Social-First Party

I am running for presidential election of Loga Country. Here are some proposed policies of my party ---- the Social-First Party ----

1. Governing by full adoption of IT & the Internet.
2. Endorse majority-voted laws.
3. Government work is transparent. All expense is posted in the Internet.
4. Everyone can have free food, free medicine, free cloth, free accommodation, and free education.
5. Everyone can work for the government, and have salaries.
6. Chief officers of all department are from election.
7. Reduce leaders, increase workers (people that really have good work to do.)
8. Promote and endorse lifelong learning education.
9. Reform the inconsistent, or outdated, or inapplicable laws.
10. Use GIS to manage all land-cover resources.

++++++ Last update: January 30, 2006 ++++++