Greetings in the Past


Tuesday 5 December 2006

Dear my lovely readers,
Let's talk something less serious.
My new life in the new condominium is quite comfortable. I get up about 5:45 AM. Walk to the train station for 20 min. (due to back pain, I decide to stop running to work.) Be in the train for 40 min, reading, listening to music. Walk again 10 min to the cafeteria. ...... And use the same way, same transportation back home in the evening. Get home earlier than before, but probably inhale same amount of air pollution.

The days before I thought about public places. A bar might be a public, for allowing people to come and have fun, ... but the truth is that it belongs to the owner (who might welcome only payable customer.) The sidewalk of a road is a true public place. We can do anything we want,, as long as it doesn't harm others. .. no need to worry the owner's feeling. It seems like people love to share love in public place. However, once one wants to occupy some part of the public place .. there comes competition and hatred. .... Love fades away.

Yesterday I saw bad advertising on the internet. I am quite worry about the way people use the internet in a bad way. Internet is a very effective tool to propagate knowledge, ,, but it can also be a dangerous tool for the evil deed. It's being used to enhance desire and know-less. Those people who gain money unfairly (and make no benefit to the social as a whole) from the internet might think what they do is not so bad.. just input digital data.. But the fact is that it's very malicious to the social and the world.

Lastly, I would like to end this greeting with this poem, which should enhance understanding about the dharma ... Do Good ==> Happy Mood

I look ... not I see
I listen ... not I hear
I touch ... not I sense
I smell ... not it smells
I taste ... not it tastes
.... While singing .. I am listening to my voice.
Look well   Listen well   Touch well   Smell well   Taste well    Do Good   ... Happy Mood
Globe ...... November - December 2006


Tuesday 28 November 2006

At anytime .. in any situations ...
The mind sees the current conditions as
1) Already fine 2) Better then expected 3) Worse than expected.
The mind normally set up something in mind before hand. The goal is already set in advance. Once the truth (the result) happened .. the mind becomes
1) Peaceful ==> when seeing that things happen as expected.
2) Joyous ==> when seeing that things happen better than expected.
3) Sad (angry, upset, worry, afraid, etc) ==> when seeing things happen worse than expected.
Consider our regular activities,
for example, going to work in the morning ...
Leaving home at 7 AM, the mind might set the goal that "I should arrive the office no later than 8 AM."
But the truth may not be as what's judged in the mind.
The road to work relate to many factors.
And make one sad when facing the traffic jam, the bad air, etc..

That's nature of general human beings ....
... want to have, what one has not.
... forget, what one already has.

Man normally set up goals.
The situation when the goal is set up, and the current situation might different. The goal should be changable, according to the surrounding environment.
Accept the truth... What really happens is the truth.

Sadness or happiness is up to the mind, whether it would be satisfied with the current situation or desire for more.

But if the mind perceives the World Dharma (which is collected from many teachings in the world.) that "Desire is the origin of sadness." One would surely choose to be satisfied with any current situation.

Therefore, to be free from sadness ... is not to be able to get everything one wants, but to be able to be satisfied with anything one has.

..... The mind with the World Dharma .... "Satisfied .. No desire .. No sadness" ...... "Do good ... reasonable ... comes happiness" .. all the time .... will never face uneasy situations.

Mind with dharma .. will not desire to reach the goal (despite some hope to reach the goal).
Mind with dharma ... is knowing what it should do, for what purpose, according to the internal and external affective factors.

Just like the way I try to unify the world.
I don't set the goal that it has to be successful.
There are so many factors, that might cause me failure.
However, I know what I should do now ... in order to reach the goal.. while the mind condition is free from desire, no sadness, open for happiness.

"Born to be Happy all the Time"

I have just bought a condominium (need to loan). Now I have moved from the apartment. I made the decision according to reasoning of my knowledge. More knowledge should be learned further.
.. Since the loan is not yet approved .... The room still need some arrangement .....
This time I might not be able to continue activities I have done. The date of World Unification might delay. My apology for this.

Recently, bad incidents happen a lot (especially killings from terrorists in Southern Thailand.) ... Anyway, good incidents may also keep happening.
I will try to finish the tasks, and join doing good too.
(By the way, the decision to buy the condominium might make me unable to resign from Government official withing next April as planned. : (


Tuesday 21 November 2006

Why do people want to be rich ?? ...
Is it really good to be rich ???
Is that the state we should be ???
Can everyone in the world be rich ???
The answer is NO !! .. If everyone is rich, then nobody is either rich or poor.
In order that someone would be rich, someone else must be poor.
Richness is the state of inequality.
People that want to be rich just need some poor people to serve them.
Rich people just want things more than necessities.
Rich people can keep richness only by preventing poor people from being equally rich.
Why would we want to be rich ..... when inequality cause a lot of social problems.
Because of following desire, rich people get what they want, but never get what they should have.
The peaceful world (peaceful society) will never be acheived when everyone wants to be rich. Competition prevents peace.
Don't let desire blinds ourselves from justice.
Peaceful world .... HOME ... safety in everywhere on earth ... is what we need most.
Cooperation, equality, and love are main composition of the peaceful world.
Let's stop wanting unnecessities.... Let's coorperate for what we and our next generations really should have. Stop wanting to be rich... Start doing good things for eternal happiness.


A bird nests in a fit nest.
Thus, ...... Globe is now living in an accommodation that is fit to his body, fit to his capability to keep it clean, fit to his budget and fit for him to work, sleep, etc... peacefully.


Tuesday 14 November 2006

A Happy Life

Do not want to do anything.
Do not need to do anything.
Do not do anything unconciously.
But do do what one knows one should do.

Satisfied .... No desire ..... No Sadness.
Do good .... Be reasonable .... Always happy.

Human World ... Human Nation ... Human Religion.


Tuesday 7 November 2006

People Database Maintained by Individuals.

One approach to utilize GIS efficiently I am thinking about is to let every land owners able to edit their land's boundary. (May need simultaneous log in with the owner of the adjacent land.) However, I started to think it's might be too fast or too difficult to perform that, according to the current global technology, internet and people's GIS literacy. However, considering my own website. I've got a new idea. How about we start working online with only attribute data (text) first.

Here's the explanation of the solution. We (the World Government, for example) will have a big server that is capable to hold data of everyone in the world. The web application will be developed to allow everyone to input his/her information into the database. The input information (for example, weight, height, jobs, income, house, eyesight, health condition, skill, knowledge, education, etc.) is accessible to everyone. At the beginning, the government may need to hire some volunteers to help low computer literacy people to input their data.

The benefits from this approach are :
- We will have complete, correct, and updated information to be used in the field of GIS, economic, health, environment, education, sociology, etc. (If the information for analysis is not correct, it would be the fault of input persons, not the officials who collect information as before.)
- All human beings will be educated to have enough knowledge to complete this task that is beneficial to the whole world.
- Everyone will be exposed to the open world.
- People will try to do good things, so that they have good information of themself to show to others worldwide.
- Other more complicated tasks which require higher technology and knowledge will be feasible.
- etc.

A Tribute to the Democracy Hero

On the day I heard of the news that Mr Nuamthong Praiwal drove his taxi to crash the military tank I thought I would go visit him in the hospital. However, I did not go... Hoping that I will do something good like him, and he may know that he has a partner like me. I let the time passed by too long. I felt so sad at the moment I heard that he had committed suicide by hunging himself with the crossing bridge in front of the headquater of Thairath newspaper. I am too late.
These days, the Thai society may be so bad as if it's covered with big cloud that darken the whole world, so uncle Nuamthong decided to kill himself to make a little hole that would allow some light of decocrycy to pass through the big cloud. .. I wish I could see him before that, and tell him of my plan to make the beautiful world. ... But it's too late to safe his life, and to fight for the dream together. .... Anyway, I would like to express healtfelt appreciation for his great dedication, that make many people in Thailand realize the bad effect of the coup d'etat that many people may be lured to support. The coup d'etat is not a right approach to solve the problem.

With the World Dharma in mind: "Satisfied" and "Do Good" .. This life is uncertain to be born again.. (or even being borne again it might not have enough knowledge to unify the world as of this existence.) ..... I will not die until I complete the world unification.

Remark Additions to the previous greeting last week. The way we say doing that or those is illegal as stated in the laws is similar to saying in bible or the scriptures of other religions to prohibit doing that or those. Eventhough it's a knowledge derived from many knowledgeable persons that one should not do those or that .... the way of telling people to believe and follow the rules is not the right approach. People will then have no real knowledge, and that wouldn't induce wisdom.


Tuesday 31 October 2006

It is stated clearly in the laws, doing like that is wrong. ... However, the laws can never be wrong.
It should be better ... if the court (jury) make a judge based on reasoning rather than what stated in the laws. Make "rationality" be more important than what is written. Some reasoning might not be covered or considered when composing the laws. There are factors when one choose whether to do or not to do something. It's hard to write laws that's best applicable to all conditions.
To enforce laws strictly might make people who broke the laws tries to lie in order to comply with the laws.
But if we judge according to reason, the accused person may tell the truth, and explain his/her reasons that support the decision of committing the crime.
The court, together with many knowledgable persons in the court would be able to discuss for true knowledge with him/her.

Opening "World Religion"
I would like to raise the World Dharma to the World Religion, in order to be alternatives for some people who disagree with all current religions, but still want to hold good dharma in mind.
The dharma still composes of two items: "Satisfied" and "Do Good"
There is no need to attend a church, no required activity, no prohibited rules, no prophet or savant or monks. It is only recommended that all believers should always keep the two principles in mind.
No matter how dumb, .. No matter how poor, ... as long as holding World Dharma in mind, one can be happy always.

If we can be satisfied and happy now because of realizing the truth of this dharma ... one can be sure of feeling happy at anytime and any conditions in the future.
And about the past, no Dharma is able to change what's already happened. However, the World Dharma enable ones to be satisfied with his/her past.

Please do not be mad at me... Please do not hate me ..... or you would suffer the bad feeling yourself.

While jogging to work... I recalled the little dog of Jaidee family. It made me feel cheerful suddenly.
I then realized that while thinking of good things ... joy would happen.
And whenever we feel sad, normally because the mind is thinking of some unfavorable things.
Thus doing good have to consider mind, speech, and action.

Keep on jogging, my mind then wandered to problems facing in office work.
I imagined life when living alone, if there's any problems, I would be eagerly work to solve the problem.
But what's about this work... How come I am not joyous while working to solve problems.
Anywork that people are doing, is for solving some problems.
We should not make problem solving become problem making.
I should keep reminding myself that .. I am solving problems.
The problems is beling solved. The problems will be eliminated. .. Then why I should be worried.... Or because I know that the problem solving will bring more problems... Then why on earth I keep on doing this work. ??


Tuesday 24 October 2006

Interesting VS Boring Knowledge
Oh... why I am sleepy while reading.. ?
why not when watching TV ?
Both give me knowledge .... just different in the amount of entertaining or interesting stuff.
Does that mean interest make we wantto know unconsciously.
Or that means Desire gave the power to do things.
Doing things with rational like me is not so interesting ... Is that the cause I am sleepy ????

World Waypoint Database
The easiest GIS layer is Point feature.
It would be truely efficient and make people aware of value of GIS if we start by having an Internet database of waypoints for all places in the world. The positions can be collected by any GPS and input to the web application using simple steps. Anybody with GPS can help fulfil the waypoint database.

Let's imagine... Once we have the Global Waypoint Database. The data will have standard attribute which is easy to search for information needed. For example... if I want to eat Laos food in Africa, I may search for restaurant first, then choose the ones with Laos food.. then narrow the selection down to only points within Africa. I would also know the person who input this data, and be able to contact that person or the owner of the restaurant for reservation.

Ohh... if this is true.. We will live much easier. I may be able to think about this, but may be too dumb to make it true. Hope someone will develop it soon... Or you would like to wait for me to unify the world first ??

World Unification has been started
I would like to proundly inform you that I have started expressing my idea of United World clearly.

Last week I have painted my T-shirts with words lie "We are the world" "World Dharma" "Satisfied" "Do good" ... more to come. I wore the shirts for several times already. People seem to be interested to see.

I feel a lot happier while being along the road. Now it's like I am working to unify the world at all time. I will do a lot more next. Maybe campaign or singing or collecting signatures. However, I don't think I will ask for donation. Money is not important. We can do so many things to help the world becomes unified without needs of money.

Anyway,,, since I run to/from office for a long distance. Maybe the old shoes is the cause of my leg injury. The shoes have several torns already. Any shoe manufacturer wants to sponsor my running please contact me. I am sure your brand will be famous.

This man is not me : ) ... I show him here just for you to see that not all Thai people are the same.


Tuesday 17 October 2006

We enforce many laws .... but liitle with emphasis on enhancing knowledge .... of reasons behind the law.
knowledge can be derived from reasoning.
People that remember the laws may or may not know the reasons for why the government should set up that law.
The government just declare that this is the law, then enforce it.
People then know only that .. doing this would break the law, and be fined or prisoned....
The don't realize the real effect of such that deed .. which actually cause problems to the social, and that means the problem affects everyone in the social including himself.
Some people just know that if he/she can do something illegal, without being caught, he/she is not affected from that bad deed.
We should change the way of thinking.
We should emphasize on teaching people ... make them really know what one should not do, and why one should not do that.
If one really knows, he/she will not do so.
He/she will then be more afraid of social effects than of justice punishment.

Mind (Soul)
When I grew up around teenage ..
I was satisfied with the ability of the mind .. (or the brain) ... for its capability of thinking and dreaming freedomfully.
I realized that ... just being a human being, with the mind which is able to dream for anything unlimitedly, the life is already so precious.
However,,,, after I grew up a lot more..
I had some more capability, to really get touchable things that I want.
I got addicted to demanding for things, which is not always successful.
Thus I have to be with some disappointment sometime.
Anyone who is satisfied with only the mind... always satisfied with the ability to think ...... are people that always happy, and could not be dissapointed.
Because as long as having the soul.. one is always satisfied of being able to think and dream.
And anytime he lose his ability to think .. then he has no mind to feel sad.

I am doubting for how many people a human being should take care of regularly.
In my case, remaining time from office duty, is already little for spending for personal activities.
Then how many people can I contact specially ?
Maybe I should just take care of only some important persons, namely dad, mum, grandfather, grandmother, brothers/sisters, wife (if having one), and kids
The other many good friends may should just be equally ignored.
So that I can take care of all 6 billion world friends equally.

Recently I feel less satisfied... that I have not done good enough for my dream ... to bring eternal happiness to everyone in the world.
I should have been able to do better than this.
Please forgive me.
Now I feel like having no patience to waste more time.
I should try to work for my dream in conjunction with daily activities.
I should make myself and my dream clear to everyone now.
Doing little by little... maybe will be enough in foreseeable future.
It should be better than waiting ... waiting ... until perfectly ready .... which is unforeseeable if I still keep on spending time only for these daily activities.
I should have some remarkable progress to show you soon.


Tuesday 10 October 2006

Eventually, it took me until the last day, before I could make the final decision that I would stay put in my current apartment.
That's because I am not sure whether it would be better or worse for my living.
That is same to the way I decided not to buy a new computer last week.
I was not sure that whether I should spend this great amount of money at this time.
From now on, I may choose "not to do" rather than "to do" for things that I am still doubting their consequence. I should choose not to lose time (and money) rather than investing to know everything for real.
I would follow this principle in order to save time from hesitation on deciding to do something as before.
The time for deciding should be used to do what I am sure I should do instead.

When deciding to do things, we usually prepare to solve problems in the future.
Our mind wanders to the future, which is an imaginary events that happen in our thought.
We are so much in the future that we forgot to know the fact that ... problems don't happen in the future. Problems actually happen now.
Problems in the future actually happens in our mind at this moment.
It happens because the mind find it as a problem.
If we can solve the problem in our mind at this moment, the future problems would also diminish.

The principle of "To do good" in the "World Dharma" does not mean to try the best to solve problem, but to be fully conscious, knowing that one is doing this for that good result, and satisfied with what one is doing. Never let seriousness occupy the mind while doing anything.

Last Wednesday was the last time I arrange KM GIS seminar. It ended within 6 times. Quite appropriate to be closed, with very few people coming on the last day.
Anyway, I believe the knowledge I have obtained from arraging such the seminar as the main speaker will greatly benefit the real task I will do to gain cooperation to unify our world.


Tuesday 3 October 2006

Suvarnabhumi Airport has officially started to operate.
That means the end of Bangkok (Don Mueng) Airport.
Just like other farewell.... I feel like crying again.

May I pay heartfelt respect to the man who sacrificed his life and his resource for true democracy... a simple taxi driver who drove his taxi to crash a coup d'etat's tank... uncle Nuamthong Praiwal.
It is a very amazingly brave activity. ..
His reason for doing that, as told by the news reporter, was that .. he is not agree to the idea that soldiers spoil people.. He is not Mr Thaksin (ex-prime minister) 's supporter. But he does that just to be against coup d'etat.
.... Oh... I am so impressed.
I want to go to visit him in the hospital, but maybe not able to... so I would like to show supportive to his thought here.

When Mr Thaksin was the prime minister, I saw inequality in social was just the way rich people use money to do bad things or do bad things for money. But now, I don't think the coup d'eat is clean in money usage. Therefore, the bad thing -- inequality, will not only be army force,,,, but also money power.

I am really afraid that soon people will realize the bad side of this coup d'etat ... and the deadly rally (like the one in the year 1995) will happen again.

To Free Oneself
Because of injury on ankles and hips resulted from running to work ... (I become old) ... I started finding a place to live near my office.
However, because of some problems, I cannot decide to move out at this time.
Therefore, I change my running style.
I stop carrying a bag containing many gadgets with me.
I free myself from the desire to have everything while travelling to work.
I leaved my office uniform at the office.
I run with only a purse and a mobile phone.
I accept to have capability of only what I can do with the mobile phone. (Listening to mp3, watching VDO, taking camera/video)
That should be enough ... travelling time is resting time.
The first day I tried this was great .... I had no pain while running. I feel relaxed in my body and soul.
This is the result of freeing oneself from desire.


Tuesday 26 September 2006

Dear all GoodJai fanclub   : )

Greeting of this week wouldn't be complete without touching the remarkable event that happened in Thailand recently .... The coup d'etat.

When I first heard about the coup d'etat, I felt so disappointed ... It was very bad for me to realize that military force is the true power in this country.

I wanted to go against this coup d'etat, but after I heard some pleased reaction from many people in the country, I became unsure. The soldiers act according to a great amount of people's request.

It's somehow like democratic, that needs to get rid of dictatorship because of no other choice..
Anyway, it's not so true. Democracy should work by election. Are we really not able to make the election result in correct selection of the leader.

Therefore, I do not know whether I should protest or support this coup d'etat. So I just act nothing, neither complain nor praise the soldiers.
(I am staying still not because of fear... just follow some people's happy feelings from this change.)

However, I have one question to ask.... The soldier commit coup d'etat, claiming of corruption of the government. ... They said there's no organizations to audit the government freely. But, how about corruption within the soldier's budget. Who would dare to check their corruption???

And because of corruption, oopss, coup d'etat... I became losing my track. Went for shopping for new mobile phone and new computer. I was again occupied with desire somehow. It took me much time to find the stuff, and worried about losing money and having money to spend. Eventually I got one new mobile phone, but not a computer. Some closed persons said I was not truly free from desire.... I should not lie people in my web that I am free from desire. ....... I would like to argue that I know myself while I was searching for what I want ... Hmm, I should not use the word want... while I was searching for what I think I should have. However, I admit that I became worried somehow with the desire. Maybe this happen because I don't work hard on completing the World Dharma... Lucky that I still have the "Satisfied, Do good" headband on my head and the Globe necklace on my neck.

Today I realized one more thing... some philosophers say "Do live with the truth". I now know the meaning of that.. The truth means the present. Live with what we are being now... Don't dream to change the past or make no mistake in the future. What we can do is only in the present time. Do what we are doing as good as we can. Present is the truth.

For example, when we are hanging cloth, if we think about other tasks we have to do in the future, we would only be worried for not having time to do that... But why should we think about doing those now when we can't do them.. What we can do now is hanging cloth. Hang the cloth as best and as fast as we can is what we can do. Finish this task before worrying about other tasks. And no matter how good we can do now, just admit the truth. Let's live with present.

Last Saturday I went to a convention hall to send my sister to take an exam for a job. There were sooooooo many people looking for the job there. (Please see the photos below). Those people were struggle with hasting, lack of toilets, lack of food, and ohh .. many personal problems. It made me realize that the current situation of our world is not good at all. People have to fight seriously for their lives (their future). Let's stop this wrong going situation. Let's unify our world, then we will face the true civilized world.

ŇŔ°‚Ň° Globe


Tuesday 19 September 2006

Why people are judged by financial status?
Work is more important than money.
The man who does more work is more valuable.
And not all work resulted in money.

How comes ... newspapers in Thailand like to expose bad news. Also in many news discussion on TV.
How come they can earn lots of money from selling these bad news (news of people hurt himself/others/social.)
Or because we are addicted to bad news.
Suffer of others seems to make us more eager to know.
Or maybe if we don't see bad news we cannot enjoy breakfast ?
.... Should we be just problems' observers ?? .. Why aren't we problem solvers ??

Someone asks me
"Why don't you continue a doctoral degree?"
I would like to ask him back
"For what reason I should study for the degree?"
He may reply.
"So that you have more knowledge."
What level of knowledge is that ?
How much does it benefit the world ?
Is it worth spending 4 years for leaning ?
... While
the knowledge that I am strongly confident
that it's the essential knowledge in order to sustainably develop our world.
And that it's the knowledge that everyone should know.
And they can know this without needs to study for doctoral degree.
.... because
This knowledge that has been with me for half of my life... was achieved without any lessons from school.
It was .... last 17 years
I still clearly remember how I could get this knowledge.
And I want all of you to follow these steps .. then you will also find out this truth.
... Spend just about 20 minutes thinking with yourself.
... Think   "Why" why should we love the country, and only our country.
... Then think   "What" what is "Country" ... Country is composed of land and people.
... Think more   then is there any natural breaks that can divide land or people of each country?
... Ask yourself some more   since there's no real natural borders, then why do we need to divide countries in our world?
... Then find the answer   How much development could we have if the world is not divided into countries?
... Then you would easily find that .. If all human beings know that we all should love all others .. the world shall be so peaceful.
... Think a little more for    how much we and the earth are losing from country-dividing.
... If everyone knows this truth .. there shall be no such nonsense killings as of these days.

Photos during my field trip to Ubonratchthani Province last Friday - Monday.


Tuesday 12 September 2006

Principles on Health Caring of Baby Globe

Dear all, this week I would like to talk about the importance of health care. Self-caring of health is an important knowledge that one should know. Firstly, one should know that he/she should take a good care of himself/herself. ..... You might argue that everyone already knows that. But I don't think so. Most of the time when people want something so much, they forget to take care of their health. Otherwise we would not see many people get illness from work or overdid something.

After he/she knew that the health should be taken well care, he/she shall learn how to take care of body and organs (ears, eyes, nose, excretion system, etc), . Actually the principle is simple. Normally the body would tell us automatically when there's something wrong with it. We should listen to it, and then do something to make it back to balance state. (Normally by taking a rest.) Then it will be effective to teach how to take a good care of health. Normally it's not so hard to prevent illness. Once we feel that there is something wrong in our body, we shall stop other things and take care of the body parts first. When we feel cold, we shall try to increase either the room temperature or our body temperature, for example. If all people try to prevent illness by themself the world would save a lot for medical expense.

One knowledge I found recently regarding health is that ... reusing plastic (PET) bottle may cause cancer. I got this knowledge from an e-mail, which is quite reliable. However, after I forwarded this mail to many friends, someone said that was not true, and cited an arguing article. Anyway, it's still unsure about this. I think I may need to search more in the internet if I really want to find out the truth. Anyway, I think such this knowledge should be made more publicly known.

Anyway, I stopped using my aging plastic bottles. When shopping with a beloved friend in a mall last Sunday, I bought some bottles for keeping drinking water. I also bought a milk bottle for kids. I figured out that I should use that baby bottle during my daily running and during work.

So in the morning when I was on the bus I drank (smoke) water from the nibble of the baby bottle. It took so much time to drink, because the hole was so small. When I was drinking, I saw many beautiful women, and started worring whether people would think that I drink water that way in order to imagine something nasty. I started imagining that if I became a famous man I might get sued from the Lady Right Protection Organization blaming my way of smoking water as "sexual harrassment". Oh... I still remember.. In Japan I might got caught from Sexual Harrassment in Japan because of waiting to see a girl.

That's all for this week. I have some photos of my sucking water to show you. I hope you can see that I drink it with sincere heart as of a baby who loves his milk bottle.


Tuesday 5 September 2006

While Wanting .... Knowing   or   Know-less

Why do we want that thing ?
Hmm... I want it because I know that I should have it.
... But then, I forgot to know that I should not want it so much that I became worried.

Have you ever thought
What did you want that day ...
How come you want it no more today ...
That's because you already have it, right ?
What if you lose it tomorrow ?
You will then need it again.
Have you every asked yourself ...
why haven't you stopped wanting ?
Why do we want that thing ?
Hmm... I want it because I know that I should have it.
... But then, I forgot to know that I should not want it so much that I became worried.

Yesterday I want to be able to walk, to run, to ride a bicycle, to graduate, etc ....
Today I want to have a good computer, to have a house, to have girlfriend, to get higher salary, etc ....
Tomorrow I may want my eyes to see well, my ears to hear well, my muscle to be strong, or want to solve all problems, and want to die beautifully .....
When will human beings stop wanting ? .....
when we have everything?   when all problems are solved? ...
Will we ever reach that situation ? ....
If we wish to stop wanting by finding what we want .... we will never be able to stop the desire and the sadness permanently.
But if we know that we are wanting too much, and know how to stop wanting (without getting it), we are certainly be able to stop it anytime.
..... Originate in mind    Stop at mind .....

------------- Sorry that I write about "wanting" or "desire" so often. That's because myself is occupied by it and become worried several times. --------------------

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My mobile phone is under the service from a mobile phone service company in Thailand named "True Move". It has a special promotion package by charging only about half a cent in the first minute call. This is really cheap and very suitable for me.. Just like they say "Perfect for persons who talk shortly but often."    I think .. to talk many important matters or to express regard .. 1 minute calling should be enough.

Thus this package saves me lots of time and money. (To talk over one minute they will charge about 4 cents per minute). Just want to share this info. I get no financial sponser from "True Move"   : )

This week I have photos when I arranged the 2nd Knowledge Management seminar and other cute photos. Moreover, I also have a video clip to show you. Unfortunately I don't know how to make it plays automatically, otherwise I would put it in the Music section. If you want to watch my video clip please click the link below.

Click here if you are brave enough to see my VDO clip : )


Tuesday 29 August 2006

The man of "No Want"
From now on I will stop saying ... I want ..... or I do not want
Since I can get rid of desire, I should stop using the word "want"
From now on I will use only "should" or "should not"
And I think the whole world should be told to stop using the world "Want".
So that we will have to consider a lot more.. To think before to do.
To follow the desire, even animals can do so. But (probably) only human beings can fight with desire.

Things must change ....
Many things changes according to the rule of nature, which is somehow predictable.
However, the changes of mind are unpredictable. It's supernatural.
Today you may know what he thinks, but you can't be sure that tomorrow he will still think like this.
Or ... or you think .... 20 years .. can change my thoughts ?

Government Officials have to work on personal work of their boss or their friends these days.
Government officials are supposed to work for people in general.
Prime-minister or Minister or other bosses or coworkers shall not take advantages of being inside persons to use the service for personal use. This situation decreases efficiency of governmental service for public.
Why dont' you come as general people .... so that you would know the true performance of the organization on public services.
Please stop making government work become productive only to governmental officers themself.

The Four Essentials
As told that there are only 4 essentials of living, namely    Food   Cloth   Living Place   and   Medicine
Then why do we need to search for so many other things ? ....
Food ...
The earth (the ground surface) can feed us with lots of edible organic materials. It only needs some little effort. But people just either want to be rich from producing food, or buy food from others.
Cloths ...
Many of us already have so many clothes, that is never been worn to torn.
Living Place ...
Most areas on earth enable us to walk and sleep with clean air. Such the place is good enough to live.
Medicine ...
If we are not stressful from searching too many things, and we don't consume too much ... our health should be fine.
Then why we want so much and work too hard.... Why many of us live their lives so seriously.
Can we be certain that ... even this hard-working ... we have security in life as we are searching for.

Wanna be The Stress Killer
I hate stress   ... better die than become stressful ...   and will try to eliminate stress from everyone's head.

3 Words to Keep in Mind for Efficiently Doing Good "Fast    Careful    Good Mood"

Almost Forget .... The last week's seminar "Knowledge Management on GIS" went by somehow successfully .... It would need a few more weeks to be certain about the success or failure of this program.

Last week (Thursday and Friday) I went for a meeting at Rayong Resort in Eastern Thailand. Here are some photos to show you.


Tuesday 22 August 2006

---- Merits of Happiness _ Danger of Sadness
A few days ago when I was watching clothes
I felt worried from using too much water .... but later found an excuse that "It's OK. Losing water to save more time."
Right at that time, I could feel that the stress from worried had declined.
Right then, I realized that ....
Ohh... when wasting water, I did not only losing water ... but also lost the good time of good feeling. The stress from being serious may harm the brain cells or affect the body somehow.
Thus we shall not be worried with only losing some properties.
We shall be careful not to lose good time of happiness.
A human may resist to stress at some level .... but not to the maximum level.
Thus we shall live the life with happiness, not seriousness.
But ... why many lives still put up with stress ... stress from work, from family, etc. They don't look happy for doing so... but they still do it.
That is quite strange. High technology of this time has helped people to get what they want much easier, but it could not help them to get rid of "want" and become satisfied.
It seems like .... When humans can get things easily, they are addicted to desire ... They try to get everything they want (which make them satisfied temporarily), but never try to stop their desire, which is the true solution to make permanent satisfaction. .... Let's stop desire, stop stress, and live our lives with more happy time.

----- GIS Discussion (Community of Practice)
Today I wrote this article on Monday night, instead of Tuesday night as before. That is because from now on I will have to do some important work on Tuesday night. I was assigned to be responsible for a weekly seminar about "Knowledge Management of GIS". That would take much time.

I plan to do it at my best. Trying to use this opportunity to change the way GIS is used in work to make it a lot more beneficial. Though my ultimate goal is to unify the world, but to provide GIS knowledge to people is also my responsibility. It would eventually benefit our world as a whole.

If you want to get more detail of the seminar please visit this web page.
(Remark The page is not maintained by me, who's also too busy and too dumb to improve the web page drastically. Hope after the seminar we would find a good solution to improve it.) .... Hope GIS people can work more efficiently from this continuous weekly discussion.


Tuesday 15 August 2006

? Natural    or    Super-natural ?

Anything that is possible, existing, and logically predictable is natural.

Raining, flood, thunder, earthquake, for example, are all natural. No matter it happens at the same time of whose birth or death ... it's truly natural, ... since nature is anything that truly possible.

Time that always goes by is natural.
Life that has to die is natural.
Life that defends against death is natural.
However, the intention to live or die is unnatural.
.... The Super-Natural things are things that don't follow the rule of nature .... Our mind is the SUPER-NATURAL.

We cannot be certain that the starving man is gonna eat the food he doesn't like that's placed right before him.
We cannot predict that the person of whom we've been taking care is going to love us? or the love would last how long?

Nature follows the rule of causes and reasons irresistably ... We only need to find out the nature's facts.
Human body ... exist and change naturally.
Mind ... may somewhat has its nature, but not always. Sometimes, there is no reason to support the decision that's been made.

It seems like ..... it may not be wise .. to try to find goods and bads when we plan to do something that may affect someone's feeling.
... Since we cannot apply the rules of nature to the Super-Natural.

Except only .... to guess someone .. who always follow the principle of reasoning, and we know all his knowledge that is used for him to make a decision.

---------------- ... Just another thought ... from a Super-Natural ... Globe ------------------

Last weekend I went to my hometown, Sisaket, in the occasion of the widely-accepted "Mather's Day". I have pictures of Jaidee's members to show you.


Tuesday 8 August 2006

Wanna be the Best Man .. of the World

Many people .. do many things .... in order to be honored by most people ... as a good man ..... But, is he/she really good ??
- Singer ... his/her songs make people happy, or just make them crazy with the style and nonsense words.
- Consumer Products Worker .. make device to facilitate people, or make people addicted to facilitation incorrectly.
- Politician .. work for social .. or just for their society (party).
- Doctor .. Save lives ... or torture patients to die slowly.

Someone .. dedicate his/her life to work ... but, actually, the work may not be truly beneficial for social.
Therefore, in my opinion, what does social really need? .... I don't know.
But I know, what kind of social I need. .... And know (as I know) how the good social should be.
.... Good social should be filled with happiness, comfort, and safety.
...... Some people are respected as if a god, ....... but I don't see what he did to make a good social. Problems still exist.
...... I will be the best man in the world. I will make everyone in the world happy at all time. ... wite my dharma .... the World Dharma. ..................... I will unify the world happily by "doing good".

Today I ran as fast as I could. I wanted to test whether what is tiredness. I ran fast, but still feel like I am not so tired. ...... Anyway, what I found out is that I am still able to control it. My feet were running with my determination. I did it by myself. There are many times we do something as controlled by others. This body belong to me. I will not let it be controled by anyone. I will control it myself at all time. This face can smile anytime with my intention.

Photos from a seminar in Cha-am, Thailand on last Saturday and Sunday.

Thanksss to "Wasabi" san for many good photos.


Tuesday 1 August 2006

Dear friends,

Today is the first day I started working on a new position, "Computer Workflow Official" (changing from "Forestry Official"). I am now fully under the Office of Permanent Secretariate of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, after being temporarily designated to work here for almost 2 years.

Therefore, today I tried to concentrate on working at my best as a celebration for the starting day of my new position .... the "Compter Specialist-like" position that I've been hoping for. Unfortunately, the intention could work well only in the morning. I became sleepy again in the afternoon.. Ohhh, new position is just like a new mask. New position doesn't give me new job (or new working style). My assigned work is still confusing to do. .. Well, actually this work can help developing our world somehow (though little, comparing to my "United World" work.) So, I will try to do my best again in the other days to come. Today is just a beginning. I should be able to find solution to improve my work performance eventually.

..... Some more .... Wanna do things without any forces. Be able to sleep when I want to sleep, to eat when wanting to eat, to work when being energitic, etc. Just have to wait.. wait for the day when I am able to resign to come. Hmm, no. I should not say that. I must do the best I can do now. Do Good. Sleeping at work is not good. So don't do it. Be satisfied with the current being. Satisfied, Globe. .... Ohhh .. my bad. The World Dharma still cannot be completed in this week again. My big apology (again)


Tuesday 25 July 2006

Hi friends,

Last Thursday - Saturday I went to Karnjanaburi, western Thailand for a seminar. I also got a chance to visit the place I had a field summer training last 14 years. Got some nice photos to show you.

Last Sunday I volunteered to be an election officer. It was the election for committees of Bangkok's districts. It made me feel more upset with this kind of voting --- anonymous voting. There are lots of problems from such this voting, that I don't understand why it's adopted in most elections in the world. This system not only causes difficulties in election process and allows for cheating, but also promote lying. Think about it! One would not want to hide their vote if they don't want to lie. ..... The world will not be so much improved if we still promote lying like this. .... Yes, one can feel relieved if one are successful in lying someone, but one would be most relaxed if one don't have to lie anyone anything.

Thus my ideal world shall also have "open voting" system. It would be very easy to check that one's vote is not cheated. The voting result can then be truly accepted. The politicians would be able to analyse him/herself better. ... The voters will have to think more and be more responsible for their votes. The bribery of buying votes shall then be eliminated eventually. (Hmm, not so sure about this point. But believe that it can be solved.)

Last week I got a fever. It was unusual cold when taking a bath. The fever was more or less irregularly. It made me quite worried.... I relied on medicine power but forgot to use will power. Thus the fever kept coming back. .... Until last Monday that I felt bored with the sickness. The medicine also finished. ... I started to think about will power. Despite phisical weakness, I ran to work bravely, and had a strong mind at work. Eventually the fever has gone. ... This is another time that the will power has proved its influence over physical health.


Tuesday 18 July 2006

Like many others in the world, people of Thai society are crazy at gambling. Lottery is a type of gambling. It's a good thing, that the Government Lottery Office of Thailand spend their profit for social aid. However, gambling is still a bad thing. Moreover, believing in magical power to guess the lottery is even worse. The superstitious belief is very pitiful, but it's promoted fairly on newspaper.

In order that the GLO could be proud of their work, they should enhance knowledge to people rather than just promoting their social aid. They should tell the fact to people that    1. Such this gambling give more loses than gains .. 2. Lottery-addicted persons are absolutely wasting time. ... 3. Believing in magical power to know the winning number is stupid. (GLO should not see that as a factor that helps their sell.) ... 4. Collect statistics of winning numbers and make clear to people that these number is irrelevant to statistic calculation or horoscope or any dreams, etc. ... 5. Emphasize that when buying a lottery, one should keep in mind that the money is very likely to be gone. However, one can be sure that the money will be used for social aid somewhat. ... 6. Explain how to do lottery without disturbing oneself or family ... And so on.

I heard news in the morning that the MNRE's minister informed the prime minister that Thailand had enormous treasure underground, namely gold, ruby, oil, coal, etc. ...... I became wondering whether the underground stuff is more precious than on-ground-stuff. Is it really a good idea to dig for underground stuff and destroy lots of living things on the ground? Underground stuff is in-edible. How come it's more valuable than edible living things. If human beings can consume oil, or plugged for power from etectric source I would not be suspicious like this. ... Well, just want to share one idea of an issue.

Yesterday (Monday 17 July 2006) There was a meeting of "Reshape" project at Muang Thong Thani Convention Center, Bangkok. The "Reshape" project aims to eliminate inconsistency of all types of legal land demarcation, so that all area of Thailand is designated to a type of land laws.

According to the principle and objectives, the project should be highly valuable. It has been a big problem for long for officers who works with legal forest land demarcation. The progress of the project so far is quite impressive. The huge meeting is even more impressive. It convinces me that this project should not end up useless. However, I still worry for two matters. 1) The precision of the new demarcation. According to some officers who really work on deciding the right line, it was hard to determine on some aerial photos. The haste of work and the lack of officers might impact data precision greatly.    2) It seems like there's no plan on how to maintain and update the data.

To my knowledge, I still believe that my idea of having a GIS officer to take care of mapping all fundamental land cover in a small area is needed. The precise data that will be collected hierarchically to the country (or world in the future) level is important to all kinds of work, and essential to this "Reshape" project.


Tuesday 11 July 2006

Dear my friends ...
I am back from the field work in Surat Thani, Southern Thailand. It was a wonderful time with wonderful work, friend, and food. Unfortunately, the time was occupied with a great number of activities. Thus the work for our world has been done only little. My apology. (13 July 2006) I have some progress on the World Dharma. Please click at "Dharma" for more detail.

Today I will not talk much. Let me just show you the photos of my life in the previous weeks with some explanation. See you again next week.

Stayed at Wang Tai Hotel in Surat Thani. I had some exercise in the fitness room.

I enjoyed jumping into the pool very much.

I did jogging and practiced acrobatic move almost every morning.

My work in the field of mangrove forest with the very nice team.

I really like Twin Lotus products, so I was happy to get chance to visit Twin Lotus Hotel in Nakhonsi Thammaratch.

After the field work I went to my hometown in Sisaket. That was the end of my evil-like-hair... in the hand of my parents.

Love my dog, love me too .. ha ha


Tuesday 27 June 2006

Dear friends .. I have 3 stories to talk for this week.

The first one, I have done some progress on the World Dharma. I've finished explanation of the first part, "No desire .. No Sadness". However, it's only in Thai. I will try to translate to English soon. Anyway, if you can read Thai please follow this link: "ňŇ—°ł√√ŃĽ√–®”„®". I still have a lot to write for the second part, "Do Good .. Get Happiness", and also improving the first part. If you have any suggestion or comments please feel free to post your idea in the Webboard.

The second story .... I can see one more bad point of competition. We were treated to compete since childhood. When studying, we would be happy to get a high rank in scoring. That makes us happy if many classmates are below us. Thus we don't care if some classmates don't try to study hard. However, when we grew up and work in the office .. when we need colleagues to work hard for effectiveness of the work .. , we would be disappointed to see our friends still get addicted to playing as they did when studying. Therefore, shall we continue such this competing environment of the world, or shall we start changing to the world of cooperation for beneficial of the whole world society ????

The last story is my news. I will have to join some Japanese researchers for a field work in southern part of Thailand (Surat Thani) from June 29 - July 7. During this time if there's no internet signal of my AirPlus system in that area I might not be able to write a greeting for next week. Anyway, I will try to work more on the Dharma. ..... What I hope more is that I would be able to keep my strong health that I've built it up from running to/from work everyday. Looking forwad to coming back to Run for Health (and "for Change") again.

See you again later.


Tuesday 20 June 2006

Yesterday I came across a quarrel between a man and a woman. The man was hitting the woman who tried to escape. It happened beside the road where I ran to the train station. It happened in front of many people's eyes, but nobody there tried to help. They all just pretended as if they are busy with what they are doing. I stopped the fight, and asked for the cause. It was because the man was lied that the woman didn't go out with his friend. I tried to applied my dharma to convince both parties to put off their desire. However, it didn't work well, because the man got stuck with the desire not to lose the woman to the paramour who is his friend. I stayed with them for 1 hour. Though they still don't agree to each other, but since it seemed to be not so bad as before, I decided to leave.

There are two points that made me feel disappointed. Firstly, people seem not to have common sense that social problems are also their problem, if they are not directly affected. Secondly, people still follow desire. Very few people can win their desire. Even me, I can see that some desire still remains inside my mind.

I am sorry again for haven't completed the World Dharma. However, while working on it, I realize that .... at any moment, no matter what happens, I should (and I can) be satisfied.

Oh! By the way, my health is strong again now. It is even better, coz while resting my butt, my back, which was painful, got some rest too. : )


Tuesday 13 June 2006

Dear GoodJai Web's fans,

I am currently not doing well. I am sick.
I've been suffering from constipation for a few days. It's the worst case in my life. (And I hope this will happen only once in my life.)
I did not know before constipation could cause this severe pain. Up to now I am still feeling pain.
Anyway, I now know how to deal with it.
There is a tool to relieve the constipation sold in drug stores. It's shaped like a balloon, containing sodium chloride inside. (Please read the instruction by yourself : )
This tool should be applied right after the symtom started. Don't try to spend time forcing the stool to come out. It's useless, and would result in severe pain.
Natural food also couldn't help in such this emergency case. I took some liters of milk, lots of fresh fruits and preserved fruit. All didn't help.
I started using the tool when the pain was quite serious. Thus it's hard to apply the tool. However, it's OK. It's not too late. Now I also know that we should apply the tool (many of them) as many as necessary until all the remaining gone. I have to endure. Tomorrow it should be all right. However, I might not be able to run to work as before.

The main topic to discuss this week is not the "constipation". Actually, I would like to discuss about how I applied the dharma to deal with the sickness.
Despite pain and uneasiness, I still hold the dharma "Do my best. Satisfied with any results." in mind. Thus I did not worry much with the pain.
I didn't let my mind flow away with the desire to be free of the pain. I control it to admit the truth. I am free from desire. "If I can't be satisfied while getting just this amount of pain, how could I be satisfied when it's pain to death".
Then I tried to do my best to cure the symtom. (I am not doing this because I want to get rid of it, but because I know that I should get rid of it to become healthy so that I can continue my work for the world.) And I satisfied with any results from my attempts. I tried to do it with all my capacity and knowledge. I also satisfied even though I missed many interesting programs in the seminar. I had to choose to do the most necessary thing for my life. Also I could find some happy moments by watching TV or writing articles.

However, I admit that I was not so strong in keeping the dharma. Thus my mind was sad sometimes. I realized that the sadness originated from the thought. Thus, the teaching word: "Think before do", may not have to be changed to "Know before do". That's because thinking is also one of doing, but just doing by brain. In order to know, the questions "What am I doing?" .. and "Why I am doing this?" are really useful.

For example .. ask yourself "What I am I doing" -- I am thinking about her .... "What's good of thinking about her" .. hmm... it doesn't help anything. Let's stop it.

One more point is that we shouldn't let the mind manipulate the feeling. The pain is at the body not the mind. Don't feel more pain than it really is. Don't imagine anything to be other than what it really is. We should sense things the way they are.

For example .. About the royal barge ceremony in Thailand, the positives may think "Oh... it's so wonderful". The negatives may think "What a poor ceremony." However, the neutral may see only the truth. "These barges require this amont of men, this amount of time, this amont of money." ... "Hmm it would be a lot more beneficial if the barges would present the sign "Let's unify our world".
........ sorry, just want to express my belief that everyone should be equal.

Conclusion .. To relieve all pains (physically and mentally) and to acquire happiness (physically and mentally), the dharma is always applicable. .... "Satisfied .. No Sadness ....... Do good .. Comes Happiness" ... or ... "Do the best .... Satisfied with any results"

Remark ... My apology again for having not completed the World Dharma. However, this time I have a good excuse. I had to spend lots of time in the toilet.... ohhh poor Globe : )


Tuesday 6 June 2006

I heard news of fighting against terrorist and protestors of many parts in the world, and felt very sad. People now try to get rid of people whom they think "bad". People do bad things, with an excuse of achieving good changes. It's wrong. If we are sure of our belief we shall be sure to be able to make everyone agree with us with reasoning.., not with force.


Today is the first day I started my new routine. I ran from my apartment for 3 kms to the nearest bus stop (without using small bus as before). And after got off the bus I again ran for 1 km to the cafeteria. The breakfast was very delicious. Then in the afternoon I ran from the office to the train station for 1 km. After got off the train I ran again for 5 kms. I had a very delicious dinner at the noodle shop before arriving my apartment.

My health situation now is OK. But I am pretty sleepy. I need to rest more than before in order to keep on this routine. I enjoy it really much, and believe it will be beneficial to both me and the social. Please see the pictures.


My big apology for still haven't completed the World Dharma

.... Globe ....
"Do the best now (at all time) .. Satisfied with any results .. Continue doing the best."


Tuesday 30 May 2006

Hi my world friends,

        It was my strong intention to present you my conclusive principle of living with full explanation in "Dharma" section today. However, it is now clear that I am not able to finish the task on time.. The detail is a lot more than I expected. Therefore, all I could show you today is only outlined of Global Dharma discussion. Please click at this link "Dharma" to see how it looks.

        The objective that I propose Global Dharma is not to make it becomes a new religion. No way, creating separation is not an idea of mine. What I intend is to really make it "World Dharma". This dharma will be updated from knowledge of people in our current world. This dharma will be summarized with few words to enable people to keep it in minds at all time. There shall also be detailed explantion, written with easy and modern language, of the dharma so that people can study it easily and efficiently.

        Since I heard no one talked about this (World Dharma) before, (all seemed to be strong in their old religion and ancient teachings), I have to start this project by myself. The dharma I am presenting in my "Dharma" section is from both general knowledge being told in social and some knowledge came up in my head after I have keeping this principle in mind. The principle is absolutely changeable. I would love to hear any disagreement with some supportive reasons.

        Let's make everyone in the world has dharma at all time. I will continue updating and completing the dharma as soon and as good as possible, by realizing importance of good minds before unifying our world.

.... Globe ....
"No Desire .. No Sadness      Doing Good .. Having Happiness"


Tuesday 23 May 2006

Social of Evil

The news of social problems are spreading over these days.... Many crimes are in all parts of the world... Terrorists are abundant ... All kinds of competition are taking place.

Do problems occur because our world have many bad people?? .... The answer is "No." If that's so we would have to kill many so-called bad people, and will lose lots more of lives of the so-called good people. This world doesn't have bad people, but we have "bad actions".. (killing, stealing, raping, cheating, lying, drinking, smoking, corruption, etc.) And the cause of bad actions has been well supported.

A man may do some good things and some bad things. A bad action is done because one doesn't know that it's bad. One doesn't know because one is filled with desire. The desire is encouraged by social. Such this social, where people encourage the others with desire, is the place that supports "evil".

Let's consider TVcommercials, most of them try to encourage people to use their products/service, without giving any reason why one should pay for that. Most merchandise respond to people's desire. .., not to mention the superstitious belief which is still supported, with a phrase ... "Though you don't believe, you shall never intimidate it."

Desire is wanting. Want to have, want to own, want to be comfortable, want to .... Effects of desire are bad emotions such as love, hatred, greed, anger, fear, envy, shy, boresome. These emotions hide people from using wisdom. Then without wisdom people becomes more and more stupid. Just as same as the way one seems like a blind man when one has one-side love.

Stubborn is another kind of desire. Some people refuse to admit any changes (regarding nationalism, religion, monarchy, etc.) These closed minds prevent wisdom. Give up the determination to respect such those things for the whole life. Get rid of the desire first, then one would realize that social problems can be solved easily.

Social problems will keep on existing, as long as we don't start solving problems in the right way, which is to stop encouraging people's desire. Start to encourage usage of brain. Make people realize why one would do that thing.

The most important thing is to teach these items of basic knowledge on moralto all people in the world :
- Get rid of desire. Without desire one will be satisfied. Then one would have no sadness. Then wisdom will come.
- Do a good thing at all time in order to be happy. Good thing here doesn't mean only good for social, but it rather means anything that one feels good to do. A good thing can give good result to oneself immediately. The good result can affect either eyes, ears, smell, taste, touch, heart, or emotion. For example, helping others bring happiness to the heart.
- Social is more important than oneself. After the social is good then one will benefit. Without good social one can not live peacefully.
- To make oneself happy, don't ever cause problems to others.
- Everybody is haman beings. We shall love everyone.
- Don't ever want to have things that belong to others.
- Don't lie (except only for joking, and tell the truth immediately)
- Don't be a bad example for others.
- Don't believe in anything just because one doesn't know. The truth is the rule of reasoning of nature.
- Dividing countries in the world causes losses of money, human force, resources, time, chances, and bring a lot of problems.
- Any other truths that have supportive reasons. (All items above do have strongly supportive reasons.)

Emphasize these above moral knowledge to people as much as possible. If social problems still occur, that mean some people still don't know. These moral knowledge has no less importance than scientific knowledge.

Don't leave evil remain in the social. Kill evil with knowledge. We can't kill all bad men, but we can kill evil by teaching moral knowledge to everyone. Teach everyone to know that such those bad things are really bad. After everyone really knows the bad things they would never do it. After that we all will live peacefully and happily on this planet. Let's start making new moral knowledge of our world together. Let's have World Moral. Let's have no conflicting religions. Let's develop.

Globe ... Satisfied with current situation .. and knowing that I am doing a good thing.


Tuesday 16 May 2006

Doing >>>> Knowing

I would like to contribute this greeting to some important events namely the Wisakha Bucha Day (the day of birth, enlightenment and death of Lord Buddha) which has just passed, the first day of new class of most students in Thailand, and any other memorable events that also happened today.

About this day of over 2500 years ago, the Lord Buddha declared that he knows everything. His teachings, as being taught from many Buddhist monks and believers, emphasize on knowing. Their principle of living is ďto live with knowingĒ or ďto know (to sense) as much as possibleĒ. Some say we should be ďHuman BeingĒ rather than ďHuman DoingĒ as many people are.

For me, I think differently. I would like to put more emphasize on doing than knowing. Human beings are born to be able to do. If we donít need to do something we should not have such this capability of human beings, and we should not have been given birth. To get birth is not sadness, but happiness. If mere ďknowingĒ could bring happiness we then donít have to be worried if we get paralysis, because we donít have to do anything to be happy. Now we should do whatever good things that we can do to make us happy. Only doing good things can bring happiness. Use rationality to find good things to do. Not to do anything just because of desire. Get rid of all desire, which is the cause of sadness first. Then do a good thing that will bring happiness. Keeping in mind of this practice at all time will enable us to ďknowĒ more and more automatically.

One important point to help keeping us doing good things is to have a good goal. With the good goal, you can realize at all time whether what you are doing contributes to your goal, and you will not do a bad thing that would disable you from achieving the goal. In case of me, I am now quite in a good position because of my good goal, the summit goal of my life, to unify all countries in the world together peacefully. Actually my goal is just that I can help the world as much as possible, and that I will live in a happy world. The most beneficial thing I can think of is to unify the world. If I want to convince people to my belief, I have to prove people that I am a good man. However, recently I realized that I actually donít have to be a very terrific man to achieve the goal.

To be able to unify the world:
- You donít have to be a great man.
- You donít have to be rich.
- You donít need to be powerful.
- You donít need to be a genius.
- You donít have to be able to do everything.
- You donít have to look so good.
- You donít have to be perfect.
All you need is just to have the determined intention like Globe : )

If I donít, who will do it.
I canít wait for the great guys like George Bush, Secretary-General Kofi Annan, Bill Gates, Bin Laden, etc. Their situations may not allow them to tell others to unify all the countries peacefully.
I canít wait for other general people, they all seem to have other things they prefer to do or to achieve first.
Can I wait for you? .. OK. I understand. You have many things to do, right?
Thatís why I have to do it. Ö. I will do it.

Globe Ö a simple man who can unify the world.

16 May 2006 ... declared as the beginning date of Eternally Happy Doing : ))


Tuesday 9 May 2006

Murphy's Law
I heard many people cited "Murphy's Law" when they couldn't find something ... "Things usually disappear when we want to use them most."

At first, I agreed. But after thinking for a while, I find the theory as a law of pessimistic people, or people who are overwhelmed by desire. Such these people want something so much that they forget to be satisfied. They forget that they have found many things they need. They feel nothing for things they've found, but they feel so bad just because they can't find one thing.

Today there was an event to test my principle of "satisfied" and "do good". I couldn't find my camera's battery, which I really need it.

It's common that we would have to look for things we couldn't find... The longer time it takes to find, the more upset. The Murphy's Law happens again!!.
The unconscious man would be filled with the desire to find it. (And maybe argue that "What's wrong with my desire. I wouldn't look for it if I don't want it."
The conscious man would think first for the reason that one needs to search for that thing. After knowing the goodies of having that thing, one would start searching, with knowing in mind that one might unable to find it. Then one would start seaching consciously from one place to another place. The mind always realizing of doing a good thing (necessary thing) at all time. The feeling is totally different from people that have only desire. They will just be worried that they don't have that thing.
This event teaches that .. Having what is wanted is not important, the more important is satisfaction.

Knowledge   Money   Power   Happiness
Last week I talked about knowledge that "having knowledge is not having happiness". Maybe some of you, or even me myself, don't agree well. Let's discuss more.

With knowledge, we can be feel free that the knowledge would help us when we are in trouble. With knowledge, we get respected. With knowledge, we can always find a job. Then why I said we can't be happy with just having knowledge.

Actually, knowledge seems like money or power these days. Such these things enable us to do what we want to do, to have what we want to have.

Look superficially it might be so, but if we scrutinize well, the three powerful things are not needed for happiness. Think about this. Do Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, or Adolf Hitler happy?? ... The conclusion is still the same. If they are not satisfied, they can't be happy.

So, satisfaction is enough for happiness?? Can we just stay still and satisfied? Does that mean we can be happy without having to do anything? I would like to answer that .. No. Human beings can't be satisfied if they are not really satisfied. Satisfaction of us depends on our true knowledge. We can't lie to ourselves to be satisfied. If we realize that doing nothing means waisting time, we can't just be satisfied with doing nothing. Happiness can only be found when one has done a good thing according to his/her wisdom and knowledge. People would not do a bad thing if they really know that it's bad.

Happy Room
After having been going out for some long time, I got bored with that. Last Sunday I decided to stay in my room and clean up all things. I then found the feeling of happiness of people who like to stay home, especially in a home that has everything, when one is free from duty to clean up.. : ) .. Oh.. I want to stay home ....

It may sound like I don't do as what I said. That's true. I don't always do good things. I am not always happy. And I can't teach you to be happy. Happiness has to come from knowledge in yoursefl.


Tuesday 2 May 2006

It seems like my life has been being happy and sad alternatively. The eternal happiness seems to be impossible. Actually the ideas that I discovered recently (such as "satisfy", "do good", etc) have been found many times before. However, after wandering about with happiness or people, I forget to realize the principles, and start letting the mind occupied with desire and sadness again.
Now, the cycle of sadness and happiness should continue no more. That's because the questions have been asked to myself regularly "what am I doing?" "Why I do so?". Rational is held to determine my action.

It's quite tiresome to learn some knowledge. However, despite laziness to learn, everybody wants to have knowledge, as if having knowledge means having happiness. It seems like we are misunderstanding that knowledge is happiness, which is absolutely wrong. Having lots of knowledge doesn't mean having lots of happiness. In fact, do good thing brings happiness. Knowledge just helps to enable us to do good more correctly and effectively. Thus, to learn knowledge is a good thing to do. We shall be happy to learn, or to use knowledge in the right way. Don't misunderstand that only occupying knowledge is happiness.

It's a wise idea to think (consider) well before start to do something, so that we would not do it wrong, which might cause disaster much more than losing some time for thinking. Thus when doing something slowly.. we may have a good excuse that we are thinking before doing. : ) ............ But why were I blamed for that? .... Time is limited. We cannot use the whole life just for thinking what to do.

Many projects in our world these days set impossible or unrealistic goals. That forces workers to overdo their work, which causes stress. That means we are follow the desire not only within oneself, but also in each social organization. The policies are set to follow desire, not knowledge.
If we apply knowledge reasonably, without bias, we will find what we can really expect from what we are doing, with the presence of these obstacles. Aiming a reachable goal without losing happiness means we can overcome the desire.

Last week I attended a seminar at Dusit Resort Hotel in Hua Hin, Prachuabkirikhan, Thailand. I have some nice pics to show you below.


Tuesday 25 April 2006


Dear freinds. Last week I have found out one new solution for knowing, that I have been adopting to my living since then. It's really useful for me, and I hope it will be useful for you.

From now on, at all time, I will keep asking myself two questions regularly: "What am I doing?", and "Why am I doing this?" The word "why" is highly valueable. Why = What is the reason. It can be used to find the truth. The truth in this world simply follows the rule of reasoning. Doing things reasonably will bring knowledge and success.

By keeping the two questions in mind, I can also always realize these important items.
1. Time .. By knowing what I am doing, I can spend proper time for it.
2. Desire .. By asking myself "why I am doing or thinking like that .. I can see that it's just a "desire", that I should give up.
3. Do good .. With these questions, I can be sure that I am doing a good thing, otherwise I would stop doing that thing.
4. Satisfied .. The questions helps me to realize what I can do, and do not requesting anything unreasonable (such as to undo the past).
5. Reasonable .. I also have confidence in doing the current activity, because I know the reason why I am doing so... I am not doing it because I let the desire controls me. I do it because I know I should do.
6. Healthy .. If knowing that what I am doing is not good for health, I would stop doing so ... or start exercising at the same time.
7. Happy (Successful & Hopeful) .. , By doing a thing that is good to do (bring some benefits), and reasonably accomplishable, I can enjoy the success I have made by finishing up the current activity at every moment. The good things currently do can also enable me to be hopeful for foreseeable objectives.
8. Hold the mind inside .. There are many buddhist teachers teaches that "Do not send out the mind." However, it's quite hard to control the mind. When trying to tell it not to go out, it goes out even more. With this solution, the mind can be kept inside automatically. The question "what am I doing" will let me know whether I am sending out my mind. And the question "why I am doing so" will make me realize that it's useless to do so, and the mind will be back consequently.

That's all, folks. I hope you can understand my writing, and able to apply my ideas to your life and people around you. Let's live happily and worthy as a human being suppose to be.


Tuesday 18 April 2006

Dear my beloved world,

Today, while painting globe on a ping-pong ball, I found that my desire was to finish it at once. The fact is that it can't be done without drawing little by little. Therefore I changed my desire just to be able to draw stroke by stroke, then the desire is accomplished.

Desire hides us from seeing the truth (or knowledge). The world is gruesome because people follow the desire, which has been accumulating since birth. The world would become peaceful if people know to stop the desire, do only after knowing that it's the right thing to do, do when it should be done, and are well aware of things that one should or should not do.

TOday I went to the Chest Institute Hospital to X-ray my lung. I was hoping to hear from the doctor that "Oh.. I am so sorry, the cancer is widely spread. Your time is less than 3 months.", but what I heard was just "You have nothing wrong. You feel pain just because of your imagination." .... So bad, nothing exciting. In Japan, with no preparation, it made me worried when knowing that my lung had something wrong. Today I was well prepared to hear something worse, but the expectation failed. Oh .. I already planned to die impressively, but not prepared to live on ...... What should I do now?

I used to ask you "What would you think before dying?" in the article "Ready to Die". However, last few months I watched a documentary in CNN about a research to make human beings live as long as 500 years. Actually, with well heath care, I think it might be possible to live forever. Therefore, I would like to have a new question. Suppose we are immortal, how would we make a life plan? When would you marry? When would you have the 100th kid? Life may become easy for not having to rush for anything. I would not matter to sleep for 1 year. (For me, I would have to need to be serious about unifying the world so fast, someone would do it eventually some time in my lifetime.)

After knowing from the doctor that my life will last very long, I decided to waste some time in a mall (actually to freshen my life : ) . The mall has a karaoke section, which has many karaoke cabins (small boxes). I got the idea to record my singing with karaoke music to post in the web. You can listen to my singing in the karaoke box in "Music" link. If you like it I will be pleased to sing more songs for you there. The charge is 10 baht (30 Yen) per song. I think it's really worth the price to be able to sing as loud as I want in this crowded city (Bangkok).


Tuesday 11 April 2006

Dear Friends,

And then another knowledge came up from knowing....
I used to be curious that having many things bring sadness, because after we have something then we need to take care of them.
So, shall I destroy all properties I have ??

Then the knowledge arised from considering the mind ..... Sadness is not the result of either "having" or "having none".

But it's from "desire" that one cannot fulfil the desire.
The thing to eliminate is the "desire", not the "having".

One more thinking that should result in knowledge, but I still don't know. Let it become a question from me.
- "Money" and "Time" ... , what's more important ?????
"Time" --- is absolutely very important. It needs time to do anything. .. Even thinking how to spend the money also needs time.
"Money" --- seems to be less important. But it can be used to save time, ..... or even buy some more time. (Make the life live longer.)
----- "Do Good" also helps giving more time. ... Is it possible to "do good" with no need of money ???? .. Are we using money to do a good thing ????


Tuesday 4 April 2549

Dear Friends, today I would like to summarize my thought on the principle of living, doing, feeling ..

There's only one needed dharma that I hold in mind all the time, that is "knowing of doing a good thing". Knowing will lead to knowledge. .. To know that one is doing a good thing, knowledge is required. .. Though it's not wrong to do something wrong because of the lack of knowledge .. one shall try hard to gain knowledge in order to do the right things. .. And once the knowledge is known, one shall share it with others so that the world will have better people. .... (Thanks for P' Nui for clarifying to me the differences of knowing and knowledge.)

Thus I would like to share my knowledge, that results from my practice of knowing. Actually my knowledge may not be certainly the truth. I expect to know more from exchanging knowledge with you all.

Here are examples of my knowledge.

1. To hold something in mind, and regularly think about that thing make good effect, that is consciousness. Someone holds "God". Someone holds "King". Someone hold "Parents". Someone holds "family". Someone holds "religious objects". Someone hold "nation (country)" .. For me, I hold "good activity". To hold the right thing would result in wisdom and leads to knowledge better. ... Moreover, it results in more happiness. ... , because it's rational that "do good get good".

2. Not to do anything because of the desire, but do anything only after knowing that it's the right thing to do. .. Desire blocks the mind from wisdom and the truth ... (For example, one truth is that the past cannot be changed.) Thus we shall cease the desire first. ........ (I've changed the principle. No more "Bad Desire" or "Good Desire". Good Desire actually means the desire to do a thing that one knows it's a good thing.) ...

3. If it is not certain whether that's a good thing to do or not, it's not bad to try doing it. One shall not be afraid of making mistakes. Mistakes would bring knowledge that it's a wrong thing. Then one would not want to do that again. .. However, if it is known that it's a wrong thing one shall never do it. Rationality shall be used to determine the bad thing. For example, killing is totally a bad thing. Any lives is equal. Killing any lives shall repay with one's life. Such this cause and reason shall be made known widely to the whole world in order to develop our world.

4. Thinking is also an activity. That's why we can't do something well when we think about another thing at the same time.


Tuesday 28 March 2006

- Now I am in Thailand. I am back to real life... not in a dream. Start working.

- Though my parents were not with me to help packing. Thanks for my sub parents -- Friend J and Roberto (Equador) for helping me while the time for packing was running out. : )

- Okinawa has made lots of good changes to me. I now enjoy work and happy almost all the time. I also realize true nature of human being... And live with believing that my dream can absolutely be true.

- Bangkok is hot, but good that it's not cold.. Well, actually people makes it cold with air conditioner. No good.

- I am glad that most places on earth these days still have good air for us to breath.

- Today I've bought a Mobile Modem (belong to a 3G telephone company). I am using it for updating this web at home. ... Ahh.. it's like a good sign telling me that globally covered wireless network will be true soon.

------------ Globe -- Mar 28, 2006 ------------


Thursday 23 March 2006

It's now about 10:40 AM.. I have to leave OIC at 2 PM. I am not done with packing yet. I don't know whether I can make it or not. This time I don't have dad and mum to help...

Anyway, I would like to say good bye to writing website from here. I am so impressed with all kinds people, nice community, peace, freedom, love, play, fun, exciting, .. and the progress of my dream world.

Sorry that I can't say many words here due to timing. I would like to end with a phrase of my principal of living as I've found out here ==> "Living with Knowing of Doing a Good Thing"


Tuesday 14 March 2006

Master Dool has a word of wisdom that he "lives with knowing" .... I would like to imitate him .. but with some modification .. For me, I prefer to"live with doing good" That's because I like to be happy.   I am afraid that live with mere knowing may lead to no sadness, however, not gaurantee of happiness .. To live with doing good would certainly bring happiness .. Do good get good.    Do good go to heaven. .. This heaven doesn't have to wait after death .. But it comes right after doing a good thing.

Well, to be happy .. let's try to know "happy" first. .. When are we happy ????     I've noticed that happiness comes after we get what we want ... Thus desire is a factor to bring happiness .. For example, someone wants to win a lottery so much. He/she has been waiting for long .. with some so-so mind .. until he wins .. then become happy. (But if he miss .. he would regret somehow) .... The happiness of winning the lottery wouldn't last long though. After a while the mind would desire something more .. and would be sad for not getting it. ... Question, why people aim for something hard to get, or take long time to get ?? ... and why don't we just be content with what we already have, or what we can have with ease .. like doing a good thing ??

Yesterday I was glad to find a good result of doing good. It gives a long life. .. Long life in this case is not over 100 years.. I mean to have long life in a day .. That is the life that does not need to sleep for so long time .. By doing good, the mind would be free .. The brain would lack of stress. Thus it doesn't need much time to rest. .. And since doing good makes life wonderful, so I don't want to sleep (die) for long. ...... By the way, my good activities, for example, are : Take a deep breath regularly. .. Don't desire for impossible things. Don't be fooled with the desire. ... Don't try to do or think anything too hard. .. However, don't miss the chance to do anything that I believe it's possible and would bring good results.


Wednesday 8 March 2006

Hi .. my friends,

      Today my greeting will involve worldly issue, instead of dharma issue as the several previous ones. ..

      It's been a few weeks that people in Thailand have protested against the primeminister "Taksin". I am worried about that too. I don't want to support any sides because I don't know who's really good, or what would happen after this event. I just hope that it would end without any losses of lives or properties.

      Not only in Thailand, there are problems everywhere in the world. The president "Bush" is blamed from Americans for signing a treaty to support nuclear technology with India. Bombs in Iraq happens daily. More bombs start in other places. Terrorists are increasing. The continuous killing in southern Thailand is a big problem. Poverty and crime show no sign to come to an end.

      Most problems shall be peacefully solved with love and knowledge .. we shall love people all around the world .. Lovebring happiness to oneself and the others ...... We shall know that we shall have no anger ... we shallknow that we shouldn't follow any desire that cause anything bad to social. ... We shallknowthat one can be sufficiently satisfied, by just having one's life, with the ability to think.


Tuesday 28 February 2006

Know the Desire

It seems like I have been able to be content with everything, and able to cease all the desire as having been taught .... but now I've realized that I cannot live without the desire. and I don't have to try for that.

Desire is always with us ... even when we feel like we do not want it somehow means that we want .... for example ... I do not want to buy anything. Actually because I want to save some money..... I don't want to go anywhere ... Actually that's because I want to take a rest ..... And after resting too much .... then I become feeling bad, because I realize that I should do some good thing. I want to do something good.

Let's take a close and conscious look at the mind and the body. then we will see that they always want some thing .. MIND --- want to get accepted .. want LOVE .. want to know ... want to meditate .. want .. etc .... BODY --- want to rest, want to move, want to scratch, want to eat, etc.

Thus I believe we are not able to cease all desire. However, we shall be able to control some desire .. So I would like to classify the desire into two categories ... ==> Good Desire .. and .. Bad Desire
--- Good Desire is the desire to do what we shall do after taking some consideration with wisdom. It's the desire that we should follow.
--- Bad Desire is the desire to do what we are not able to do without doing something bad .. such as want to have something so much and steal from others ..   or the desire that happens unconsciously such as wishing to do it better (while the truth is that it has already happened. The past cannot be changed.). Such these desire are bad desire... It's the desire that we should try to get rid of.    However, in practical, it's hard to control the desire, especially when we allow it to occupy us fully.  Therefore, taking a good look at mind and body frequently can help to remind oneself from being overwhelmed by desire.

- No need to aim to cease all the desire.
- The desire to do a good thing is a good desire. Desire to do good thing will bring happiness. The importance is to know what is good to do at that time. Therefore, the desire to learn (in order to know) is a good desire.
- However, if we desire for something soooo much until we feel sad (even though we think that we desire to do a good thing) .. that's actually "bad desire" ... the desire to do anything that is impossible is also "bad desire", which we shall try to cease it.

I used to want to do many many things at a time.... while actually I wasn't able to do them.... So, it resulted in only sadness. ..... Now I know that we I can do is what I am doing. Therefore, I shall desire to do what I am doing at my best. With this good desire I shall have no disappointment.


Tuesday 21 February 2006

Truth   and   Thought

Let's look at things the way it really is. Stop the mind from manipulating it. Don't think that it's more beautiful or uglier than what we really see. Don't think that he is better or worse than what he really did.

Use the sensory organs to sense things as the way they are. There is actually no beautiful, no ugly, no delicious, no fragrant, no ... Such those characteristics come from thoughts or feelings. The truth is its shape, its taste, its smell, its touch, its sound, and something like this.

By practicing looking at things the way they are we will be able to know things correctly. Moreover, if we can sense the mind when it tries to manipulate what we have sensed we will be able to control the mind from thinking anything nonsense eventually. For example, fear is also resulted from imagining more than the truth.

Thus the ones that lives with the truth and admit the truth shall have no sadness, (always be satisfied).
We can try for achievement, but if we cannot get it we have to be prepared to admit the truth. (For example, admit that she doesn't love me .. ha ha.)

Hope everyone always see the truth, not self-illusion.

Globe ... Sat 18 Feb, 2006
This idea came up to my mind on Feb 18, 2006. After having breakfast I had a stroll in the small garden beside the cafeteria. I looked at flowers, leaves, poles, roofs, etc, then realized that they are neither beautiful nor ugly. It's my mind that tells whether they are nice looking or not. I used to hear many times about "abandoning self-interpretation", but just realized it by myself today.

Remark: My idea is not guaranteed to be correct. Please adopt it with care. : )


Sunday 19 February 2006

Desire  VS  Attempt

There is a teaching that we should give up ďdesireĒ. However, thereís also a teaching that we shall not give up ďattemptĒ. They seem to conflict each other, but actually not.

We shall make an attempt for the achievement, but shall not desire to achieve it without any attempt.   Moreover, we shall not make an excessive attempt for any achievement, because that is not a good thing to do. Doing that means we follow the ďdesireĒ.


Saturday 18 February 2006

The Internet -- Data Center

Nowadays I am so happy and relaxed for not having to collect so many books, since most of the knowledge can be searched conveniently in the internet. .... And I dream that in the near future, with cooperation of all human beings to put all data in the internet and make the internet accessible for anyone from anywhere on earth, we'll live with much carefree. We can then travel without carrying any books. ..... This is just one of a lot more benefits from the Internet.


Saturday 11 February 2006

Valentine's Day is coming soon.  I might not get a chance to make a greeting here on that day since I will go to Tokyo tomorrow (Feb 12) and come back on Feb 16.  During that time I might have inconvenience in using the Internet.  So let me greet you today with a discussion about love .. to celebrate this special event.

**** Love is not that beautiful ****

I used to believe that love is a precious feeling. It's like a treasure to cherish. However, I am not so sure now.

The Buddha teaches us to cease the 4 kinds of passion namely LOVE, GREED, ANGER, and DESIRE ..   I absolutely agree the lose the latter 3 (greed, anger, and desire). But for LOVE, I cannot agree ..  It's something I've been heard about its beauty. Many songs say love is such a wonderful feeling of human beings.. Why should I have no LOVE ????

Until now that I tend to think so .. after realizing that my love is filled with sadness and hesitation.  Love is the only thing that can make me forget to "do good things", and make me fall from the heaven. (If you don't understand please read the article "Let's Live in Heaven".) ..  So often that I am not able to concentrate in study.  So often that my mind has been wandering.  So often that I spend much time to complete an easy activity because of unconsciousness.  I start to lose respect in my dignity. My mind always thinks about love both when I am hopeful or hopeless. And the worst time is when I am hopeless.  It's really sad to see her seems to love anyone else more than me. (I make a lie to myself that she loves me.) ...  The two principles of mine cannot be used effectively when I am in such depressed feeling. There is so much hesitation in my mind... I can't try so hard because of my pride ("Why should I try to get love from a girl who doesn't care me?") and my unreadiness. .. I can't try so little because I want it to be a great love. ... And I can't give up because I still feel somehow hopeful. ("Maybe she doesn't respond anything because she's not ready or she just wants to see my attempt.") .... Anyway, this love just makes me overwhelmed with stupidity.

I start to agree to the teaching to cease love, greed, anger, and desire.  Love is actually an evil passion.  It's not beautiful like what people say.  It makes human being become unconscious, stupid and blind.  It may be even more malicious than other kinds of passion, because after become unconscious from love, greed, anger, and desire can occupy the mind so easily.  Considering many problems in the social, love is one major cause of them.  Love has caused killing, suicide, quarrelling, hatred, sadness, and even mentally disabled.  Historically it also caused many wars.

Realizing that, I try to apply my two principles to pull myself up to heaven.  I noticed that the first one, SATISFIED, is more important than the second one, Do Good.  That's because if we try to do good without being satisfied and admit the truth we might want to try as best as we can to get the love from someone .. which might not be a good thing to do. ...   See? My principles still work. : )

However, despite danger of love, I still don't want to remove it from my heart permanently now, because of two reasons.  1. There are good points of love, for example making us cheerful, and prevent us from promiscuity.   2. I think I can control it somehow. I should be able to love and be reasonable at the same time.    So, I would like to try loving 10 more times.   Maybe, eventually, I will find that the true love, which is mutual (both-sided) and possible, will bring true and eternal happiness, and provide strength to burden any tasks pleasantly.  But if the results are still the same (cause me persistent worry of losing it) .. I will then fully believe that love is a disgusting passion that cannot exist in a man with wisdom.

Well ...... in conclusion, I just want to say that .. hurt should bring some knowledge.


Monday 6 February 2006

Dear all,

Today I would like to discuss about something I found out after trying to notice movement of time in last few days.

It happened when I was wondering what to do and feel like time moves fast. I had to go have dinner, but I also wanted to exercise. But there was only little time for me to exercise, the restaurant will close soon. Well, ďletís try to exercise fast in this 10 minutesĒ, I told myself. Then I tried to move my legs, hands, etc as fast as I can. Then I got tired.. Why? Why this 10 minutes goes slowly? I am doing something but time doesnít move fast. In contrary, while I was lying down on the bed thinking nonsense time was like flying. Why?

Another point of interest, when we are happy we feel like time goes fast. Right? When we are sad or bored time goes slowly. However, sometime time goes fast when we are depressed, because we feel like time is not enough to complete all the tasks. .. And thereís one thing that we are happy but still feel like time goes slowly, which is exercising. If we still think time for exercising goes fast we can move faster. Then the time is not as fast as us.

So, is time fast or slow????????

I got an answer to myself that time is constant. It is neither fast nor slow.
What I should pay attention to is that any activities need time.
We should know what we are doing or going to do. We should be able to know how much time it would approximately take to do that. If we have enough time to do that then we should do it. If we donít have enough time for it, thatís OK. We donít have to do it. And if we are not sure how much time would it take, we can still try doing it. Then, when we decide to do anything we should do as fast and as good as we can. By realizing timing for the activity, you can believe that time doesnít move too fast to do that activity.

Ahh.. sounds very simple, right? Everyone knows that it needs time to do something. But my interesting point is that someone forget whatís he/she is doing and forget to know that time is moving. Thatís why itís important to know that every activity takes time, and we should be prepared and satisfied with the time it will take. For example, to finish a bachelor degree you need about 4 years, to sleep it takes about 6 hours, to have a meal it would take about 20 minutes, to chew a scoop of rice would need about 6 seconds, to run for 100 meters would take at least about 10 seconds. No matter how hard the athelete try he couldn't make it a shorter time. (However, it would take less time than that if he rides a motorcycle. : ) And for me, to make this article better than this it would take more time or a better brain. But since I have limited time and limited intelligence, I have to end right here and be satisfied with just this. See you again later. Bye.


Tuesday 31 January 2006

Dear all, today I have good & easy activities for social to suggest as following:

1. Smile
       The world is happy to see you smile. It's very easy to smile. 1st) Satisfy with the current situation (kill all desire)   2nd) Determine to do a good thing.   3rd) Lift both sides of the lip up.   4th) Satisfy again with the good thing we've just done.

2. Work at your best, for best beneficial to social
       Spend working hour for work, and finding the way to improve the work to benefit most to the social. We are hired to work anyway, right? So, let's just work at our best in the working time.

3. Dedicate personal benefit to others that need help
       It's not often that we can help others. When the chance come please don't lose it. Stand up for him/her to sit on the seat, stop the car for them to cross the road, etc.

4. Do something brave, but harmless & annoyless to others.
       The social is getting wrong some time, when people are fear of doing something wrong in front of many others,,,, while the fact is that it's not wrong. Let's lead the social for freedom.

5. Say "Excuse me", "Thank you", "You're welcome", "Hello" whenever possible
       These good words is always good to say. We shall not hesitate to say so whenever it's possible to say.

6. Express or discuss about "World Unification"
       The world is facing many problems currently because of the present situation that we separate countries in the world. And the world will be a lot more peaceful, lively and greatly developed if we combine all countries together. Let's stop talking nonsense, and talk about this instead.

7. Let me think for more   : )


Saturday 28 January 2006

Dear all, now, time for me to explain clearly about "Free Time".
My "Free Time" means the time that you are able to do some activities I suggested in the previous greeting.
Though you spent your full 24 hours of day for 10-hr working, 4-hr transportation, 3-hr personal work & watching TV, and 7-hr sleeping, you absolutely have some "free time". You can find free time while doing all of those. The time that you take a break, time that you were waiting for something, time you feel sad, time you were walking to places without anything else to do, are all "free time". In fact, time that you are not doing anything is "free time". If you are really working, thinking, listening, reading, you are not free. But if there's even little time that you don't "do" anything or able to do other thing at the same time, that's the free time. Even when watching movie you should become yourself some time and do some good things as I suggested.

By practicing reminding oneself to do these little good activities you would then realize the principle of living --- "Do for knowing, and know for doing". I believe if you keep reminding yourself to do these activities you will know a lot more good activities, and will find even more free time to do them. Maybe your free time is even more than enough for doing these little things but highly beneficial to yourself. Then, why don't we spend the remaining time for doing some more good things for the social as well. These good things may also be very easy to do, and require only little time, or can do with other afore-mentioned good things simultaneously. I will talk more about these good things for social next time.

By the way, now I have a song for you to listen. If you don't mind my voice please click at "Music" to listen to it. Today's song has very good meaning. However, the song there will be replaced with a new recorded song regularly.


Tuesday 17 January 2006

So now we all know that we should go good things at all time.

Let me tell you what are good things I think we should remind ourselves to do at free time.

1. Take a good breath
Breathing is a magical action. We can do it either consciously or unconsciously. But if we do it consciously it will be very good to our health. So, letís do it. (Not just let it does by itself.) Take a deep breath. Inhale fast and deep. Exhale slowly and completely.
2. Move & Massage
If we let the body stay still, it will result in tiresome and weakness of muscle and metabolism. So, letís move. Control movement of some0 parts, any parts of the body. We should also do self-massage to some parts that cannot move, such as the crown of the head. This is especially for hair-little people like me. : )
3. Think
Thinking is the ability of our brain. The brain can think by itself, but if we think deliberately we can get many things from just thinking, which requires almost nothing. By controlling the brain for thinking, we can solve problems, do some calculation, create pictures, compose songs, or even draft a spacecraft.
4. Not think
Free the mind. Do some meditation. Sorry, I am not so good at this, but I think this is to let the brain be free from its self-working and from our control. By doing this would result in the peaceful state of mind thatís free from all disturbances.
5. Observing
Observe for good things for appreciation and knowledge. Observe for bad things for carefulness. Our sensory organs can do the function automatically, but if we control it we would be able to sense things faster and better. Human beings may not have so good basic instinct, but we have advance instinct.
6. Sleep
If there's really nothing to do, take the best rest by sleeping.
7. Eye exercise
Blink eyes fast and repeatedly for some time, and rotate them around alternatively. By doing this we can hope that the eyes will last as long as our lives.
8. Sing songs
By nature, music brings pleasure to human beings.... However, be aware that it wouldn't bother others. Sing softly when being with many people.

The good activities above are easy and costless to do, but we often forget to do. Some of you might argue that you don't forget, but just have no free time to do them. I will describe "free time" more, then you'll know that we absolutely often have some free time for these activities.


Tuesday 10 January 2006

Wanna be happy?
Do a good thing now.


Monday 2 January 2006

May I greet you all for the New Year with this old message of mine.
"Time cannot change righteousness." (Globe .. 1993)

It's been over half of my life already that I've been living with the dream. And it's still just a dream. The image of the dream today is even blurer than that of the first time of dreaming. But it's still the dream ... No! Actually it's more than a dream. It's the goal. Life shall have a lot more freedom after the goal is accomplished. But the accomplishment is hard to reach. For the anniversary, I have realized that I am happy to do it, and I was not happy because I have not been working for it. I thought I was not ready, but actually there's a lot I can do at this time to unify our world. I will stop wasting time.
(Remark.. Love and duties are not considered as time wasting activities.)


Wednesday 28 December 2005

"Let's Live in Heaven"

Dear my beloved people,

The New Year is coming very soon.
I would like to give a New Year present to you all (whether you would like to receive it or not : )
This present has no cost .. but it's priceless.
You don't have to guess. I am telling you right now. It is this article .. "Let's Live in Heaven"

As you might notice .. a life is filled with happiness and sadness, encouraged and discouraged, cheerful and disappointed, and so on.
Would it be possible that one can always feel peacefully happy? .. I used to think that it's not possible. But now I think I have found that it's possible. (Well, I am not so certain. I have just discovered, and still in practicing stage.)

There are just two principles needed in order to be permanently peacefully happy.

1. Be satisfied with the current situation. Satisfy with the unrecoverable mistake. Satisfy with rational hope. Hope for achievable hope. Not hope for impossible wish. No anger, no greedy, no hatred. Such these bad feelings resulted from emotional desire. The ability to stop improper desire is a quality of human being.

2. Remind oneself to "do good thing" at all time. As we all know, good results (to oneself and the social) would be derived from good deeds. Therefore, we shall remind ourselves at all time to do good. This way, the life will be always happy, by realizing that one is doing a good thing. At the beginning stage, it might be confused for what good thing should be done first (among many good things). Take some time to consider. Consideration before doing is also a good thing to do. In contrary, sometimes it might seem like there's nothing we can do in some situation. In this case, breathing at your best (take deep breaths) and being relaxed should be good enough. ... "Keep reminding oneself to do good", "do it now", and "continue knowing that one is doing good", then more and better good things will be found out.

My practice for living in heaven composes of just these two principles above. These are simple thoughts that we all know, but normally forget. (Me do often forget.) With guiding ideas from knowledgeable persons, I found that these two thoughts are extraordinary and will keep them in this good mind forever from now on. (Good mind but not good brain, so keeping only two items is suitable for me.) Thus I shall have characteristics as if living in heaven such as:

1. No sadness. Always satisfied because of knowing that I am doing good thing.
2. No fear or worry. Have carefree life. Knowing that whatever I would lose I will be able to feel satisfied with the situation.
3. No disappointment. No matter permanently failed in whatever hope, just stop hoping for that anymore.
4. Being pleased with the good I am doing. And being hopeful with the reasonably expectable result of the good deed.

Lastly, I would like to remark that .. whether a life would be more happy or more sad, one would be able to live on anyway. But being able to live with security in happiness would make one worth being a human.

Let me close this present box just here.     Good deed (no need for good luck), everyone.

Globe    GoodJai ... 27 December 2005


Tuesday 20 December 2005

Ready to die

We will have to die. Everybody knows. So, let's prepare for the time we will die. What would you think when you are dying?
For me, hmm .. everyone should have their own way of feeling before dying. So I am not gonna lead you with what I am thinking. Just want to remind you (and me) to be ready for that.

Moreover, our everyday living shall reflect perception of dying. Therefore... let's live for dying peacefully (worry-free) .. and .. gracefully (with pride) ... One thing that one shall do most is to do the best for their beloved people, and the world.


Tuesday 13 December 2005

Dream work

Dear all,
Yesterday, 12 Dec 2005, I did my "Morning Presentation" (Everyone in the class has to do this. And my turn was yesterday.) I was very well prepared for this presentation as never before. (I got the work done 95% since last few days, and I practiced speaking many times).

The topic of my presentation was "The Autobiography of an Ordinary Human Being: Globe". The story was about myself and my dream -- the world without countries, soldiers, visa, discrimination --. I was really unsure how would it end up. .... I might be stopped in the middle of the presentation. Luckily, people here were kind enough to listen to (and enjoyed) my presentation until the end.

To me, the result of the presentation could be considered as either successful or unsuccessful. The success is that I was able to present almost all my idea clearly as I planed to. The unsuccess is that it doesn't seem like anyone become to be serious with unifying our world.

Anyway, I will still keep being "satisfied" and "do good".


Tuesday 06 December 2005

How much can I lose ?

We have been gaining so many things. But that doesn't prove the quality of being a human being. How much more do we want to have? Would the desire be ceased with such the possesion? How much are we satisfied with current situation? How much are we willing to lose with no sorrow? Uncertainty is certain. Even life doesn't last forever.

Despite living in heaven. Heaven wouldn't be heaven .... an angle wouldn't be the angle .... if that one is bored with living in heaven.

Do good.
...... Globe .... Dec 7, 2005


Tuesday 29 November 2005

Hi friends. Still want to show a picture of me in peaceful mood. Here it is.

-- picture is removed to reduce page size --

Talking about being peaceful. What I have learned recently is that ==> Peaceful is the state of mine that is free from 4D --- namely duty, danger, disturbance, and desire. And shall be full of 3Knows --- namely 1) know on what one is doing 2) know what one is feeling or sensing, and 3) know what one shall do.

Hope everyone is free and knowing. Bye.


Tuesday 15 November 2005

Hello friends. It's almost a month since I've been in Japan. Let me tell you what I did today (Mon 14 Nov 2005) just to give you an idea of my activities in an ordinary day in Okinawa International Center (OIC).

I got up at 7:30 AM (Japan Time) as usual. Washed my face. Went for breakfast in the cafeteria that took one or two minutes of walking. Had a big breakfast. Came back to room for taking a bath. Went to class at 9:25. The subject of today was Network Basics, which was not just basic at all for me. Had some little excercise in the gym before having lunch at 1 PM. It was a big meal again. Took a bath after lunch then went to class at 2 PM. Studied until 5 PM without sleeping in class (see!!!, I've improved : ). Had some excercise in the gym again before having another big dinner. Took once more bath before going to Japanese class at 7 PM. After the end of the class at 9 PM I went to the gym again and played basketball against a talented friend from China. Took the last bath of the day around 10 PM. And now I am using computer in the PC room (which has about 30 computer sets, enough for the amout of about 100 participants in total.). It's over midnight now, and the OIC staff will come to tell us to leave the room soon. There are still many things I plan to do using the internet, but no problem, I understand the limitation of timing. I will go back to my room, read some books, watch TV, then go to bed before 2 AM as usual, so that tomorrow I will feel fresh all day long.

Take care, my friends. Hope you all are happy like me : )


Tuesday 8 November 2005

Maybe the reason that one is not so happy is because one khows what to do but couldn't do. If one doesn't know that (like when he/she was an innocent kid) one might be very satisfied with that unsatisfied situation.
--- Time so limited. Let me end with this proverb. The idea is to change what being taught by widely-known+accepted Thai proverb, which I think it discourages creative minds.
Jong Tham Dee .. Tham Den ... Lae Pen Mit
(Do good. Do for your uniqueness. And be friendly.)
The well-known one is
Jong Tham Dee .. Tae Yaa Den ... Ja Pen Pai
(Do good. But not too obviously good, or that would induce risk.)



Tuesday 1 November 2005

What is happy??? Why one is being sad??? .... There are only two states of a mind at any current moment : satisfied, or not satisfied. When one is satisfied he's happy or OK. .... And when one can't do or doesn't do anything to satisfy himself he's sad or upset. Figuring this out then we can understand the cause of sadness, and be able to apply dharma (know what one can, cannot, should, and shouldn't do) to stop such that unsatisfied state of mind.

We cannot either choose how to get born or die, ....... But one absolutely can choose how to live one's life.

Take care, my friends. Same remark ==> Do good things for yourself then you'll find yourlife wonderful.

Globe ... 1 Nov 2005

Please do not believe in anything I said until you really know.


Sunday 23 October 2005

Just in case you guys and gals are wondering how I am now. I am doing good here in Okinawa International Center. I have a happy time here. Don't worry na kub. ... Except only that I cannot type in Thai na kub. Please understand.

It's only five days I've been here, but quite so many good experiences I have faced. I met many good people, from Japan and from other countries around the world. I have seen many beautiful local and foriegn faces. I have been in a heavy metal pub and met good Japanese boys & gals. Moreover, I met young Japaneses who love rap-style dancing in a park. Most of all, I have attended a seminar and a party of professors and students who believe in the world government.

My bedroom is also very nice, despite small. The food in the cafeteria is good. And even better that JICA gave us chances for not having to have food in the cafeteria for all meals. I prefer to try having food in new places in this wonderful island, Okinawa.

Take care, my friends. Do good things for yourself then you'll find yourlife wonderful.



Friday 23 December 2005

My apology for having no update on this web page for so long. But I hope you can see that since I've been in Okinawa, Japan, I have been greeting on the first web page (homepage) in English, because I cannot type Thai here. So, you can read the message from me in the homepage.

However, last 3 days I bought a desktop computer. Maybe in the near future I have enough time to complete some English web pages. So, please come to check again later. .... Take care.


Tuesday 26 July 2005

Normally, when keeping the mind calm and free .. it stays in peaceful state. However, something does bring happiness without any needs to make up the feeling. That's natural. Gaining such that thing bring happiness ... losing such that thing comes sadness. Maybe that's why the buddha teaches not to stick with the happy or sad feeling. The mind stage would be motionless. But would it be possible if I would be happy with any enjoyable things, but feeling nothing with any undesirable stuff.

By nature of human beings, I don't think we can be happy for long without proper reasons. That's why deep in my heart is filled with worry and suspicion. I feel like I can't do anything good with this governmental-officer status. Obeying command is rightful for being a governmental officer ... but it's just so time-wasting in my real opinion.

However, a feeling was that I shouldn't resign by any causes. Just stay here and do what's I think it's right until they really don't want to keep my in this organization. ......... Man .. that's too easy. What's about my welfare? What's about my goal? And what's about their feeling that I suppose to care???

Bye for now, my friends. Hope all of you can be proud of your living.


Tuesday 19 July 2005

Hi. I am just back from Surat and Pangnga trip for a field work concerning studying the mangrove forest including the effect from Tsunami.

There was one night ... I met two foriegn girls in a restaurant. I felt like falling in love to one of them.. Yeah !!! this guy that seems having no emotion of love CAN LOVE.

Despite feeling upset for doing nothing to respond to the passion, I get by with a hope that .... it's possible ... that someday my true love will really come. The innocent love is still with me.


Sat. 25 June 2005

Howdy!!! ... Let's consider the 4 words.

Passion ==> The force of action and thinking without intentional control.
Desire ==> Little boys do have these .... little men may have some ... old man should have less.
Rational ==> The only way to act and think right.
Brain ==> Is only used when being out of passion.

Therefore ............. Considering at the present point, stop passion and desire ... smile and follow what the brain found out from its rational process.    ....... However, taking some adventure is not always irrational : )

Take care, and be with yourself.


Wed. 15 June 2005

Hi friends. I've got an accident. If you look at my homepage in Thai language you would see my photos before and after the dental operation. Well, I learn a lot from the event. The most significant idea is ... "be aware of what I am doing".

Take care, and don't ever be careless, friends.


Sat. 4 June 2005

The weekdays have passed with haste. I did most things with limitation of timing. Anyway, my presentation (training) on last Thursday went pretty well. I could talk the way I planned to talk, despite a little lackness of confidence due to less preparation.

With this little accomplishment, I feel like I am having more "soul of a teacher". I did it with the feeling and the aim on "how to make the audience eager to learn and understand what they are learning". Despite not being able to transfer so much knowledge ... I was happy to see their happy-looking faces.


Tuesday 31 May 2005

Hi ... I am in a good health. All my organs can function well. So don't worry about me, my friends. I am gonno use this great performance to perform the way it could be.

Well, got a new song for you. Please listen.    Take care.


Yesterday's Greeting

Thursday 26 May 2005

Hi... I am back from the trip safely. If you would like to see some scenes that I have seen from the trip please visit this website   or, for your convenient,   click here.

I also sang some English songs for you (actually for me, ha ha). I hope from now on I can have new songs presented here regularly. By broadcasting by song ... you would know easily that I am alive ... and lively .. haaaa.


Wednesday 18 May 2005

Hi !!! I am going to Pangnga, Sourthern Thailand. Will be back on Tuesday 22 May. It's gonna be a wonderful trip. Unfortunately my tabletPC is not working. Anyway, will have some goodies to tell you when I am back. ... Good luck everyone.


Monday 16 May 2005

Hi folks, today I have a few things to tell you. Well ! those few things are actually important.

Firstly, I have originated an idea of uniting we GIS lovers to do some good for the GIS. I think we should found an NGO called "GIS Freelance .. take a glance of 1" The aim is that we each will take care of all layers for a, in order to produce a highly accurate and systematic data for the world. Anybody agrees with my idea please let me know. We can corporate until this dream get known by public. I will try to put more detail in GIS section soon.

Secondly, I have post the great dharma book, which is a collection of teachings of the great monk ... Grand Dool.. Anybody is interested (and able to read Thai) please visit

Lastly, I have found a way to stop my hypersomnia (I am not sure I am using the right word, but I mean excessive sleepy). That's by exercising the brain whenever it feels sleepy. OX game is the best way for now. (Wow .. this is just another goody of my Sharp Tablet PC).

OK.. That's all folk............ Oh .. some more .... since this is a very important day (once in a year for me) ... I have set some goals and some gifts for myself .... that is .... I would stop pretending as if I love anyone ... while the fact is .. I am loving no one ... since I am not ready for love.    Also, I would try to be "funny" and "comfortable".

Hope you all are comfortably happy as well.


Thursday 12 May 2005

Dear all, a few last days has passed without much update on this website, my apologies for that. Maybe none of us but myself come to read this daily article.. but it's my intention to write down here to tell us what I want to tell.

I am preparing to post a dharma book that I have scanned. It's the book of the great monk __ Ajarn Dool Atulo. I am much admired with his words, such as "Everything happens from the mind". "Having nothing is having everything for following the Buddha path. Unfortunately the book is all in Thail. I will try to conclude only significant dharma in English in a near future.

Yesterday I saw a car which has black smoke from its muffler. I really wanted to horn the driver to imply that his car was making smoke, and wish other drivers joined me. However I didn't do it. I later thought about signalling other cars