
Translation price: ranging from 200 baht/page (highest quality) to 20 baht/page (summarized at a ratio of 5:1)
+ Prefer to communicate via e-mails.

3. Computer repair

+ Services include software installation, virus removal, system configuration, etc.

4. Satellite Imagery and GIS Data Processing

+ Services include image georectification, clipping, mosaicking, classification, data analysis, 2D and 3D mappings, etc.
+ Prefer to communicate via e-mails.

5. Personal Tour Guide

Cost of Services
100 Baht per hour.
However, you don't have to pay if you are not satisfied with the service, or you don't have money. And I don't have to continue working if I feel uneasy to work on that job. Yes, whether the cancellation is from you or me, payment is not required.

Interested persons please contact me at
Mobile Phone: 66-84-7043345

History of Jobs
- Teach English to K. Nim ... 10 hours ... 1,000 Baht
- Making 3D GIS maps of underground oil layers for K. June ... 1,000 Baht
- Interpreting, analyzing and making forest maps for K. Pong ... 1,000 Baht
- Composing paper's Abstract for K. Pong and his friend ... 200 Baht
- Teach English to K. Noih ... 1 hour per day ... 100 Baht/hour
- Preparing satellite images and interpreting landslide area for K. Tum ... 2,400 Baht
- Analyzing GIS vector layers in the study area of landslide for K. Tum ... 1,500 Baht
- More GIS analysis for K. Tum ... 600 Baht
- Teach GIS software installation, how to create new a layer of dormitory, how to measure distance, and how to make Hotlink to K. Beam ... 300 Baht
- Create website about Car Driving School for K. Somkiat ... 1,000 Baht (work not yet complete)
- The speaker in a training program presenting "Application of GIS in Real Estate Business" at Rangsit University (TST Building) 19 May 2009 ... 3,000 Baht (Knew only half day in advance, worked until 2 AM)
- Sell CD/DVD as collection of good scientific VDO clips from Youtube in the nearby open market ... Started 25 May 2009 ... Current income 80 Baht (Sold 4 CDs ... still never up :)
- Fix computer (OS problem) for K. Yin ... 170 Baht (in total of 2 times)