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Tuesday 15 May 2007

On the way back my hometown .. fined for fast driving
"Hmm ... Mr Police, I know that I have to pay you the fine anyway, but could you please let me explain something before giving you the money, please.

Oh .. Mr Police, do you think what you do is totally correct? Is it really good to set up a gate to check and find people who drive fast? I don't think it's so correct. Probably it's even more wrong than letting people drive fast.

Please be patient to listen. Let me explain some more. By saying so, I have supportive reasons. I think I should be able to drive a lot safer if I don't have to worry about your check. It's so easy for me to guess the minds of other drivers, but so difficult to guess your mind on where you would place the check gate.

Mr Police please listen to me some more. I do respect you, but let's discuss with reasoning.

I believe you understand that.. all drivers love their lives, love their cars, and love other people in the world. We all don't want to cause accidents. Everyone would start with driving slowly at the beginning of driving. However, for me, who's been driving for 10 years, I can drive over 150 km/hr safely. However, I decide to drive at only 120 km/hr since I consider unreliable conditions of my car and others' cars. Driving fast in other's eyes is driving safe in my eyes. I am sure that my driving is safe. People are different, due to tons of factors. We should not use the same figure to control speed of all drivers.

Moreover, for me, driving slowly doesn't mean driving safe for me, especially in such this long distance driving. I need to keep concentration on driving. If I drive slowly I might lose concentration, or become sleepy. Thus driving fast means driving safe for me.

Let me show you one more example. You see the Formula 1 Racing? No drivers want to have accidents, but their speed is not controled. They just have to learn how fast they can drive safe.

Oh, Mr Police. If you reall think driving fast is a wrong thing, why don't you check all the way long. Catch everyone who drives fast, on any kinds of roads. Or just control manufacturing of all cars so that they cannot move faster than 100 km/hr.

Please don't be serious. What I have said might be wrong. I don't think I will be always correct. Please listen some more, Mr Police.

I think you should consider modify the laws. Punish wrong-doing people at the same level of badness he/she has done, rather than to fine someone who has not done anything wrong yet. If the laws is strong, for example, killer must admit execution, all drivers would be very careful. You'd better driving along the road with us, to help us right in time when there's accident, rather than making us be worried from your fine.

See? Here are just some reasons as I could think of now. There might be some more reasons to prove that you should not set up a fine gate on highway like this. .... Anyway, now I just have to admit ... laws is laws.. Here is it, 200 Baht for the fine. Thanks for listening though."

At home, my hair was cut too. .. Oh .. a ruled life. :(


Tuesday 24 January 2006

Dear all,

I suppose to continue discussion about "Free Time", but since I've just discovered something great. Please allow me to talk about my discovery today. I believe that this discovery will be highly fruitful for everyone and the whole world, because it will help us save lots of money and resources.

What I discover is -- how to get drunk without having to drink alcoholic drinks --.
As we all know, how much we lose from drinking alcoholic drinks,
1. Lose money .... Beer or whisky is not free .. They are expensive.
2. Lose resources ... It needs much natural resources and human power to produce and merchandise alcoholic drinks.
3. Lose time ... It takes time to get drunk by drinking.
4. Lose lives ... Alcohol drinking often leads to accident and disputation.
5. Lose credit ... Good man may become crazy after get drunk from drinking.
6. Lose food .. from vomit.

Let's see what I found out. We can get drunk similar to drinking alcoholic drink. But by getting drunk my way it loses almost nothing, ... and we can be drunk almost anytime anywhere we are ready to be drunk.    The solution is .... taaa daaa ... turning around ... Ah ha .. you don't believe, right? .... Try it, turn round and round and round and round and round then you'll get drunk for sure. ..... We don't need to spend even a penny, and it's like taking excercise at the same time.   Moreover, we can control the level of being drunk easily.   Turn more rounds and faster to get more drunk, or slowly & continuously turn to get slight drunk.    Each one can turn with their own style. .. We can even get drunk while drinking just water.     One important point is that being drunk this way we can drive. It doesn't take long time to recover from being drunk. And police will not find alcohol in the blood.   : )

See? How great is my discovery (haaaa)   Please help spread the knowledge.... so that our world will be free from danger of alcoholic drinks.    No copyright for this method. Let's have a turning drunk party : )

Caution : Be careful with being drunk .... even it's just Turning Drunk, you may fall from the steps or become too dizzy to work.

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Kongjak Jaidee is pleased to provide these services
1. Tuition
- Thai Language
- Computer: Windows XP, Linux, Internet, Word, Excel, Powerpoint
- GIS, Remote Sensing, GPS -- ArcView, ArcGIS, Erdas Imagine

+ Students can learn together and share the cost of 100 bt/hour (5 persons = 20 baht each)
+ Please be punctual.

2. Document translation (English-Thai-English)
Translation price: ranging from 200 baht/page (highest quality) to 20 baht/page (summarized at a ratio of 5:1)
+ Prefer to communicate via e-mails.

3. Computer repair

+ Services include software installation, virus removal, system configuration, etc.

4. Satellite Imagery and GIS Data Processing

+ Services include image georectification, clipping, mosaicking, classification, data analysis, 2D and 3D mappings, etc.
+ Prefer to communicate via e-mails.

5. Personal Tour Guide

Cost of Services
100 Baht per hour.
However, you don't have to pay if you are not satisfied with the service, or you don't have money. And I don't have to continue working if I feel uneasy to work on that job. Yes, whether the cancellation is from you or me, payment is not required.

Interested persons please contact me at
Mobile Phone: 66-84-7043345

History of Jobs
- Teach English to K. Nim ... 10 hours ... 1,000 Baht
- Making 3D GIS maps of underground oil layers for K. June ... 1,000 Baht
- Interpreting, analyzing and making forest maps for K. Pong ... 1,000 Baht
- Composing paper's Abstract for K. Pong and his friend ... 200 Baht
- Teach English to K. Noih ... 1 hour per day ... 100 Baht/hour
- Preparing satellite images and interpreting landslide area for K. Tum ... 2,400 Baht
- Analyzing GIS vector layers in the study area of landslide for K. Tum ... 1,500 Baht
- More GIS analysis for K. Tum ... 600 Baht
- Teach GIS software installation, how to create new a layer of dormitory, how to measure distance, and how to make Hotlink to K. Beam ... 300 Baht
- Create website about Car Driving School for K. Somkiat ... 1,000 Baht (work not yet complete)
- The speaker in a training program presenting "Application of GIS in Real Estate Business" at Rangsit University (TST Building) 19 May 2009 ... 3,000 Baht (Knew only half day in advance, worked until 2 AM)
- Sell CD/DVD as collection of good scientific VDO clips from Youtube in the nearby open market ... Started 25 May 2009 ... Current income 80 Baht (Sold 4 CDs ... still never up :)
- Fix computer (OS problem) for K. Yin ... 170 Baht (in total of 2 times)